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Kyle Forgeard Height | How tall is Kyle from Nelk?

What is Kyle Forgeard’s net worth? How tall is Kyle Forgeard?


Kyle Forgeard is a Canadian Youtuber who is most commonly known for co-founding the Youtube Channel Nelk in 2010 with other members of the time, twins Niko and Marko Martinovic.

The prankster web star found popularity with the group “Coke Prank on Cops” where the young men were caught “selling coke,” alarming police officers and causing the group of friends to be cuffed and detained.

When officers searched the vehicle, there were several coca-cola cans in the back of the car.

This clever prank sent them straight into YouTube stardom. 

The Origin Story

He was born on July 12th, 1994, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, as Kyle John Forgeard.

Kyle was raised by his parents Rick and Gayle Forgeard, along with a sister named Chantel Forgeard.

His family members typically stay out of the limelight but will occasionally be featured on the famous channel.

The other 2/3rds of the prank trio that make up “Nelk” are Jesse Sebastiani and Lucas Gasparini.

how much is kyle forgeard worth

The Nelk Boys and David Grutman – @Getty

They have made careers of capturing their pranks, posting them online, and have quickly gained popularity, pushing them to create more and more engaging content for their followers.

The “Nelk Boys” are known for posting new videos every Monday filled with pranks, surprises, and crazy antics that receive millions of views.

Forgeard currently lives in Newport Beach, California, along with the other members of the Nelk Boys.


Lots of fans of the Nelk YouTube channel have wondered about Kyle’s romantic life.

He has not been romantically connected with anyone since the break of his stardom and remains single.

The famous YouTuber has no children.

What is the net worth of Kyle Forgeard

Kyle Forgeard and Bradley Martin – @Getty

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Kyle Forgeard – Height

Kyle Forgeard is 5 ft 10 in (177 cm) tall. This height, though average for a Canadian male, doesn’t diminish the towering presence he has in the online content creation sphere.

Net Worth

So, how much is Kyle Forgeard worth?

As a prominent founding member of Nelk, “What is Kyle Forgeard’s net worth?” has become a common question among tons of his fans.

Let’s look at some of the streams of income the Youtuber attributes to his successes. Here are some of the ways this content creator has boosted his overall net worth.

FULL SEND Podcast and Merchandise

Members Kyle Forgeard and fellow sports podcaster Bob Menery, who is known for being the voice of Buffalo Wild Wings, started a podcast called “Full Send.”

Their first episode landed in August of 2021, featuring an interview with UFC President Dana White.

Audiences were instantly engaged as the podcast covered hot topics like Instagram model Addison Rae, Donald Trump, and Jake Paul’s 15 Minutes of Fame.

The “Full Send” brand has created tons of opportunities to monetize on their popularity.

Full Send Merchandise quickly became popular, and reports state The Nelk Boys’ overall Merchandise Brand revenue contributes to a big chunk of the Youtuber’s overall net worth.

YouTube Money

how much is Kyle Forgeard worth

Kyle Forgeard and other fans celebrate a goal scored by the Toronto Maple Leafs – @Getty

Since his rise to fame in 2010, Nelk has gained over 7.7 million YouTube subscribers and more than 1.3 billion total video views (about $3.9 million in revenue before taxes).

Just take a quick look at Nelk’s Social Blade Statistics, and it will give you an idea of their successes on Youtube.

‘Happy Dad’ Hard Seltzer

Forgeard launched his new business brand venture — ‘Happy Dad’ Hard Seltzer, in June 2021.

The business team has estimated 50 million ‘Happy Dad’ Hard Seltzer consumers.

A ‘Happy Dad’ Hard Seltzer 12 Can variety pack retails for $19.99. This beverage brand is skyrocketing, and it’s estimated to make $70 million per year.

The company name contributed to the company’s ability to help Kyle’s dad retire from working, making him very happy indeed.

Real Estate

The Neck boys live together in a luxurious $9,000,000 mansion in California, which they call the “Full Send” House, a super lavish setting for many of their videos.

Kyle and other members have had significant successes and earned an exceptional income from these infamous prank videos.

They love to show off their wealth and expensive purchases.

According to one of their “Nelk Boys” YouTube videos, Forgeard was able to purchase his dream car, an Audi RS7, which cost the YouTuber around $135,000. Forgeard owns a Lamborghini Huracan featured several times on Youtube.

Therefore, Kyle Forgeard has an estimated net worth of $3 million.


Where did Kyle Forgeard go to college?

Kyle Forgeard attended Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, to pursue a degree in film. However, he eventually dropped out of college to focus on his YouTube channel.

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