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Jesse Sebastiani Net Worth $2 Million

What is Jesse Sebastiani’s net worth?

Jesse Sebastiani is a world-renowned prankster who has a net worth of $2 million. He has been in the spotlight for many years and is showing no signs of backing down.

Judging from his days as an MTV star and the time he has spent as a member of the NELK YouTube channel, it is easy to see that this prankster is loved by many people in various parts of the world.

Keep reading to find out all there is to know about Jesse Sebastiani, his journey to fame, as well as his career, family, relationship status, and net worth.

Jesse was born on June 27, 1993 (in Orangeville, Canada) to his mother, Robin Lee, and his father, Pat Sebastiani.

While there is no information on Jesse’s level of education, he has revealed in interviews that he was raised alongside his two siblings, his sister Sara Pearl and his brother Jacob Sebastiani.



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Before he delved into international stardom after joining NELK, Jesse had already achieved celebrity status thanks to his self-published documentary, “Saved by the Status.”

And his role in a few MTV shows namely Careless Teens and Losing It.

“Saved by the Status” gave viewers an insight into a 100-day trip that he embarked on in order to meet and hang out with several of his Facebook friends.

The documentary (which was shot using a Canon rebel T3i) saw the youngster visit over 50 cities in Canada. And it contained clips of Jesse being dolled up by his new female friends and participating in crazy car stunts with his newfound male friends.

When asked about the cost of his Canada tour, Jesse revealed that contrary to popular opinion, he only spent a few hundred dollars.

He said, “Everything was given to me by my friends across Canada-” Needless to say, the documentary, along with the MTV shows he appeared in, made Jesse the popular figure that he is today.



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Jesse was launched into international stardom when he joined the team behind the Nelk YouTube channel.

The channel, named NelkFilmz (from the onset), was created in 2010 by the group’s pioneer members Kyle Forgeard, Niko and Marko Martinovic, and Lucas Gasparin.

After setting up the channel, the group worked together to provide their audience with quality entertainment while nurturing their dreams of bringing new members on board.

Four years down the line, Kyle and Jesse Sebastiani met at an MTV Canada conference.

And the pair hit it off almost immediately.

They got along so well that barely a few months later, Sebastiani became the latest addition to the group.

Jesse Sebastiani officially became a member of the NELK team in October 2014 and continues to be a well-respected group member to this day despite his decision to pull his weight behind the scene.

Before Jesse joined the team, the signature content of the NELK Channel could easily be divided into vlogs centered around North American college culture, prank videos, videos of them partying, and the occasional brand promotion.

Even after Sebastiani joined the team, the niche of the content didn’t change.


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One of the group’s most popular rib-cracking videos is the coke prank: In this prank video titled “Coke Prank On Cops,” the team members informed the Los Angeles Police that they had “coke” in the back of their car.

The unsuspecting authorities assumed that the young adults were referring to the stimulant drug and acted accordingly only to discover that the group had been talking about plain old Coca-Cola all along.

After joining the group, Jesse wasted no time adjusting to the lifestyle that was expected of him.

He became the life of the party and a dedicated prankster, even going as far as pulling the prank that got the police involved.

Jesse also moved with the team to Los Angeles even though he didn’t particularly fancy the city.

All was well for about six years, but everything changed when Jesse shared a tweet on his Twitter account expressing his hatred for the lifestyle he and his group members were living.

The tweet read, “I hate fame… I’ve lost almost everything I used to love about life.”

After putting out that tweet, Jesse began to appear less frequently in NELK videos.


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At first, some fans were upset, thinking that the recent additions to the team were primarily to replace Jesse.

But the social media personality cleared things up in no time.

He revealed that he now prefers spending most of his time working behind the scenes, and he is reorganizing his life, priorities, and personal relationships.

However, this might change soon because, in an interview with Bootleg Kev in March 2021, Jesse mentioned that he would “eventually” return to Nelk videos.

Arrested While Filming New Video

In 2019, Jesse Sebastiani was arrested after a prank went wrong.

The Shelburne native and YouTube star was found guilty of disorderly conduct in a U.S. court. 

Jesse’s prank involved being covered in fake blood and asking for help to cover a murder.

The incident served as a wake-up call for Jesse, and he has since refrained from such pranks.

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Jesse Sebastiani is known for being the life of the party.

So it’s little wonder that his social media accounts are replete with pictures of him.

And a variety of pretty ladies, making it almost impossible to pinpoint which one of them he is actually dating- if any.

However, a few years ago, in 2015, Jesse was romantically linked to a lady whose Instagram handle was @livpereiraa.

Sadly, the pair broke up roughly two years after getting together.

Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Jesse Sebastiani worth?

Sebastiani has amassed his wealth thanks to his earnings as a social media personality and his position on the NELK team.

In addition to these, Jesse has also made a significant amount of money from different promotional events and his associations with different platforms.

Therefore, Instagram star Jesse Sebastiani has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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