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Joe Blow is an up and coming American rapper out of Oakland, CA, USA.


He was born on June 1, 1977. Joe was raised in Oakland, Ca.

Blow’s first work was a featured mixtape of The Jacka, titled – “The Shooterz.”

The Jacka was an American rapper from Pittsburg, California, who began his career as part of the rap group Mob Figaz. In 2009, The Jacka scored his biggest hit, Tear Gas, that reached Number 12 on Billboard‘s R&B Albums chart and produced the regional anthem, “Glamorous Lifestyle.”

In February 2015, The Jacka was shot and killed by an unidentified gunman in Oakland, California.

When asked about how was working with The Jacka, Joe replied:

”He has been my boy for a while. We just never talked about music so he never knew I rapped.”

Joe added later:

”It’s a blessing to work with him because his work ethic is incredible; and he is just a real nigga.”

By the late 90s, Blow had featured on various underground mixtapes. Furthermore, he was introduced to Metabeats, Cervantis, Cesto, and Skamma.

Interestingly. he didn’t start rapping for money. He explained:

”Yeah, it was more like a hobby to me. I had been rapping making songs, just doing it cause I like doing it. I love music, hearing it.”

Blow continued:

”Honestly, the music I was hearing was watered down, so I stopped listening to a lot of music. I could only listen to a few people. So I really just started making music myself, and I was like man I might as well get into this. I could do it, let me go ahead and do it.”

In 2010, Blow lent his talents to the now infamous DJ Stagga track ‘Genik Riddim’ on DJ Starkey’s Slit Jockey Records.

In 2011, he released his first album titled “You Should Be Paying Me.”


Some of his popular songs are:

  • Touch of Soul (2013);
  • Trap Luv (2015);
  • One Mob (2015).


He had several concerts in the United Kingdom. Joe said:

“They show a lot of love out there, they love our culture in general. Not just the music but everything about it; from the weed we smoke, to how we dress, everything.”

He added later:

”They support it a lot and they follow, so it’s nothing but love every time I go.”

He was born in the Year of the Snake. Occupying the sixth position in the Chinese zodiac, the Snake symbolizes character traits such as gracefulness, intelligence, and materialism.

The Snakes, both females and males, are well-mannered, elegant, and impeccable personalities. They enjoy sitting back and thinking about everything which is going on around them, occasionally through meditation.

They have an inclination for literature, music, arts, books, dance, and theatre. They will always be planning and looking for ways to put their substantial skills to use.

He is part of the Xennials – people who were born sometime between 1977 and 1983. This micro-generation doesn’t quite fit either in Millennials or Generation X; instead, they possess a hybrid of characteristics from both generations.

Xennials used dial-up modems to do school research, got cell phones later in life, made mixtapes for crushes. They are considered not as optimistic and even entitled as Gen Y, born from the early 1980s to late 1990s, but less cynical and pessimistic than Gen X, variously defined as being born from the mid-1960s to early 1980s.

His zodiac sign is Gemini. As the zodiac’s 3rd sign, Gemini traits include quick-witted humor, duality, and synergistic communication. Born under the sign of the twins, Gemini men have a dual nature that easily fluctuates from charming, light and lively to dark, captivating, and mysterious.

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Their creativity is always running high and as soon as one project begins, another is already in planning. Geminis love to talk, and they are in their element both at parties and behind the podium. Moreover, the Gemini is curious and versatile, however, he needs to remember that it is vital to take on realistic projects.

Other famous musicians are Mozart La Para, Amil, and LA Capone.

Joe Blow – Net Worth

Blow earns most of his wealth by selling his albums (especially online), selling tickets to his concerts, sponsors, and advertisements on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has over 30 million views, which translates in around $60,000 in revenue. Therefore, Joe Blow has an estimated net worth of $0.4 million.

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