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Derik Beeston Net Worth | What does Derik Beeston do for a living?

Derik Beeston Net Worth – $3 million

What is Derik Beeston’s net worth? What does Derik Beeston do for a living?


Derik Beeston is an American YouTuber and social media star.

His channel is heavily centered around family content, and he regularly features his wife, Sarah, and son Jack.

The Origin Story

Derik Beeston was born on September 22, 1995, in the United States.

He grew up alongside his brother Tanner Beeston, who is commonly mistaken as his twin.

Tanner is also a YouTuber and creates the same type of content.

Derik has not shared with his fans what his life was like prior to YouTubing, but we do know that he began his journey on the platform sometime in 2019.


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While his channel was created for personal use, he began featuring his wife from the onset.

Over a short period, the channel morphed into a family vlog, and his growing fans grew to love his wife as much as they do him.


When Derik was a teenager, he fell off a 30ft cliff, causing him to have serious internal brain hemorrhaging.

Fortunately, he recovered and went about his life, as usual.

Growing up, he took part in his local Church group, which would often take trips to Honduras to fulfill religious missions in which Derik took part.

Following a 2015 trip that was cut short due to health concerns, he was having with his brand, his life would change forever.


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Living in Utah at the time, his friend invited him to go on a hike, and while Derik originally declined the offer, he eventually agreed since there would be girls joining them.

This is where he met his now-wife, Sarah.

The two hiked the mountain together, and when the hike came to an end, they planned on seeing each other again.

After one year of dating, the lovebirds were quick to get serious, and they tied the knot in 2016.


The couple welcomed their baby boy, Jack, in October 2020, and since his birth, he has been regularly featured on Derik’s YouTube channel.

Following their son’s birth, they continued to regularly create videos, many of which are answering fan questions, and family vlog content.

They also share details about their life as a young married couple with a young baby.

They uploaded “The TRUTH about getting married at 19 & 20 | The Beeston Fam” on April 21, 2021, and it ended up being one of their most successful videos by that point. It acquired over 440K.

The thing that sets Derik and his wife apart is that they create honest and relatable content that their viewers can relate to.

When the platform introduced YouTube shorts, the couple began sharing short content rather than their standard lengthy video.

And since shorts have a greater potential to reach more viewers, they saw a significant spike in their user engagement and views.

Their daughter, Sunny, was born at the end of 2022.



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And like all other social media influencers, Derik capitalized on TikTok in 2020 when the platform became the cream-of-the-crop platform for aspiring content creators. 

His TikTok page is basically a replica of what he produces on YouTube, which is centered around his son Jack, and his wife.

He is considered one of the more prominent American TikTokers, and a portion of his income is derived from this platform.

And because all social media influencers need to have a presence on Instagram, the OG of influencing platforms, Derik is definitely well-known there as well. He has over 139K followers, and like all other platforms, he’s active on, all of the content he posts is centered around his son and wife.

When Derik and Sarah had their son Jack, they shared with their fans that they would like to have a second child in two years, keeping the children close apart in age.

On June 2, 2022, he took to his Instagram account to post this photo with the caption that reads “Here we go AGAIN 🥲 Baby #2 comin in hot! We are beyond grateful and excited!! BUDDY’S GETTING A BUDDY.”  

The couple fulfilled their wishes to expand on their family and were so excited that they needed to share the news with their audience. 

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Derik is very close with his brother and often posts videos and content that includes him and his wife.

Tanner Beeston also features his family every now and again.

Derik Beeston – Net Worth

So, how much is Derik Beeston worth?

Beeston earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube and posting on TikTok.

On YouTube, Derik has more than 2.3 billion views–about $4.9 in revenue before taxes.

While he is a very well-known content creator, Tanner isn’t known for promoting business collaborations or paid partnerships on Instagram.

What is unusual about this is that Instagram influences make a bulk of their earnings from partnering with brands and earning money off sales. But this doesn’t appear to be the approach Derik takes on this specific platform.

Therefore, Derik Beeston has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Note – Derik Beeston’s net worth is cumulated with his wife’s.

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