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Does Rob Gronkowski have kids?

Does Rob Gronkowski have kids?


Football, or American Football for people outside of the US, is a sport that has seen some truly exceptional players over the years.

From Peyton Manning and Reggie White to Jim Brown and Tom Brady, the sport has produced some incredible players and some truly incredible moments.

Whereas football has produced some exceptional players, many would argue that the sport has never seen anybody quite like Rob Gronkowski.

The former tight end competed in the NFL for 11 seasons, playing alongside Tom Brady for the New England Patriots and later for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He is a four-time Super Bowl Champion and is considered an elite player, both as a blocker and a receiver.

At 6ft 6 inches in height and weighing in at 265 pounds, he had the size and strength, coupled with explosive speed and athleticism.

Off the field, he is also quite the celebrity and has been featured on numerous shows and has made appearances for various promotions, including the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Due to his party lifestyle, however, people often ask about his personal life and whether he has children.

So, does Rob Gronkowski have kids? Let’s take a look, shall we? Here are several interesting ‘Gronk’ facts to sink your teeth into.

His nickname is ‘Gronk’

does rob gronkowski have a son

Rob Gronkowski #87 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers reacts after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV – @Getty

As you’ve probably guessed, Rob Gronkowski’s nickname is ‘Gronk.’

Gronk isn’t just a nickname, however, it’s his trademark and his brand.

Gronk is a name synonymous with countless products and affiliations and is a term synonymous with football and the NFL itself.

He is responsible for the ‘Gronk Spike’

rob gronkowski kids

Chris Gronkowski and Rob Gronkowski attend ESPN The Magazine’s “NEXT” Event 2013 – @Getty

If you’re a football fan, chances are you’ll be familiar with the term ‘Gronk Spike.’

If not, let’s just say you really should look into it, because it’s heaps of fun.

The Gronk Spike is a celebration invented by Gronk to celebrate scoring.

Each time Gronk would score, he would aggressively lift the ball above his head and slam it or “spike it” into the ground.

The Gronk Spike is now emulated by his former teammates, other players in the NFL, College football players, and seemingly every other teen playing football with their buddies at the local park.

He has appeared in numerous shows and movies

Does Rob Gronkowski have kid

Rob Gronkowski attends as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit – @Getty

Listing each Gronk appearance we’ve seen over the years would take an age, but let’s just say that Gronk is a celebrity in high demand.

Gronk has made numerous film and TV appearances over the last decade or so, appearing in the Entourage movie as a fictional version of himself, as well as on Family Guy and The Simpsons, where he would once again play a fictional version of himself. 

He has also tried his hand at acting, appearing in the thriller American Violence, while also appearing as a guest host on various talk shows and kids’ shows.

He loves to party

does gronk have kids

Chris Gronkowski, Gordie Gronkowski Jr. and Rob Gronkowski pose at Gronk Beach – @Getty

One thing Gronk fans will know about this former player is the fact that he loves to party.

Gronk, while a very capable football player, initially rose to fame due to his epic partying off the field.

He even said that partying made him a better football player because he said it helped him to unwind and feel good.

This was met with controversy as partying is generally not conducive for pro athletes as it tends to involve alcohol consumption, a lack of sleep, and who knows what else.

After winning an AFC Championship in 2012, Gronk famously on air answered the question of how he was going to celebrate ‘Yo Soy Fiesta,’ which translated to ‘I am party’ in Spanish. It was this clip that helped Gronk to gain his party boy reputation, and later, his business, Gronk Nation LLC, would trademark the term.

It is due partly to his partying ways that people have asked does Rob Gronkowski has kids, because he doesn’t strike people as a family man.

He was briefly a WWE Superstar

gronkowski kids

Rob Gronkowski, celebrated his retirement at Mohegan Sun FanDuel Sportsbook – @Getty

Yes, believe it or not, but Gronk was briefly a former pro wrestler, sorry, “Superstar” for the WWE.

Gronk is a lifelong WWE fan and made an appearance at the 2017 Andre ‘The Giant’ Battle Royale, where he got physical and helped his pro wrestler friend and former pro football player Mojo Rawley (Dean Muhtadi) to win the event.

In 2020, after his first retirement from football, it was announced that he had signed a contract with the WWE to become a wrestler.

He hosted Wrestlemania in 2020 and would later win the 24/7 Title on night 2 of the event.

He would enjoy the longest single-run reign of any champ holding the title before eventually losing it to R-Truth (Ron Killings, another wrestler with a football background).

At 6ft 6 and nearly 270 pounds of muscle, Gronk looked perfect for the WWE, but later in 2020, he decided to come out of NFL retirement as he was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he would be reunited with his former teammate Tom Brady.

He and Brady would be instrumental in the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl victory over The Chiefs in that same season.

children of rob gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek attend the Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards – @Getty

Does Rob Gronkowski have kids?

One of the most asked questions online is ”does Rob Gronkowski have kids?” Well, we can say with some certainty that, no, Gronk does not have kids. Gronk has been in a relationship with model Camille Kostek since 2015, after they met in 2013. The couple have two homes together in Florida and Massachusetts and are very much in love. They do not have any plans to have children together. At least, not to our knowledge, but never say never.

‘Baby Gronk’ has nothing to do with him

rob gronkowski children

Gordie Gronkowski Jr. and Rob Gronkowski – @Getty

Part of the reason why ‘does Rob Gronkowski have kids?’ is such a common question is due to the fact that some people believe Baby Gronk is his child.

Baby Gronk, real name Madden San Miguel, is a young child football player born in 2012 who was nicknamed ‘Baby Gronk’ because he was a bigger player than other kids his age.

Gronk has stated that he is ‘bothered’ by the Baby Gronk situation and says that it is awkward and that the situation has gone too far.


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