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DJ Citizen Jane Net Worth 2024

DJ Citizen Jane Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is DJ Citizen Jane’s net worth? Is DJ Citizen Jane married?


Madeline Fernandez, professionally known as DJ Citizen Jane, is an American DJ, singer, and performer.

She grew to become one of the most in-demand DJs globally and is well-known in the music industry. 

The Origin Story

DJ Citizen was born on October 22, 1974, in Miami, Florida, the United States, and raised by her mother and father.

The beginning of her musical journey started as a musician and lead singer of an American all-girl band.

Growing up, she learned many instruments as she naturally gravitated toward them.

As an adult, she continues to play bass, the guitar, cajon, and percussion.

She’s stated that she often dabbles with the keyboard when she needs to write and compose a song.

The Road To Fame

how much is DJ Citizen Jane worth


Madeline’s memories of her childhood are centered around music.

She remembers falling in love with everything music from a very young age, and she often refers to it as the love of her life.

Fernandez always wanted to perform for crowds, and like all kids, she found a creative way to make it happen.

She would often line up all her stuffed animals in lines to form an audience, and she would perform for her ‘self-made’ fans.

She recalls using her mom’s hairbrush as her makeshift microphone and improvised further by using her tennis racket as a guitar.

There’s no doubt that she is innately creative and musically inclined.

Her family paved her path into the field as many have a background in the music industry, deriving back to her ancestors from Cuba.

“I grew up in a house full of musicians from my father’s side,” Madeline revealed in 2020. “So, it’s the only thing that I really wanted. I mean, I have a different background … I was a law enforcement and I have a degree of psychology and all that stuff but music has always been my what I’d love to do, my passion.”

She started her DJ career at 21.

Fernandez has had the opportunity to headline at some of the most prominent music festivals around the globe, including Madison Square Garden, The Prism Party, and Mardi Gras, among so many others.

“I’ve traveled the world — Europe, Australia, Canada, pretty much everywhere,” Fernandez said in an interview. “All over the US, all the prides and all the major music festivals and that’s pretty much what I’ve done.

During her first few years of spinning music, she won the Pink Flamingo Award for Best DJ for three consecutive years. The reason she was so honored to win this award was that the winner was decided by the fans, making it much more authentic. 

She is a firm believer in staying true to yourself and preserving your image, despite what people will try to make you do.

She went on the record to express her passion for her self-image, particularly among musicians in the music industry.

In 2019, she realized her first single off her RP titled “Rescue Me” ft. Brazilian international DJ Tommy Love.”

The single is available on all digital music platforms, including iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify. 

DJ Citizen Jane is a feminist and works diligently to empower other women in the predominantly male music industry. She believes that the more women in the industry, the easier it will become, and more doors will open for them. Until then, she will continue to work at making it an even playing ground.


DJ Citizen Jane is not married, however she is in a relationship with Karen Larrea, co-founder of Hialeah Pride.

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“We only regret the rides we didn’t take.”

“If you want change you have to stop accepting what you are used to.”

“Understand your worth. Value your life. Appreciate your blessings.”

DJ Citizen Jane – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is DJ Citizen Jane worth? Madeline earned most of her wealth from DJing, especially at music festivals and clubs. Therefore, DJ Citizen Jane has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

At the time of writing, she is still releasing singles for her fans. The most recent one is “Drunken Kisses,” which was released on April 16, 2021, via CAN2 Music and Media. The single can be streamed on SoundCloud and YouTube. She has stated that she plans to continue releasing singles in the future in addition to working as a DJ.

In early 2020, she was part of Miami FC “I AM” campaign. “I’m super proud and excited to be part of this amazing initiative,” she said.

Aside from her professional music career, she is also active on social media, where she interacts with her fans and promotes her career. You can learn more about her shows and newly released music by following her on Instagram.

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