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RJ is an American rapper who is best known for his collaborations with stars like YG and DJ Mustard. On December 15th, 2017, DJ Mustard and RJ released a collaboration named “The Ghetto.”


He was born on September 24, 1984, and raised in Los Angeles, California.

After having several run-ins with the law, his days of running the streets came to a pause when police kicked down the doors of where he and his friend sold narcotics placing his friend in custody.

After the incident, the rapper decided to uproot and move to Atlanta, where he started to produce rap music.

In September of 2013, RJ released his debut mixtape ”O.M.M.I.O.” The record was largely produced by DJ Mustard, an American record executive, record producer, DJ, and hype man from LA.

On June 3, 2013, DJ Mustard released his official debut mixtape, titled – ”Ketchup.” The mixtape contained guest appearances from artists, like – YG, Lil Snupe, Joe Moses, Ty$, Nipsey Hussle, Kid Ink, Ca$h Out, Casey Veggies, Dorrough, Clyde Carson, Lil Jon, and Dom Kennedy.

When asked about how he got linked up with Mustard, RJ responded:

”Lemmie [my manager] was how I got connected with YG and Mustard. It was when YG and Mustard were starting to rise. Lemmie knew I could rap, he knew I was hard. But I didn’t work as hard [as he wanted].”

RJ later added:

”There would be days when I wouldn’t rap, and he would hit me on the phone like, “Man, you ain’t in the studio?” So we would go to his homie’s house, all the way in Corona, an hour away, to record. He just stayed on my head. He wasn’t my manager, he was just the homie.”

The first song from this mixtape is called “Ride Wit Me.” 

In 2014, the rapper appeared on the songs: Thank God (Interlude) and When I Was Gone from YG’s debut album, My Krazy Life.

In July 2014, he released his 2nd mixtape, featuring local rappers like:

  • Vince Staples (an American rapper who is a member of the hip hop trio Cutthroat Boyz);
  • JaywhiteT;
  • Shoota300.

In 2015, RJ appeared on the song “My Flag/Da Homies” with Ty Dolla Sign, The Game, and Skeme. In the same year, he collaborated with Choice to release a mixtape, entitled – ”Rich Off Mackin.”

On May 12, 2016, the rapper released ”O.M.M.I.O 3” that has 19 tracks including a bonus track “Feda” which is only on SoundCloud.

In late 2016, he released TNB 2 (Takin Niggas Beats).

RJ also featured in DJ Mustard’s song “You Don’t Want It” that appeared on the soundtrack for the video game NBA 2K16.

On August 9, 2019, he released the album On God.


He was born in the Year of the Rat. People born under the sign of the Rat share the animal’s capacity to adapt and they easily adjust to new environments. Also, Rat people typically appear calm and at ease in the company of others. They’re talkative and make pleasant conversationalists.

Rats can never let a challenge pass, for these people enjoy the frisson which comes with living on the edge. As the Chinese say, even in times of scarcity, Rats always know where sacks of grain can be found.

His zodiac sign is Libra. The sign of Libra is symbolized by “balance” and they are frequently found balancing between two sides in difficult situations. Libra is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac; all the others represent either animals or humans.

Ruled by the love planet Venus, Libra is one of the most charming and social signs of the zodiac. They tend to be peaceful and idealistic people who are easy going and rarely feel that arguments or fighting are the best solutions to a problem.

He is part of a generation called “Xennials,” a micro-generation located between Generation X and Millennials. Most Xennials have clear memories of their first online game, email address, or cell phone, and made it through college without smartphones, tablets, or social media.

RJ – Net Worth

He earned most of his wealth by selling his albums as well as selling tickets to his concerts. Therefore, RJ has an estimated net worth of $1.65 million.

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