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Sara Zwangobani Net Worth | Biography

Sara Zwangobani Net Worth – $1 million

What is Sara Zwangobani’s net worth?


Sara Zwangobani is an Australian actress known for her many roles on popular TV shows.

Her credits include Home & Away, Doctor Doctor, and Monarch Cove, while she has also appeared in various short flicks and TV films over the years.

She has earned most of her money due to her TV contracts and roles, as we explain in detail below.

The Origin Story

Although little is known about Sara Zwangobani’s upbringing, she was born in Sydney and studied at Xavier’s School in the city.

We don’t know a great deal about her relationship from a young age or her motivations for becoming an actress. 

While she has an Instagram account, she doesn’t post particularly often, sharing teasers of her latest appearances and the occasional personal post to keep her fans updated.

Sara Zwangobani Net Worth

Sara Zwangobani attends the “The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power” event – @Getty

It will be interesting to see if we learn more about her life away from the screen as a result of her fabulous performances in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, or whether she still manages to keep a low profile when she isn’t acting.

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Sara Zwangobani – Net Worth

So, how much is Sara Zwangobani worth?

As an Australian actress, Sara Zwangobani has accumulated the majority of her net worth from various roles in TV and film.

She has appeared in various TV shows and movies since debuting in 1997, with her appearance in a series called Fallen Angels kick-starting her acting career. 

In 2000, her second role came as Toloti Vibi in Water Rats, followed two years later by her first appearance in a movie called The Merchant of Fairness.

Sara Zwangobani age

Sara Zwangobani attending the after party for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, at the British Museum, London – @Getty

She starred as Danielle and performed alongside Shane Luther and Antonia Strakosch. 

However, it wasn’t until four years later that Zwangobani really started her acting career in earnest.

She landed four prominent roles in 2006, including a recurring role on the TV series Love My Way, where she played Imogen in six episodes. The series was popular in Australia and cataloged the ups and downs of the lives of people in their thirties. 

In the same year, Zwangobani secured another recurring role in the TV drama Monarch Cove, where she played Det. Maria Ramos in seven episodes during the first season.

Sara Zwangobani movies

Sara Zwangobani attends “The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power” World Premiere at Leicester Square – Getty

Again, the series was popular with Australian viewers and further cemented Zwangobani’s position as an up-and-coming TV actress. 

It wasn’t long until Zwangobani caught the eye of the casting directors of one of Australia’s most popular daytime dramas – Home and Away – which was broadcast in different countries around the world.

She was originally cast to play Mel Harris in 2006 before returning to the show in 2018 to take up the role of Jodi Anderson.

Following her appearance in Home and Away, Zwangobani appeared in Doctor Doctor and Grapefruit & Heat Death, both of which were broadcast in Australia.

Zwangobani has also appeared in various stage productions, including a 2018 adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, where she played Marc Anthony.

She explained:

“Taking on this role is absolutely amazing as it’s usually portrayed by a man. It’s so fantastic that in this production, it’s portrayed by a woman. It is the most wonderful challenge as an actor and the most wonderful challenge as a storyteller. I think every character in this play has motivations that they want to follow.” 

While it’s not clear precisely how much Zwangobani has made throughout her years in the Australian TV and film industry, we know that the average actor salary in Australia is around $76,000 per year.

Sara Zwangobani biography

Sara Zwangobani attends SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s “Lord Of The Rings” Q&A at The Robin Williams Center – @Getty

For entry-level actors, they can expect around $60,000, while experienced stars pick up around $93,000. 

Of course, Zwangobani has landed various film roles alongside her TV contracts, which have further contributed to her net worth as a result.

It’s not clear whether she has any brand endorsements at present, as she appears to use her Instagram profile to share snaps of her personal life rather than her professional endeavors.

In 2022, Zwangobani appeared in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Therefore, Sara Zwangobani has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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