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Tamara Day Net Worth $2 Million

What is Tamara Day’s net worth?

Tamara Day is a designer who has a net worth of $2 million. She is the host of HGTV’s hit show—Bargain Mansions.

A lover of all things glam and comfy, this mom and wife has taken her crew on the road to transforming big old homes in need of a new lease on life.

Her style aesthetic is to stay true to the era of the mansions she makes over, and to do it on a tight budget—all while maintaining the integrity and the story behind each home’s place in history.

Here’s what we know about the passionate, engaging Missouri native.

The Origin Story

Tamara Day was born on August 20th, 1976, in Kansas City, Missouri.

Her parents are Ward and Trish Schraeder, and her dad—Ward Schraeder—often features on the hit Bargain Mansions show.

From a young age, Tamara was armed with all the skills she’d one day need to be a DIY goddess.

Instead of being sent to time out as a kid, her unruly antics would land her in her dad’s workforce.

She’d be filling in staircase damage with wood putty, and using hand tools when other kids were staring at four walls or watching TV.

Ward Schraeder has shared openly that he wanted all four of his children to have the skills they needed around the house, and to never have to rely on a handyman for jobs they could do themselves.

In fact, when Tamara missed curfew as a teenager, her dad had the ultimate punishment—he had her install sheetrock.

Tamara’s true love—other than reimagining character-rich homes—is her family.

She describes her husband and four children as her “pride and joy,” and loves taking them out on the job with her.


In 2000, Tamara Day married her husband, Bill Day.

The pair went on to have four kids together—a daughter named Nora and three sons: Henry, Bobby, and Thomas.

In the ultimate sign from above, Bill also had a background in home renovations when he met Tamara in the late ’90s.

The pair met during New Year’s celebrations in Kansas City in 1998—but it wasn’t smooth sailing from the start.

Tamara explained in an interview that she’d been selling t-shirts at a booth beside his, and he kept calling her “Tomorrow”, instead of “Tamara.”

They didn’t connect straight away, but after going on a date six months after they met, the pair were inseparable.

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A Family Affair

In 2008, the couple—who now had three sons under the age of 3—bought a big old house.

The family, who initially planned for the house to become their forever home, set to work, making it liveable.

Tamara and Bill’s original idea—to contract out most of the renovation work—didn’t sit well with the duo. Tamara had been raised to do a lot of property repairs herself, and Bill had experience flipping houses.

Then the economy crashed, and the decision was made for them: they’d do the work themselves.

Through the following months of long days, sanding floors and tearing down rotting walls, Tamara fine-tuned her design skills and reignited a love of property makeovers. And she did it all while herding her unruly brood of boys around with her.

To achieve the aesthetic Tamara wanted for her family’s home, she knew it would take a lot of effort, shopping, and money. But she had a plan.

She went to estate sales and garage sales in her local area and repurposed her finds for her family’s needs.

The hard work paid off—Tamara was left with a stunning home that caught the eye of local media…including the DIY Network, who signed her for Ultimate Retreat.

Eventually, Tamara would move into an even bigger show of her own: Bargain Mansions.

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An Unlikely Spin-Off

Not only was the house an inspiration for mainstream media, it also inspired Tamara to launch her own brand.

Rehabbing old furniture finds and estate sale pieces had become a part of her nature, and an undying passion…but she was running out of places to store her upcycled pieces.

Tamara’s first solution?

She started hosting open homes at her house, where visitors could come through and buy anything they saw on the ground floor.

When her pre-loved items were joined by her own line of home décor, art, and apparel, she moved to her own brick-and-mortar store: Growing Days.

Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Tamara Day worth? Day earned most of her wealth from serving as the host of HGTV’s hit show – ”Bargain Mansions.” In March 2023, Tamara closed her shop in Prairie Village’s Corinth Square. Therefore, American designer Tamara Day has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Want to learn more about this fascinating creative designer? Meet her here.

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