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Is Tyler, the Creator Morgan Freeman’s son?

Is Tyler, the Creator really Morgan Freeman’s son?


The latest celebrity rumor to hit the headlines suggests that Tyler, who is referred to as “Morgan Freeman’s son,” actually might be related.

The theory began trending back in 2015 when he revealed his identity during an interview with Nardwuar and then again two years later on Reddit while others continued asking questions about their possible connection through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Without any response from either party involved yet confirming anything one way or another other than just debunking claims!

The rapper has yet to comment on the rumors swirling for years.

But is there any truth to them?

Let’s take a closer look.


Tyler, The Creator is one of if not the most intriguing musicians in modern history.

His lyrics are often controversial, and he’s never afraid to speak his mind or share it with everyone else either!

Outside of music, fans have been able to get an understanding of what makes him tick by reading up about how his parents split and what happened when they were still married.

Also, what led Tyler and his mother to move out west towards California, where Tyler grew up, eventually becoming famous for creating psychedelic rap tunes like “Yonkers,” among other hits?

But they’re more than just those details waiting inside this man’s life that have always remained somewhat private.

What do we know about Tyler’s past?

who is morgan freemans son


Tyler was born in Ladera Heights, California, on March 6, 1991.

Tyler was raised without his dad, but he has referred to his father on multiple occasions throughout his career.

In the song “Bastard,” Tyler raps about never having met his father and feeling like a mistake.

In the song “Answer,” Tyler rap about how he would like to meet his father one day.

And on a variety of other songs throughout his career, Tyler references his father indirectly.

In a 2014 interview, Larry King asked Tyler if he had ever met his dad. Tyler responded: “I think I did at 12 supposedly, but I don’t really know. That’s what my mom said.”

Tyler’s mother, Bonita Smith, has been by his side through it all.

Bonita raised Tyler. In addition, she helped Tyler get his start in the industry.

She would drive him to rehearsals and gigs, and she even helped him record his first demo tape.

Bonita has always been Tyler’s biggest fan, and she continues to support his career to this day. 

She is one of the most important people in his life. In 2020, Tyler tweeted: “I had no father or uncles or brothers, so LOVE to all the women who raised me.”

Is there a link to Morgan Freeman?

Morgan Freeman

@Getty Images

Morgan Freeman is an Academy Award-winning actor who has been in many popular films, such as “Million Dollar Baby,” “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” “Driving Miss Daisy,” “Unforgiven,” and “The Shawshank Redemption.” 

He was born on June 1, 1937, making him about 54 years older than Tyler.

He is also the father of four children Saifoulaye, Morgana, Deena, and Alfonso.

His oldest child is a son named Deacon, who is followed by Morgana, Yadira, and Alfonso.

Is Tyler, the Creator Morgan Freeman's son


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So, Is Tyler, the Creator Morgan Freeman’s son?

What is not as well known is that Morgan is actually of African-American descent — he has roots with the Songhai and Tuareg people.

His ancestors were slaves in the Deep South (his paternal grandmother in Charleston, Mississippi), and he has spoken publicly about the importance of preserving black history and culture.

In 2009, he was awarded the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement by the NAACP.

There is speculation that Tyler and Morgan may be related due to the fact that Tyler, the Creator’s real name is Tyler Gregory Okonma.

Okonma is a Nigerian name (meaning “good man”), and many believe that his mother may have been from Nigeria. 

There is no denying that the two men share a striking resemblance.

Tyler even talked about it during his interview with Nardwuar, saying, “We look alike, right?”

While the rumors about their possible family relationship have been circulating for years, there is no concrete evidence to support them.

Tyler has never publicly acknowledged any connection to Freeman, and Freeman has also remained tight-lipped on the matter.

He might bear a striking resemblance to Morgan Freeman. But the two men do not share the same last name.

That hasn’t stopped people from wondering if they might be related.

Key Facts

morgan freeman son


Of course, this is all speculation at the moment, and nothing has been confirmed, but it would certainly be an interesting story if it turned out to be true.

What do you think?

Could Tyler actually be Morgan Freeman’s son?

Only time will tell.

You can also check this video, in which Eric Andre introduced Tyler to his “father.”


morgan freeman's son tyler the creator


Did Tyler the Creator Meet Tupac?

Tyler has confirmed that he did not meet Tupac before his death in 1996.

Net Worth

is tyler the creator related to morgan freeman

Tyler the Creator attends the 2021 LACMA Art + Film Gala – @Getty

Tyler, the Creator has a net worth of $25 million.


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