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What is Lud Foe’s net worth?


Lud Foe is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Most of his music is published via collaborations with World Star Hip Hop, and he earns through his streaming success on Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms.

His releases consistently rack up several million hits online, with some of his music videos on YouTube exceeding 30m+ views.

Outside of music, he has been involved in various controversies and nearly died in a car crash in 2017.

The Origin Story

Born in 1996 as Will James Atkins, Lud Foe is from the west side of Chicago and grew up on the streets, which is what inspires much of his music and performances.

He first became known in 2015 and enjoyed success in the years that followed. 

But in 2017, he was involved in an on-road altercation with a truck driver who cut him up on his way home from a night out with his family.

As he was under the influence, he lost control of his vehicle, which flipped nine times and caused him serious injury, including huge swelling to the head. 

In an interview about the crash, Lud Foe commented: “I know the only reason I survived – I know for a fact it was God – but I was off ecstasy, too – it kept my heart pumping. I know ecstasy ain’t got s*** on God, but that played a good part, too.”

2017 wasn’t a good year for Lud Foe, as he was arrested earlier in the year for domestic battery after he allegedly became violent with his pregnant girlfriend and her mother.

Lud Foe Net Worth

Although he was initially remanded in custody, he didn’t serve a prison sentence as a result. 

He lives in Plainfield, Illinois, and has one child, who was born in 2018.

It’s not clear if Lud Foe is still in a relationship with the mother of the child, as he doesn’t post any updates about his private life on social media. 

But in a 2018 interview, Lud Foe gave a relatively bizarre take on his relationships, stating: “I ain’t really been in a relationship with a woman, you know what I’m sayin’? I never really was that type of dude. I’ve only really been in one or two relationships in my whole life.”

What the future holds for Lud Foe and his relationships remains to be seen!

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Lud Foe – Net Worth

He emerged as a talented Chicago rapper in 2015.

Lud collaborates with World Star Hip Hop, and his music videos are released through the platform’s popular YouTube channel. 

He is also the main rapper in the group YSN and has a face tattoo of the group to mark this. He regularly appears in videos with fellow rappers RondoNumbaNine, Lil Bibby, and Toni Romiti. 

Although he doesn’t maintain a personal YouTube channel, his videos receive significant views and comments on the platform.

For instance, his 2017 release In & Out has racked up more than 23 million views on YouTube. 

Other popular Lud Foe tracks include My Ambitions as a Rider, which secured more than 33 million views, as well as Recuperate and Cuttin Up, which have both received tens of millions of views on the platform.

Because he doesn’t own the channel on which his music is shared, it’s unclear precisely how much Lud Foe makes per video.

Lud Foe Net Worth

But when you consider the huge number of viewers he draws in for the channel, it’s obvious that he does well for himself as a result of his music videos. 

Lud Foe receives most of his income as a result of his music videos and collaborations with World Star Hip Hop, but he is also active on streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal, where his hits have also received substantial streams and downloads.

Like most other musicians, Lud Foe is paid per stream for his music, which is up to approximately $500 per 100k streams on Spotify, to provide you with an example.

When you consider that five of Lud Foe’s top listened tracks on Spotify have in excess of 71 million streams, that’s in excess of $350,000 from Spotify alone. 

Given the fact that Lud Foe is popular on various platforms, it’s fair to say that his earnings from music streaming royalties are substantial.

He posts similar numbers on Apple Music as he does on Spotify, and he’s developed a reputation for being one of the most popular and widely listened to street rappers coming out of Chicago in the mid-2010s.

Another way that Lud Foe earns money is through bookings and features.

He regularly makes appearances at various music venues in the Mid-West, and his shows and live collaborations are hugely popular with his fans. 

Therefore, Lud Foe has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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