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Why Did Devon Leave Letterkenny?

What happened to Devon on Letterkenny? Why did Alexander De Jordy leave Letterkenny?


Time and time again, we see beloved TV show characters leave our favorite shows without any warning.

It doesn’t matter if they’re main characters or secondary ones – the fans love them all equally.

So, when Devon from Letterkenny mysteriously disappeared from the show lineup one day, the fandom went up in arms.

Where did he go?

What happened to him?

Will he be back?!

Fear not, we have some (sadly not all) of the answers you’ve been looking for right here.

In this article, we’ll talk about why Devon left Letterkenny, where the actor who played him is now, and what Letterkenny is about (although if you’re reading this, you should probably already know!).   

What is Letterkenny?

If you’ve never heard about the sitcom Letterkenny, then you’ve been missing out on some pretty good TV.

Initially born as a YouTube series named Letterkenny Problems, it was picked up by streaming giant Crave in March 2015.

A little under a year after that, in February 2016, the first TV series episode aired.

Thanks to its success on the platform, The Comedy Network also picked up the series for TV reruns afterward.

The show has been running for 9 seasons now with over 61 episodes.

Their 10th and 11th seasons started production in June 2021 and will be aired via Hulu for US viewers.

Letterkenny follows the inhabitants of a fake Ontario, Canada town called – you guessed it – Letterkenny.

During the show, we follow the lives of a handful of the 5000 people living in the small Canadian town and their daily struggles.

While you might expect most characters to be stereotypically small-minded and not too bright, the show actually introduces you to witty and socially aware townsfolk that make the dialogue snappy and fun to watch.

Who is Devon?

In the show, we’re also introduced to several different groups and gangs.

From the farmers known as hicks to the First Nations Reserve residents called natives.

The character of Devon is part of the goth drug addicts called skids.

There’s a pretty clear hierarchy in the skids gang, with Stewart being the leader and Devon being his second in command.

They spend their days cooking and taking drugs, playing video games, listening and dancing to music, and hanging around the local Dollar Store parking lot.

If you can’t find them there, then you’ll for sure be able to find them in Stewart’s basement doing the exact same things.

While Stewart could be considered to have some redeeming qualities (at one point in the show, he’d wanted to give up the drug business for love), Devon has none.

The moment he realizes Stewart’s plan to give up the good life, he does everything in his power to sabotage him.

He’s not satisfied until the relationship between Stewart and his love interest, Katy, is ruined.

Stewart declares angrily that he’ll make Letterkenny the biggest meth town in the country, which makes Devon happy.

In the end, however, Devon disappears without a trace one St Patrick’s Day, never to be seen again.

It leaves Stewart and Roland, who later takes on the role of second in command, heartbroken and angry.

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Why did Devon leave Letterkenny?

There are two big theories as to why Devon might have left the show.

One surrounding the character and another surrounding the actor.

In terms of the show itself, some people believe that it’s the destiny of secondary or more minor characters to be used as collateral damage when it comes to moving the plot forward.

It mainly helped with Stewart’s character development as well since he and Devon were actually childhood friends.

Having Devon vanish into thin air emotionally destroys Stewart to the point where he burns all of Devon’s items left behind in his basement.

He feels abandoned and sad, but it also creates room for Roland to move into that second-in-command role.

Which in turn creates new situations and struggles.

From a purely acting point of view, a pretty popular theory is that the guy who played Devon (Alexander De Jordy) simply wanted more time to pursue other projects. A tale as old as time in the entertainment industry.

While he seemed to enjoy his time on the show, his character was still a minor one, and he likely went in search of bigger roles and opportunities.

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Where is Alexander De Jordy now?

why did alexander de jordy leave letterkenny


Since leaving Letterkenny in season 2 of the show, it seems Alexander De Jordy has used his new free time well.

Born in Toronto, Alexander has participated in several projects as a director, actor, and producer.

He’s a graduate of The National Theatre School of Canada, which means the entertainment industry has been in his blood since he was young.

Before his time as Devon in Letterkenny, Alexander was seen in several other TV shows such as Rookie Blue and Saving Grace.

After Letterkenny, De Jordy played the character of Johnny in the sci-fi short TiCk as well as Matty in the film Witches In The Woods, which came out in 2019.

In 2021, he appeared in How to Meditate Like a Writer and Don’t Bite the Hand.

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