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Is Sierra Oakley Married? Is Sierra Oakley A Vet?

Is Sierra Oakley married? Is Sierra Oakley a veterinarian?


Being the daughter of someone famous is never easy.

It often brings a lot of expectations and demands to do the same thing as the famous parent.

In some cases, it is assumed that they will follow in their mother or father’s footsteps.

Extra pressure is added because, some assume, these children of famous people can do the same thing that made their parent(s) so renowned in the first place.

One person who suffers from that needless expectation is Sierra Oakley.

Oakley is the daughter of Dr. Michelle Oakley, one of the most famous veterinarians on television.

She is part of the Dr Oakley Yukon Vet TV series that started in 2012.

Having appeared on the show a few times herself, Sierra Oakley often comes up in conversations when talking about her mother (or her father, Shane).

So, that leads to many questions being asked about Sierra.

Is Sierra Oakley married?

Is Sierra Oakley a vet?

What does she do?

Will she be part of the TV show in the future?

There are lots of rumors out there. Let’s look at what we know about Sierra Oakley and her life.

Short Biography

Born on the 15th of July, 1997, Sierra Oakley is the daughter of Dr. Michelle Oakley and Shane Oakley.

Michelle is a famous veterinarian and one of the leading experts in the Yukon Territory area of Canada.

Dr. Michelle Oakley

Michelle Oakley speaks onstage during the ‘Nat Geo Wild – The Women of Nat Geo WILD’ panel discussion at the National Geographic Channels portion of the 2014 Winter Television Critics Association tour – @Getty

Her father is a conservationist and firefighter. Those natural caring instincts for the world have fed into Sierra Oakley, as she has studied in the same industry as her mother.

Growing up as part of a famous family is not easy, but since Sierra’s mother made it big on TV, she has seen her career take off interestingly. Growing up, though, she was a passionate sports player, and her time as the Yukon Female Hockey team’s captain was a highlight of her sporting career.

Her sports career highlights include playing as a talented left-wing forward for her high school team.

That led to her becoming the captain of the Yukon Female Hockey team, leading the team in the 2012 Aboriginal Championships and then in the Canada Winter Games, representing Yukon, in 2015.

However, while some assumed she might move into pro sports at one stage, she instead moved into education to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

She has since graduated from St. Francis Xavier University, completing a Bachelor of Science and receiving a DVM degree via Murdoc University.

So, she is a very successful academic who looks to be moving into the same industry as her mother.

A natural inclination to help animals has been shown on her mother’s show, as Sierra Oakley – and her sister Maya, as well as youngest sister Willow – has appeared on the show to be an assistant to her mother from time to time.

Maya Oakley and her mother

Michelle Oakley and Maya Oakley attend the 2022 ABC Disney Upfront at Basketball City – Pier 36 – South Street – @Getty

That has helped to raise her profile and garner more interest in who she is.

Living in Haines Junction with her family in Yukon, Canada, Sierra Oakley has made a name for herself locally and internationally through her mother’s TV show.

She first appeared on the show in 2014, appearing as part of the show as an assistant to her mother.

Is Sierra Oakley Married?

One of the most unsavory parts of being famous is that people want to know every little thing about your personal life. With that in mind, Google searches for ‘Is Sierra Oakley married?’ are not uncommon. However, there is precious verifiable information about this side of her life.

If Sierra Oakley is married, she has kept it entirely private – she only talks about her professional life when interviewed. So, do not expect to find out if Sierra Oakley has gotten married – she is not interested in kissing and telling!

Her social media profiles are always carefully managed to make sure that we know as little as possible about her personal life.

Given that she is famous for being part of her mother’s show based on her future career, it makes sense that Sierra Oakley intends to keep her personal life private.

Is Sierra Oakley Married

Maya Oakley, Dr. Michelle Oakley, and Sierra Oakley poses for a portrait during the 2018 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour – @Getty

Is Sierra Oakley A Veterinarian?

Though Sierra often appears as part of her mother’s popular TV show, she is not yet a full-time vet. Unlike her sister Maya, who moved into criminal justice as her subject of study, Sierra Oakley has studied to become a vet. As such, she will likely move into that field full-time now that she has received qualifications and looks set to be a full-time part of the industry.

So, it looks pretty likely that she will move into that industry someday.

At the moment, though, she is still a regular appearance maker on the show with her mother.

Sierra Oakley appears more often than many other family members because she works within this industry.

While other members of the Oakley family still appear occasionally, the show has become more based on the veterinary side of things than the family themselves.

Given that Sierra Oakley can help as part of the veterinary team, it makes sense that she appears more than her father or sisters.

While working towards becoming a full-time pro in the veterinary world, she has a long-term goal of working with endangered animal species and studying extinct animals.

She is keen to not just stay in Yukon forever, though, with an interest in traveling around the world and visiting different cultures to see how they treat animals and the ecology of the land.

She is passionate about learning about not only the animals you find in Yukon but also animals from worldwide.

Working on her mother’s TV show, she has engaged in many skills, such as animal handling– livestock, wild animals, rodents, large animals, large cats, sealife, and more.

Combining this with a natural flair for the arts and her sports skills, Sierra Oakley looks to have a bright future ahead of herself.


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