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Supa Cent Net Worth | Fiancé

Supa Cent Net Worth – $7 million

What is Supa Cent’s net worth? Who is Supa Cent’s fiancé?


Born and raised in New Orleans, Supa Cent is an African American social media star turned business genius.

Starting out working in the kitchen, she climbed her way to the top, and she is not stopping there!

The Origin Story

Raynell Steward was born on February 2, 1988, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Not much is known of her younger years, except for the fact that she grew up having to work hard and put all of herself into everything she does to achieve her goals.

When she first started, Supa Cent worked as a housekeeper and waitress to pay her bills.

That lifestyle began to change when she discovered the vine app in 2013.

On this app, Supa Cent posted creative and funny videos that attracted a lot of attention.

She became quite successful and was able to transfer that following over to other platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

That is where she really started to blow up.

Fans began to become interested in her make-up style and asked her to do tutorials.

She was happy to oblige.

It wasn’t long before her fans began to bug her about what make-up brand she was using.

what is the net worth of Supa Cent


This annoyed her, and she jokingly snapped at them that if they keep asking, she would create her own make-up brand.

The joke became a reality when Supa Cent decided to launch The Crayon Box.

This unique style of make-up is a play on school supplies.

Every product line is designed after some sort of item you would need to take to school.

The unique product immediately took off.

With “school in session,” the brand was a huge hit.

There was even a moment, in September 2018, when a new product earned Supa Cent over $1m in just 90 minutes.

This caused her to cry and express thanks for all the help and encouragement she received along the way.

Unfortunately, Supa Cent is also fighting kidney problems and a neurological disorder that is causing memory loss.

She has posted pictures on social media of her in the hospital with friends and family surrounding her.

This hasn’t slowed her down one bit.

She still cranks out videos on social media and continues to expand her brand.

Supa Cent Net Worth


When asked where she learned to do it all, she explained that she simply hires more knowledgeable people than her to take care of things that she doesn’t know how to do.

Supa Cent is also especially interested in encouraging young women entrepreneurs to succeed.

She offers them this advice, “There is no elevator to success. You have to hit the stairs. It’s okay to learn, research, etc. As long as you are working, it will happen for you.”

These words have inspired many young women to give it their all and try to be the best that they can be.


Supa Cent has always considered herself to be bisexual, although she states that she could never be with a woman because of all the games they play.

Still, that doesn’t stop her from loving women.

She hasn’t had the best luck with men.

She recalls in interviews being in love with an abusive man and had to get support in order to finally leave him while he was in prison.

Her bad luck didn’t stop there.

Supa Cent was engaged to a man named Lou.

They were together for quite some time, having had two kids together.

He was with her as she built her empire, and they appeared to be genuinely in love.

Unfortunately, Lou fell victim to a scam from someone claiming to be a 17-year-old looking for sex. Lou, victim/predator, communicated with this person through explicit texts that were eventually leaked to the public.

Being the boss she is, Supa Cent didn’t waste any time and dumped him in front of the world via Twitter.

After Lou, Supa Cent confirmed a rumor that she was dating Sage the Gemini. This went on for a few months before they split up.

Rumors say that Sage the Gemini didn’t have Supa Cent’s best interest in mind in their relationship.

There hasn’t been any more information on Supa Cent’s love life aside from brief rumors that she may be dating Talib.

Supa Cent quickly squashed those rumors.


Update – in 2022, Supa Cent got engaged to her boyfriend, Rayzor.

The couple first met in 2019.

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Supa Cent – Net Worth

what is Supa Cent worth


So, how much is Supa Cent worth?

Between her social media empire and The Crayon Box, Supa Cent’s hustle makes her deserving of every penny she has.

Supa Cent is a big creator on social media and makes a decent income from ad revenue and sponsorship, contributing heavily to her estimated net worth.

This is where she got her start.

When The Crayon Box came on the scene in 2017, that’s when she made her mark.

It is reported that she made $1m in 90 minutes with the launch of a new product in September 2018.

This incredible success is what makes Supa Cent’s net worth so remarkable.

Following her breakup with her fiancé, Lou, Supa Cent decided to pull a boss move and reward herself for all her hard work.

She purchased a multi-million-dollar mansion in Florida.

What makes this purchase so noteworthy isn’t the mansion itself.

She filmed herself doing a purchase reveal, but before she ended the video, in true boss form, she walked over to the for-sale sign next door and took it down.

That’s right.

Supa Cent bought the property next door as well! What a queen.

Therefore, businesswoman Supa Cent has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

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The Future

Supa Cent continues to please her fans through social media through her make-up videos.

Her passion for make-up and making people laugh has not stopped in the slightest.

She continues to put out new lines of her product and will likely do so for many years to come.

Her net worth is expected to skyrocket in the coming years as her unique product continues to gain popularity.

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