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The Holderness Family Net Worth $3 Million

What is the net worth of The Holderness Family?

The Holderness family has a combined net worth of $3 million. It consists of four members — Dad Penn, mom Kim, daughter Lola, and son Penn Charles.

The family lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, and is famous for creating content online.

In particular, the family’s YouTube channel has amassed over 774,000 subscribers that watch their parody music videos.

They also have multiple other streams of income, including other social media channels, a podcast, consulting, and even authoring books.

How did Penn and Kim Holderness meet?

Penn and Kim met in Orlando, Florida, in the early 2000s.

They had similar interests, with Penn pursuing a career as a sports anchor and Kim as a news reporter.

They were both working for local TV stations in Orlando and began hanging out casually after work.

Eventually, they fell in love!

After marriage, the couple moved to New York City.

What is the net worth of The Holderness Family


Kim worked for Inside Edition while Penn worked for ESPN.

Most people would agree that they were both successful in their chosen career paths, but New York was ultimately not a good fit for the family.

The city was too expensive, and they were worried about raising children there, especially with the competition for spots in good schools.

They moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, to be closer to Penn’s family and have remained there since.

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How did they start on YouTube?

the holderness family net worth

Penn Holderness and Kim Holderness Winner of season 33 ‘The Amazing Race’ with son Charles Holderness and daughter Lola Holderness attend The Amazing Race season 33 finale watch party – @Getty

In 2013, Penn was trying to get out of the local news business.

The family saw the success YouTube could bring, and Kim had a small business of her own making videos and running digital campaigns for real estate agents to help sell homes.

Penn left his job and joined her at this digital marketing and video production venture.

After they published “XMAS Jammies,” a parody of Will Smith’s song “Miami,” the family went viral and was eventually able to focus on their own channel full time.

The video got 15 million views in one week!

Since then, the family has accumulated over 193 million views on their main channel alone.

They also have a vlog channel.

They are careful to protect their children amid all this fame.

The Holderness Family Net Worth


They minimize the amount of actual work the children have to do and try to make sure it stays fun.

The children are mainly involved in short appearances in the video rather than writing or filming.

The content has grown up alongside the children to remain age-appropriate as well.

Their videos are inspired by their lives and the interests their children have, which change regularly.

They also draw inspiration from trending issues other parents are facing, such as popular video games or the slime trend.

They have expanded their business into many facets, including books, podcasts, and even parenting and relationship advice.


Kim and Penn encourage Penn Charles and Lola to follow their own interests.

Lola plays tennis and has started her own individual TikTok account.

Her Instagram is currently private.

The rest of the family participates in a family TikTok.

Penn Charles is younger and does not have his own social media just yet, but he participates in CrossFit workouts with his father, Penn.

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Holderness Family Net Worth


Net Worth 2024

So, how much is The Holderness Family worth? Holderness Family has multiple streams of income and has diversified their many streams of revenue over the years. They operate under a company called Holderness Family Productions, where Kim is the Chief Executive Officer, and Penn is the Chief Creative Officer. Therefore, The Holderness Family has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

They still continue their work with brands to help with marketing campaigns through consulting in addition to maintaining their own content creation.

The family has two channels on YouTube, their main channel and their vlog channel.

They earn ad revenue for views in addition to any sponsored content. From ads, they earned about $1 million before taxes.

They also have an Instagram account, where they do occasional sponsored posts.

They also post on TikTok, which pays creators for ad revenue.

Early in 2021, Penn and Kim published a book called Everybody Fights: So Why Not Get Better At It about improving communication in your relationship.

The couple has been open about participating in couples counseling and has more recently started sharing their advice on improving marriages.

The family also hosts the Holderness Family Podcast.

The podcast demonstrates more of the family’s true dynamic when they’re not entertaining their audience.

They also feature experts to discuss specific topics, such as relationships and parenting. This podcast earns revenue from ads.

They have appeared on television multiple times, which helps grow their audience and increase revenue.

They’ve been on The Today Show, Fox and Friends, Good Morning America, CNN, HLN, CBS This Morning, and Right This Minute. They’ve also had specials, including The Holderness Family on UPTV, The 12 Foods of Christmas on The Food Network, and The Greatest Holiday Video Countdown on the CW.

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