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Does Juelz Santana Have A Twin Brother?

Who is Juelz Santana’s twin brother?


If you are in any way a fan of US hip hop, then you will no doubt have heard of The Diplomats.

This is a very popular East Coast hip-hop group, and they have been around for a long time.

Among their group is LaRon Louis James, otherwise known as Juelz Santana.

Born in February 1982, Santana has become one of the most recognized faces of The Diplomas.

Thanks to tunes like Hey Ma and Oh Boy, having appeared on the singles with Cam’ron, Santana is a very well-known name within the US hip-hop scene.

Like anyone with his kind of success and fame in his career, though, many rumors exist about the man – positive and negative.

Legal troubles have been a semi-common issue in his career, culminating in an arrest in December 2018 when he was sentenced to over two years in prison for carrying an unconcealed weapon at the airport.

He served 19 of the 27 months provided.

This brought the From Me to U star back into the limelight, in a way, and it brought about many questions about his life.

Who is Juelz Santana's twin brother


For example, is it true that he has a twin brother?

Does Juelz Santana have a twin brother?

Given the fact that Juelz Santana is a fairly private person – at least for someone so famous – there are rumors about his private life. Despite many aspects of his becoming almost public record, there are several parts of his life that are not known too clearly.

Part of this comes down to his family and his brothers.

What we do know about Juelz Santana is that he has a mixed heritage, with a father of African-Dominican descent and a mother of African-American descent.

In total, though, he has a pretty large family, with four siblings in total: DeMar, Malik, Mark, and Jermaine.

The latter, Jermaine, is his manager. Jermaine “Twin” James is also his twin brother.

Jermaine Twin James - twin brother of Juelz Santana

Jermaine “Twin” James – @Getty

One thing about Juelz Santana is that he has done a pretty good job of keeping the press out of his private life to an extreme level.

Many things are unknown about his personal life, besides the fact that he has been involved in a pretty dramatic relationship with Miami celebrity Kimbella Vanderhee.

He also has three children, of which very little is known.

Like most other aspects of his life away from his music, Juelz has done a pretty good job of making sure that the rest of the world does not need – or get – to learn about his family.

Why are there rumors that Santana has a twin brother?

Like most people who are a big part of celebrity culture, Juelz Santana has found his personal and private life speculated upon endlessly.

Among the oddest rumors is the fact that he has a secret twin brother.

Well, given that it is public knowledge that Jermaine is his twin brother and manager, it would be fair to say that the rumors were true for once.

Celebrities tend to find themselves surrounded by people looking for every bit of ‘exclusive’ information possible.

Considering that Santana has had his fair share of issues with legal troubles over the years, as noted above, it would be pretty reasonable to say that the rumors about him can get pretty wild.

However, the rumors that Juelz Santana has a twin brother are prevalent and have floated around for years.

It can now be proven undoubtedly: Jermaine Jones is his twin brother.

He plays a crucial role in making sure that Santana’s career stays on track, that the success keeps rolling in, and that his net worth can extend beyond the reported $9m that it currently sits at.

Who is Jermaine James?

So, Jermaine James is the twin brother of Juelz Santana – but there is far more to the man than simply being the twin of a successful celebrity.

Indeed, as the manager of Santana, he has played a more prominent role than most in helping elevate his brother to the very peak of his powers.

What about Juelz Santana’s other brothers?

There are, of course, three other brothers who are part of Juelz Santana’s life.

One brother, Malik, is an actor. He has been involved in several hits, including being part of Slice O’ Cake and Open an Appetite. He has been quite a common feature around the media scene, though it would be fair to say that his profile does not extend quite as far as his brother’s.

Another brother, Demar, is supposed to be a footballer. However, like most other members of the James family, there is not much information about him. He keeps his head down, and the fact he chooses to go by the family surname of James is further proof that, like other family members, he does not intend to trade on the success and fame of his brother.

The final brother, Juelz, was in the media spotlight a few years ago when he was arrested on charges involving drugs and weapons. News of this, though, soon faded fast.

In Conclusion

juelz santana twin brother name


So, as you can see, Juelz Santana has a pretty big family – including a twin brother.

Look at photos of the two, though, and it would be hard to say that they are identical twins.

In terms of being successful, though, Santana is the one who has managed to build a highly successful career in hip-hop and rap music for himself.

His other brothers, though, have enjoyed lives away from the spotlight.

While twin brother Jermaine does a lot of work managing his twins’ careers, he is not one to court the spotlight or to be seen in public too often.

As such, despite his importance to the success his brother has enjoyed, Juelz Santana’s twin brother tends to work in the background instead of the foreground.


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