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Fam Mirza Net Worth & Biography

What is Fam Mirza’s net worth?


Faraz “Fam” Mirza is a young entrepreneur and philanthropist taking the world by storm.

From earning his first million before the age of 21 to touching millions of lives with his brilliant charity work, the CEO of Mirza Minds is truly impressive.

The Origin Story

From birth until nine years old, Fam Mirza was raised in the slums of India with his aunt.

He endured and witnessed many hardships that shaped the person he is today.

When his parents brought him to the United States, they knew it was the opportunity for their son to achieve greatness, and he certainly took that to heart.

At age 10, Fam began selling his old toys to neighborhood children.

His parents realized the entrepreneurial spirit in him at that young age.

His father sacrificed rent money to buy Fam a computer as an investment, and he used it to study five quotes from successful men every single day.

By age 14, he started his first business selling Split Jerseys.

After a few years of selling from the trunk of his car, the rapper Nelly purchased one of his shirts for the 2001 Superbowl halftime performance.

A few years later, at barely the age of 21, Fam was already a millionaire.

1:Face Watch Movement

Fam Mirza Net Worth & Biography


Fam is most well known for being the founder of 1:Face Watch, a company that blended his fashion sense with his drive to help others.

The genius marketing of this brand was vital to its success.

The sales from the watches went to six different charities, each represented by a different color watch.

The packaging of the watch also indicated how many people were being helped by purchasing that watch to encourage people to get others to help the cause.

The campaign was launched and exceeded the funding goal one hundred times over.

As the years went by, the company continued to touch millions of lives around the world.

1:Face has been able to build wells in Rwanda, construct greenhouses in Africa, fund water projects in India, and donate to cancer research in the United States.

Mentorship and Business Coaching

Over the years, Fam has created brands in multiple sectors, including tech, fashion, biotechnology, and music.

He’s an investor in multiple businesses and owns a digital marketing agency.

Fam has taken his knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur and extended it to his audience.

Fam Mirza posts an array of helpful and insightful videos on his Instagram and TikTok, teaching his followers how to master the mindset of a millionaire.

He also offers private coaching sessions and training calls to those who are seeking specific business advice.

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Fam Mirza – Net Worth

Fam Mirza has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

“Something about becoming a millionaire, it’s not about being a millionaire, it’s about the person you have to become to become a millionaire,” Mirza told Brad Lea in November 2022.

What’s next for Fam?

Money and success aren’t what motivate Fam to continue doing what he does.

From a young age, Fam has been impacted by what he experienced in India.

His mission in life has always been to leave the world better than the way he found it by using his skills to create products that benefit others.

Fam Mirza claims that he will continue creating until everyone is fed, has access to clean water, and is safe from disease.

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Harry Hends

Saturday 4th of March 2023

This guy is a living legend!

Harold S

Tuesday 17th of January 2023

I have watch multiple interviews and this guy’s mindset is just different. One thing I have learned is that he stresses the important of focus and being present in the moment.