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Jen Selter Net Worth | Boyfriend

What is Jen Selter’s net worth? Who is Jen Selter’s boyfriend?


Jen Selter has created a business around being your best you—and it has earned her more than 13.5 million followers on Instagram alone.

She’s also got a growing following across all the major social media platforms—and some of the sweetest collaboration details in the Instagram fitness industry.

Jen Selter might be young, but she’s been hailed as “the next Jillian Michaels” by her management team.

She is most well-known for posting thousands of pics of herself posing in a bikini and activewear, but she also likes to shine a light on her lifestyle, clothing design for her own brand—Gym Looks, health, and fitness.

Selter says she wants to change the way women judge each other and to inspire girls to focus on the positives and build each other up.

Here’s what we know about the young New Yorker with a passion for health and fitness.

The Origin Story

Jennifer Leigh Selter was born on August 8, 1993, in Long Island, New York.

Selter is Jewish.

She was raised by a single mom, Jill Waldman Selter, and their family was rounded out by elder sister Stephanie.

Both Stephanie and Jill are active on Instagram, where they lay claim to the Insta-famous baby of the family.

Jen and Steph both went to Roslyn High School in Long Island, a school famous for producing A-list alumni like Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton and gaming giant Blizzard’s CEO, Bobby Kotick.

In 2018, Selter was escorted off an American Airlines flight bound for NYC by five police officers.

In footage she posted to her Instagram account, a flight attendant claims they asked Selter to sit down, and she wouldn’t.

They then asked if she wanted to get off the flight, to which she replied “yes.”

Bullying & Self-Esteem

Jen Selter age


Childhood and the teen years were rough on Selter.

She was often bullied for her awkward appearance and big nose, and many of her classmates mocked her for not being conventionally attractive.

Jen, who already struggled with issues that stemmed from her dad not being around and from having a beautiful and popular sister, suffered from low self-esteem throughout school.

In order to fit in, Jen took to wearing padded bras and crop tops to accentuate her figure, and to divert attention from her face.

Eventually, at just 15 years old, she’d convince her mom to let her get a nose job.

The results were staggering and boosted Jen’s self-esteem dramatically.

Plastic surgery also inspired her to want to look even better—she started focusing on healthy eating and healthy living and getting more physically active.

Once Jen had graduated from the Roslyn Heights high school she took a cosmetology course and working part-time for a plastic surgeon.

After that, she started working at a local gym.

Along with the job, she scored free gym membership, and she started working on sculpting the body she’d always wanted.

With hard work and dedication, she started seeing results.

She wanted the rest of the world to see her results, too, so she took to Instagram to post booty pics.

Later, she’d become known as one of the first Instagram fitness models to start taking “belfies”—butt selfies.

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Love in the Big City

what is the net worth of Jen Selter


In 2017, Selter was linked to Instagram hottie and Big Time Rush crooner James Maslow.

The pair posted a photo to their respective Instagram accounts from Tulum, Mexico, where the famous singer was performing at a Maxim party.

Whether the pair were actually dating is unsure, but James moved on to model Caitlin Spears not long after.

Jen, likewise, was linked to NBA player Kristaps Porzingis in 2017, and had flirtations with Evander Kane—who went on to marry (and divorce) Anna Kane.

In 2021, Selter appears to be happily playing the field and focusing on growing her fitness empire.

The Next Jillian Michaels

Jen Selter Net Worth


Sources—like Jen Selter’s agent—claim that the young fitness influencer will be the next Jillian Michaels.

Michaels, who rose to mainstream fame as a personal trainer, coach, and judge on The Biggest Loser, is one of the biggest names in the fitness industry.

She’s got television details, charges for appearances, and has released a number of bestselling fitness and health books.

While many fans beg to differ, due to Selter lacking formal fitness training and the level of exposure Michaels has, it’s clear to see that Selter has over a decade and a half to expand her skills as a fitness expert.

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Jen Selter – Net Worth

Selter earned most of her wealth from sponsorships.

So far, she’s collaborated with giant international brands like Samsung, Guess, Beats by Dre, Spotify, FitPlan, and AT&T.

She also launched her own apparel collection—GymLooks—in 2017.

The activewear line is touted as being fashion-forward and affordable.

She’s also set her intention to grow the GymLooks brand into the skincare, haircare, beauty, and accessories space.

On TikTok, Selter has over 2.2 million followers.

Therefore, American fitness model Jen Selter has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Want to get to know Jen Selter better? You can check out what a belfie is here.

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