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Did Clu Gulager Have A Glass Eye?

Did Clu Gulager have a glass eye?


When you are a big name in the movie industry, it is easy to allow the myth to overcome the reality of your life.

This is surprisingly common for many people in the movie industry, including the great Clu Gulager.

As one of the most beloved actors of his time, Gulager lived a life filled with intrigue and excitement.

From his first major role in 1964 until the end of his career and his passing at age 93 in 2022, Gulager was a game-changer for the American film industry.

Though many rumors exist about the legend, including a rumor that he had a glass eye, is that true?

Did Clu Gulager have a glass eye?

Let’s take a look at whether or not the fiction lives up to the fact here.

Short Biography

clu gulager eye injury

Actor Clu Gulager poses for a portrait in circa 1970 – @Getty

Born on the 16th of November, 1928, in Holdenville, Oklahoma, Clu Gulager was born to be a star.

He went by his full name, William Martin Gulager, for many years before achieving the nickname of Clu later in his life.

Gulager was an actor of great fame for the time, having worked as an actor and director across a storeyed career.

He first worked within the TV industry, making his name as William H. Bonney, or Billy The Kidd as you might know, on the 1960 TV show The Tall Man.

Alongside his fame on that two-year TV show, Gulager also made his name on The Virginian, a very successful TV show where he took on the role of the mysterious and enigmatic Emmett Ryker.

Though much of his work saw him participate in the Western-themed movie and TV industry, he became a popular part of the horror genre.

Indeed, he was the leading face of The Return of the Living Dead and part of The Nightmare on Elm Street 2 – both films released in 1985 to critical acclaim.

Later in his career, he returned to acting to be part of his son’s 2005 horror film, the Feasts series.

He was in his 80s but was still a star turn in the series by this time. His final film role came in 2019 when he appeared in the Quentin Tarantino epic Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Sadly, Gulager passed away aged 93, dying of his natural causes, on the 5th of August, 2022.

The Road To Fame

clu gulager eye

Clu Gulager appears at Screamfest 2009 for the Los Angeles Premiere of “The House Of The Devil” at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on October 21, 2009 in Hollywood – @Getty

He first came to national attention in 1964 in The Killers, starring alongside Ronald Reagan.

He stuck around the scene for a few years, again making headlines in the 1960s by being part of the hit racing movie Winning, released in 1969. However, the 1970s would see him reach more acclaim, appearing in pictures like The Last Picture Show and horror films like The Initiation.

His career became famous because he spent so much time playing different roles.

Clu Gulager bio

Clu Gulager arrives at the premiere of the movie “Feast” at the Palms Casino Resort September 12, 2006 in Las Vegas – @Getty

He could go from the epic to the serious to the dramatic to the hilarious, playing each role with consummate ease.

He was a typical actor for his generation, able to adapt to the script and play a role that was needed instead of simply playing an on-screen version of himself.

Without a doubt, though, what helped Gulager to rise to fame was his appearance on The Virginian.

The show was a massive hit then, and his role helped him take on his role as Ryker.

Ryker was one of the most loved characters in the show, and his sheer presence within the role helped to ensure that Rkyer – and the show itself – would become well remembered.

clu gulager eye injury photos

Summer Altice, Clu Gulager, and Irina Voronina arrive at the premiere of “Pirahna 3DD” at Mann Chinese 6 on May 29, 2012 in Los Angeles – @Getty

Did Clu Gulager Have A Glass Eye?

So, one of the major rumors about Gulager during his career was that he had a glass eye.

Given that he played so many different roles and was such a big part of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s acting scene, you would think that this would have moved from a rumor to a fact by now!

However, while the idea of Gulager having a glass eye is interesting, there appears to be no legitimate basis behind the rumor. This seems to be one of these strange rumors about a celebrity with no real basis behind it.

We could not even find an origin for the rumor – it is just one of those weird questions that have been asked time and time again about Clu Gulager.

One reason we could imagine the rumor appearing was that Gulager often played roles in Western and horror movies.

These might be the kind of characters and roles in which one could imagine someone having a glass eye. Outside of that, though, we are stumped as to why there appears to be a long-running internet rumor that Clu Gulager actually had a glass eye!

In fact, we could not even find any information regarding an eye injury for Gulager.

His son, John, also a director in his own right, said that his father had been ailed by a back injury in his later life – this is about the only kind of injury or illness reasoning that we could find about Clu out there.


is clue gallagher still alive

Clu Gulager attends The Hollywood Show 2014 held at Westin LAX Hotel on April 12, 2014 in Los Angeles – @Getty

So, does Clu Gulager have a glass eye? It certainly does not appear to be the case. Given that he is such a recognizable part of the acting scene from his generation and was subject to many interviews throughout his life, you would imagine that having a glass eye might have come up once or twice in the conversation!

Therefore, it would be hard to say with any meaningful certainty that Clu Gulager had a glass eye.

What we do know for certain is that he was one of the most respected actors of his time.

Unlike many other stars of that era, no controversy or dark cloud is hanging over his legacy; he is simply an excellent actor who, for a long time, was loved by the public and fans of his media.

While Gulager might no longer be with us, he has left a legacy in terms of movies and TV shows that any actor would love to be part of. On top of that, he left the world with his talented son, who has been involved in directing some very successful movies.

In terms of a glass eye, though? This appears to be as fictitious as the zombie movies that Gulager was such a famous part of!


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