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Funky Dineva Net Worth $1 Million

What Is Funky Dineva’s Net Worth?

Funky Dineva is known in Urban pop culture circles as a critic, entertainer, and vlogger who has a net worth of $1 million. Funky Dineva selected his stage name over a decade ago, after turning his back on a career as a corporate accountant to embrace the glitter and glamor of the entertainment industry.

Since then, he’s landed several roles on television—most notably with multiple appearances across VH1’s hit Love & Hip Hop franchise.

He’s built a following of millions across social media.

He’s won famous friends—and more than a few famous enemies—through his time in the media spotlight.

Funky Dineva was born Quentin Latham on August 20, 1983.

The Miami, Florida, native was raised in South Florida, where he enrolled at Florida State University.

While Latham was a student at FSU, a Tallahassee public research university, he pledged Alpha Phi Alpha.

The Alpha fraternity has historically earned a reputation for its involvement in civil rights, with its alumni including Martin Luther King, Jr., Thurgood Marshall, William Gray, and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

Quentin Latham earned his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting at FSU before graduating in 2005 and heading to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue further education.

Funky Dineva Net Worth


When Quentin moved to Atlanta, he enrolled at Georgia State University and doubled down on his studies—he graduated with a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) two years later.

While Georgia State’s prestigious MPA program is ranked 16th in public management and leadership in the US, Latham still found himself drawn to the world of entertainment, reality television, and celebrity gossip.

Post-graduation, he scored a job at Manheim—one of the world’s biggest wholesale auto retailers.

He worked as a corporate accountant for several years, all the while unintentionally honing his skills in an entirely different sector.

A Star is Born

who is funky dineva

Quentin Latham attends Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show at Georgia World Congress Center on August 21, 2016 in Atlanta – @Getty

Quentin Latham may have been building quite a name for himself in the corporate world as a progressive, motivated accountant, but his heart lay elsewhere.

Latham had always enjoyed a little glitz and glamor, and was known for his comic talents and sense of humor.

He also liked to get a little wild.

In 2010, he showed the world just how wild he was when he donned a wig and makeup and introduced the world to his alter ego: Funky Dineva.

In all fairness, Latham says it was an accident.

Describing himself as a “boring corporate accountant,” Latham filmed one of many hilarious videos for his friends and family.

One of them was too long to send, so he uploaded it to YouTube and sent them all the link.

Before long, the video had a thousand views…and then ten thousand…and eventually, the view count would climb into the hundreds of thousands.

The Rise of Funky Dineva

Quentin Latham—who these days goes by the name Q Latham when he’s not in character—eventually quit his corporate gig and focused on Funky Dineva full-time.

Aside from his jokes, and a segment called My Hair is Layed Like…, he also delivers pop culture commentary and urban current affairs hot takes.

Funky Dineva isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers, either—and has been known to cop heat from fans, followers, and even minor celebrities for his commentary.

“I never apologize for the joke. [My audience] can find something they do enjoy in my videos, and that’s why people come back.”

Dineva had the business sense to parlay his brand from the YouTube platform all the way to VH1, by expanding on his content and understanding how things need to be done for television.

The outgoing, often brash, entertainer says that being on television was always a dream.

As a long time fan of reality television, building a big enough brand to appear on one of his favorite shows was another dream come true.

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Love & Hip Hop

Fans and followers first caught Funky Dineva on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta as a guest in the audience of the first season reunion.

With his star on the rise, it wasn’t long before he appeared as a commentator in Love & Hip Hop: Dirty Little Secrets.

Latham followed that up with a stint as a commentator on Love & Hip Hop: 40 Greatest Love & Hip Hop Moments, and promo interviews before the premier of the Atlanta show’s second season.

Following his promo interviews with DJs Babey Drew and Traci Steele—the highly flammable and outspoken star who was famously fired after just one season on the show—Funky Dineva appeared on the franchise’s After Party Live! series.

Following three episodes, and an altercation with show star Joseline—who called Funky Dineva a “cucaracha”—Funky was axed.

After a total of seven appearances with the Love & Hip Hop brand—3 with the Atlanta chapter, 1 in New York, and the final 3 episodes of After Party Live!—Dineva returned to his own YouTube channel to review future episodes.

Net Worth – Quentin Latham

So, how much is Funky Dineva worth?

Latham earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube, participating in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and selling merch on his website.

On YouTube, Quentin has over 130 million views–about $390k in revenue.

Therefore, Quentin Latham aka Funky Dineva has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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