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John Stankey Net Worth | Wife

John Stankey Net Worth – $90 million

What is John Stankey’s net worth? Who is John Stankey’s wife?


John Stankey is an American businessman whose career was slowly built through hard work in different positions.

Currently, he is the CEO of AT&T Inc. and has been serving in this position since July of 2020.

This is not his first CEO position as he has been serving as CEO of different companies since 2001, yet his beginnings were much more humble.

The Origin Story

Stankey was born in 1962 and was the youngest of three.

His family was a traditional 1960s family, with the father working as an insurance underwriter and his mother being a housewife.

His family had no prior expertise in the field of business or finance, and so Stankey’s first real interaction with those fields came from his B.B.A. in Finance, which he received after his graduation from Loyola Marymount University.

That degree was to be the start of a very successful journey into the world of finance and business.

His first job came in 1985 when he took an entry-level position with the telephone company Pacific Bell.

This first experience in a telecommunication company proved to be decisive as he has stayed in telecommunications for over three decades.

While his entry-level position helped him gain insight into this world, he also pursued an M.B.A. from UCLA in 1991, and this degree was going to help him move up the career ladder as it would provide him with valuable information about running and operating a business.

In 1996 a big change came into his life as Pacific Bell was acquired by SBC Communications, subsequently, in 1998, he moved to SBC Communications to start a position as the Executive Vice President of Industry Markets.

His next promotion came not long after, as he became the Executive President of Industry Markets two years later.

These were his first two major positions, and they were fundamental stepping stones in his career.

SBC Southwest

what is the net worth of John Stankey


His first CEO position came only one year later when in 2001, he became the President and CEO of SBC Southwest.

This was a position that he would hold on to until the merging of SBC with AT&T Corporation.

During the period of the merger, he served as the Chief Information Officer or CIO, and upon the finalization of the merger in 2005, he took on the position of Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for AT&T.

Between 2008 and 2012, he spent 5 years holding various different senior executive positions at the company, and in January of 2012, he was made the Chief Strategy Officer and Group President of AT&T Inc.

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AT&T Entertainment Group

John Stankey bio


In 2015, he took up the position of CEO of the AT&T Entertainment Group, also known as AEG, which had recently acquired the DirecTV business.

His work during the SBC merger and his ability to handle acquisitions were determining factors in his next position.

Stankey was put in control of the company’s newest acquisition, Time Warner Company, in 2018, which was renamed WarnerMedia (WM) under his guidance.

In 2018, he also became the CEO of WarnerMedia, which included Warner Bros., HBO, CNN, and Cinemax.

A year later, while holding on to his position as CEO of Warner Media, he also became the COO of AT&T.

During that year, he earned $22.5 million from AT&T alone, and yet AT&T was not the only company with which he was associated.

From 2014 until 2020, he was also serving on the board of directors of UPS.

His time at WarnerMedia was limited, as in April 2020, AT&T announced that Stankey would be stepping down from the position of CEO.

A few months later, in July of that same year, Stankey assumed the role of CEO of AT&T Inc.

john stankey family

John Stankey and J.K Rowling attend HBO’s “Finding The Way Home” World Premiere – @Getty

Within that year, Stankey received $21 million as payment for his work as CEO of AT&T.

At the same time, AT&T lost $5.4 billion and laid off thousands of workers.

The massive layoffs that followed in 2021 and the sale of both DTV and WM at a substantial loss under Stankey’s supervision, in combination with the large payoffs received by executives within it, led to a nonbinding vote by the shareholders, which rejected the so far compensation plan used by the company.

Despite all of this, Stankey continues to serve as CEO of AT&T to this day.


While his career is well known, Stankey remains a very private individual, and explicit details about his life can often be hard to find. John Stankey is known to be married to Shari Stankey and to possibly have a few children with her, although this is not information that he himself has ever verified.

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John Stankey – Net Worth 2023

So, how much is John Stankey worth? Stankey earned most of his wealth from serving as the CEO of AT&T and SBC Southwest. John Stankey has an annual base salary of $2.4 million. Therefore, John Stankey has an estimated net worth of $90 million.

In 2022, John Stankey had an estimated net worth of $70 million.

In 2022, Stanked made $25 million – this includes stock awards for $13.4 million.

During his time with AT&T, Stankey appears to have purchased large amounts of stocks in the company (for instance, he bought $1 million of shares in 2021), diversifying in this way his income stream.

Stankey owns a real estate property in Palm Desert, California, where he lives.

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