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Ema Horvath Net Worth | Biography

What is Ema Horvath’s net worth?


If Ema Horvath isn’t a name you know, it soon will be.

The young starlet hasn’t turned 30 yet, but she’s landed the role of a lifetime on Amazon Prime’s biggest—and most expensive—show ever.

Ema, who hit screens in September of 2022 on Amazon Prime’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, plays Eärien on the show, and stars alongside an ensemble cast that includes Sara Zwangobani, Maxim Baldry, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, and Benjamin Walker.

The actress has made headlines as much for her forward thinking sense of style as she has for her stellar new role.

She donned an embellished cutout dress created by designer Elie Saab for the series’ Mumbai premiere. For the shows’ New York City premiere, she went “dramatically chic” in a white, oversized bow dress by Pamella Roland.

But where did she come from?

And, what else can you spot the soon-to-be superstar in?

The Origin Story


Ema Horvath was born on January 28, 1994, in Kentucky.

Her parents, who are of Slovak American descent, raised her in the US.

Ema always had a passion for acting. As a classically trained theater actress who naturally gravitated towards the stage, her parents enrolled her at Interlochen Arts Academy in Interlochen, Michigan.

Interlochen Arts Academy is a boarding school for high school students that offers multiple arts majors—including majors in dance, film, theatre, and visual arts. The Academy boasts a major success rate for its graduates, with 96% going on to one of their top three college choices.

Interlochen Center for the Arts—the corporation that houses Interlochen Arts Academy—served a teenaged Ema Horvath well.

While she was enrolled there, she trained under critically acclaimed Shakespearean performer Dr. David Montee and the school’s director, Bill Church.

Ema graduated from the academy in 2012, with a virtual buffet of admission offers from theater conservatories across the US.

She chose Harvard University, and graduated with a B.A. in English Literature.

Honing Her Craft


Horvath may have had an enviable amount of theater training by the time she was out of college, but every actor worth their salt knows they’ve got to get some credits under their belt.

Ema wasted no time, taking a role in the Cinemax / Blumhouse film Like, Share, Follow in 2015.

The young actor was in Los Angeles to intern in Blumhouse Productions’ script coverage division at the time.

The production house offered the aspiring actress an audition for the role of Shell—and she nailed it.

From there came a lead role in Lionsgate’s The Gallows Act II, a supernatural horror movie released in 2019.

The film starred Ema Horvath as the lead, alongside Brittany Falardeau and Chris Milligan.

Two more horror / thriller flicks followed: The Mortuary Collection and What Lies Below—which also starred Mena Suvari.

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Ema Horvath on The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power


While most of Horvath’s film credits flew under the mainstream radar, What Lies Below became something of a cult classic.

The same year that it was released, Ema auditioned for a top-secret role in an undisclosed Amazon Prime movie.

The young actress was nervous—she hadn’t heard from the producers for three weeks after her audition.

At the time, Horvath wasn’t surprised. She explained in a 2022 interview that she only had a “surface-level” understanding of Tolkien’s world.

“I played Bombur the dwarf [in a play], I knew The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies, but it wasn’t until I got the job I really dove into it.”

Ema scored the role of Eärien, sister of Isildur—a character that didn’t even exist in the original books.

As a newly created Númenórean, Horvath understood the complexity of the role.

“It’s a double-edged sword. Based on what’s been presented by Tolkien, is this addition helpful? Luckily, I think [the addition of Eärien’s character is] a really lovely addition.”

Ema Horvath – Net Worth

Horvath earned most of her wealth from performing in 7 movies, short films, and Tv series, including – The Gallows Act II, Don’t Look Deeper, and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Therefore, Ema Horvath has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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