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Does Amber Marshall Have Children?

Does Amber Marshall have any children?


There are a lot of things that Amber Marshall and the beloved character she plays on Heartland—Amy Fleming—have in common.

They are (of course) both Canadian.

They’re both married.

They both live in the countryside.

There’s more that binds Marshall to the character she’s been portraying since she was just 19 years old, too.

While we’re going to unpack everything Amber Marshall and Amy Fleming have in common, we’ve also got a few subtle—and really important—differences to reveal, as well.

If you’ve been a fan of Canada’s longest running scripted television show, and its beloved Amy Fleming, for as long as we have, there are some facts you just have to know!

#1. Marshall and Amy Fleming are both horse-crazy.

Does Amber Marshall have any children


Amber Marshall might have grown up in the big city—she’s originally from London, Ontario—but nothing could have ever come between the girl and her love of horses.

She went for her first ride at just 4 years old, and the Canadian beauty confesses that she loved the graceful animals from the time she was “old enough to know what a horse was.”

From that first pony ride back in 1992, Amber has never quit.

Her parents enrolled her for riding lessons and bought her a horse when she turned 10.

Initially, Marshall showed a passion for jumping and show hunter events—but Western riding has been her forte into adulthood.

Amy Fleming, Amber’s character, had a bit of a head-start on the horse front.

Born and raised on a ranch, Amy went on to become a horse trainer.

As one of the show’s main characters, she is often hailed as a horse whisperer.

#2. Amber and Amy Fleming both own horses.

does amber marshall have children of her own


Sure, Amy may own more—she’s a fictional character, so there’s no need to worry about maintenance and upkeep.

Amber currently has several horses on her ranch: Screech, Talon, Ranger, Hawk, Slider, Hippy, Finch, Cruz, and Nitro.

Amber has explained on her website that Talon and Screech are miniature horses, and Cruz, Hawk, Slider, Hippy, and Nitro are Quarter horses.

Finch’s origins are unknown!

Ranger was discovered alongside his dead mom by a wildlife photographer.

Fortunately, the photographer acted fast and took him to the Wild Horses of Alberta Society to recuperate.

The WHAS approached horse-mad Amber to give him a home—and she couldn’t resist.

Amy, on the other hand, has Spartan—at least, that’s his character’s name.

The horse himself is called Stormy, and he is a beloved companion of the fictional Amy and the real-life Amber.

Marshall has explained in the past that she has a strong bond with Stormy, because she’s worked with him for so long.

While it’s important to maintain that connection with Stormy—the pair are often on set together—Stormy goes home with his real owners for a little star treatment of his own at the end of the work day.

#3. She and Amy Fleming both live on ranches.

how many children does amber marshall have


Every Heartland fan knows that the Fleming family are the proud owners of the Heartland Equestrian Connection.

And Marshall followed in her character’s footsteps when she and her husband, Shawn Turner, got married in July of 2013.

The pair made the ultimate commitment by getting married and buying a 100-acre ranch together.

Their ranch, near High River, Alberta, was also the setting for their intimate wedding celebration.

Much like the Fleming family with their menagerie of animals, Amber and her husband have been building quite the community of furry and feathered creatures.

So far, the ranch is home to horses, dogs, rabbits, a turtle, chickens, an alpaca, cats, and cows.

In another weird case of life imitating art, many of Amber’s animals have actually appeared on Heartland as Amy’s animals.

She has been accompanied on set by her turtle and dogs, and pitched many of her animals to the directors as cast members.

Remi the King Shepherd is another of Amber’s animals to star on the show—Remi plays Georgie Fleming’s rescue dog.

#4. She and Amy Fleming are both married.

Fans might have already known that Amber Marshall was married—she met her husband, Shawn, at a horse show back in 2012.

And everyone who watches Heartland knows that Amy and Ty Borden celebrated their own fairytale nuptials in season 8, episode 18.

Both Amber and Amy got married on their ranches, surrounded by friends and family.

And to set the record straight: Amber never dated Graham Wardle—the actor who plays her on-screen husband, Ty.

The pair are, however, great friends with a strong working relationship—and that’s how they explain their sizzling chemistry.

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#5. So, does Amber Marshall have children?

If there’s one question fans ask more than any other, it’s this one: does Amber Marshall have children? The answer is no. Unlike her character, Amy Fleming, who had a baby girl in season 10, episode 18, Amber isn’t quite ready to add to her and Shawn’s family just yet.

In the episode of Heartland called Greater Expectations, Amy and Ty welcomed a baby girl.

They named her Lindy Marion Borden, and her character is played by twin sisters Emmanuella and Ruby.

In real life, however, Amber and Shawn have enough on their hands, focusing on their ranch, their animals, their careers—and each other.

Amber, who is a Screen Star Award winner, launched her own country store in July of 2022.

Marshall’s Country Store, in Turner Valley, Alberta, sells clothing, accessories, and gifts—all curated by Amber.

The actress, who also makes her own jewelry, has too much on her plate to start a family just yet—but watch this space!

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