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Is Ainsley Earhardt related to Dale Earnhardt?

Are Ainsley Earhardt and Dale Earnhardt related?


Ainsley Earhardt rose to fame as the co-host of the top-rated FOX News’ hit FOX & Friends.

The tenacious blonde is one of the headliners of a show that attracts millions of viewers every week, to talk about what’s going on in news, politics, entertainment, and sports.

This South Carolina girl has interviewed a Supreme Court Justice, a President, a First Lady, and a Vice President.

She’s covered some of the highest profile news stories of the past two decades—like Ariel Castro’s Cleveland, Ohio, arrest and Moore, Oklahoma’s tragic 2013 tornado.

Fans tune in to watch the charismatic Earhardt, who has risen to the top of her game thanks to focus, tenacity, faith, and support from her loved ones.

While she answers questions and discusses topics that impact the US and the world, she’s stayed pretty tight-lipped about her own personal life.

In this article, we’re unpacking all the fast facts fans want to know.

Is Ainsley Earhardt related to Dale Earnhardt?

Is she married?

Is she religious?

Let’s find out.

#1. Family.

Are Ainsley Earhardt and Dale Earnhardt related


Earhardt was born on September 20, 1976, in a place called Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Spartanburg isn’t the only battle reference in her past, though.

Ainsley’s grandfather fought in World War II, and her father is a retired Army Reserves veteran. As Ainsley explains it:

“We are a patriotic family and we love America.”

She is vocal about the cost of freedom and the respect and honor that should be afforded to all military veterans.

She calls them the “true heroes” of the US.

#2. She is a devout and loyal Christian.

ainsley earhardt related to dale earnhardt


Earhardt has been open about sharing her Christian faith with anyone who asks.

She credits God with making it possible for her to achieve everything in her life so far, and has said in the past that if she tried to hide her love of Jesus, she would probably “lose it all.”

Earhardt shared that God blessed her because she wouldn’t be afraid of what the world thought of her faith.

It was important, she realized, that she speaks openly and share the word of God with anyone who wanted to listen.

This is a part of herself that Ainsley works hard to instill in her daughter.

#3. She is a mom of one.

ainsley earhardt related to dale earnhardt


In Earhardt’s Twitter bio, the first point she wants to make is that she is “Hayden’s Mama.”

Ainsley shares her daughter Hayden with her ex-husband William Proctor.

The proud mama of one says that her daughter has “the best personality” and that the highlight of her day is getting home and hearing her daughter call out to her and come running for a hug.

Earhardt says that other than becoming Christian—which she did by being baptized early on—becoming a mother was the best thing to happen to her.

In fact, Ainsley shared that her daughter was born on a Friday, and that weekend was “the best weekend of my life.”

Becoming a mom inspired Earhardt in other ways, too. She wrote three books—Take Heart my Child, followed by Through Your Eyes, and The Light Within Me.

#4. She has been married twice.

is ainsley earhardt related to dale earnhardt jr


Ainsley’s first marriage—to Kevin McKinney—ended in divorce in 2009, after 4 years.

A couple of years later, she met former university footballer Will Proctor.

The pair began dating, and married in October of 2012.

While their marriage ended in 2019 amidst allegations that Proctor had cheated on the blonde television darling, the pair were fortunate to have welcomed a baby girl together before their separation.

In August of 2019, Ainsley attended a wedding with celebrity Fox News host, Sean Hannity.

It was also revealed that the remote studio she used to co-host Fox & Friends was at Hannity’s home.

Dale Earnhardt


#5. Ainsley Earhardt is not related to Dale Earnhardt.

Short answerAinsley Earhardt, a Fox News anchor and commentator, is not related to iconic NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt. Despite their similarly spelled surnames, they are two separate people with no family ties.

One of the most popular questions when it comes to her personal life is: is Ainsley Earhardt related to Dale Earnhardt?

We get the confusion, the surnames are almost identical. But Ainsley is not related to the iconic NASCAR driver.

Bizarrely, Ainsley Earhardt is related to Dale Earhardt (notice the missing N).

Dale is Earhardt’s mother, who suffered a stroke at home.

While Ainsley’s mom was in hospital, she divided her time between New York and Charlotte, North Carolina, to visit every weekend.

Dale Earhardt has recovered from her traumatic ordeal.

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#6. She is a family girl.

who is ainsley earnhardt


Earhardt sings the praises of her family at every opportunity.

She credits her grandmother, “Mimi,” with her love of Christmas, explaining in a 2021 interview that Mimi would go all out to create amazing memories with them each year.

“You can’t put a price tag on my cherished holiday memories.”

She is also close to her parents, dad Wayne Earhardt and mom Dale.

Wayne is a former basketball coach at Wofford College, and Dale is a teacher.

#7. Trump is a fan of Ainsley.

ainsley earhardt related to dale

Ainsley Earhardt appears on stage as Flo Rida performs at Fox & Friends Summer Concert Series – @Getty

Fox & Friends, the show that has made Ainsley a household name, has been one of television’s most watched morning shows for years.

In fact, more than 1.5 million viewers were tuning in to watch it each day in 2017.

When Ainsley found out that one of the show’s fans was one-time president Donald Trump, she was thrilled.

The show’s co-host called it a “privilege” and a “great honor.”


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