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Julia Hart Net Worth 2024

Julia Hart Net Worth – $7 million

What is Julia Hart’s net worth? Who is Julia Hart’s husband?


Julia Hart is an American actor, writer, and director.

She is best known for being the writer-director behind the movies Miss Stevens, Fast Color, Stargirl, I’m Your Woman, and Hollywood Stargirl.  

The Origin Story

Hart was born in Cambridge, Minnesota, on April 7th, 1982. Her parents both worked in Hollywood – her mother, Judith, was an actress, and her father, James, was a screenwriter who penned the script for the Steven Spielberg blockbuster Hook.

Hart developed strong tendencies towards philanthropy at an early age.

Julia Hart biography


In 1992, while in London for the premiere of Hook, Hart visited the famous Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Upon returning to the USA, Hart requested that her friends make donations to the hospital in lieu of gifts for her tenth birthday.

In 1998, still deeply moved by her experience at Great Ormond Street, Hart founded the Peter Pan Birthday Club – a charity designed to help terminally ill children.  

The charity is associated with the Peter Pan Children’s Fund.

Work as a High School Teacher

After graduation, Hart immediately became a high school teacher at the age of 25.

Hart later recalled that she felt out of her depth and that she had trouble with 17/18-year-old students viewing her as something of a role model, despite the fact that she still felt relatively inexperienced.

Hart credits her time as a teacher as an inspiration for her debut feature film, Miss Stevens – though she stresses that the titular protagonist was not based whole-cloth on her.

Hart quit teaching after eight years to pursue a career in screenwriting.

She recalls fielding phone calls from her agent in the school supply closet.

She finished out that school year and then quit to pursue her dreams full-time.

Work in Hollywood

Jordan Horowitz and Julia Hart


Hart recalled watching someone else make a movie out of her first script, The Keeping Room, and later recalled feeling “very ashamed” of herself for handing over the reins to someone else.

She then resolved that she would direct her next screenplay herself.

Hart stated in an interview that women are not socialized to seek out positions of power and that this was a trend that she sought to buck.

Hart’s directorial debut, Miss Stevens, originally had Elliot Page attached to direct.

However, Hart wanted to direct her own script, and assumed full control of the project.

The movie follows a twentysomething high school teacher who is acting as chaperone to high school students attending a state drama competition.

It was critically acclaimed and established Hart as a talented up-and-coming director.

Hart has since directed four more movies, all of which have been generally favorably received.


Julia Hart and husband Jordan Horowitz


Hart is married to American film producer Jordan Horowitz.

The two met in 2005 when Hart was still a teacher and Horowitz was an assistant producer.

She later recalled that the two tried to make a short movie that she described as a “total disaster.”

Horowitz and Hart frequently collaborate as co-writers on her movies.

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Julia and her husband have two children.

Julia Hart Net Worth


Julia Hart – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Julia Hart worth? Hart earned most of her wealth from working as the writer and director of Miss Stevens, Fast Color, Stargirl, I’m Your Woman, and Hollywood Stargirl. Therefore, Julia Hart has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

Note – Hart’s net worth is combined with her husband’s. Jordan Horowitz worked as a director and executive director of Are You Here, The Cleanse, Counterpart, and more.

“It was a movie that was really close to my heart,” Hart told Bionic Buzz in 2021 about her film I’m Your Woman. She added: “It’s an original script that my husband and I wrote together and made together.”

Julia also worked as a high school teacher for eight years.

Key facts – Julia Hart is an inspiring example of someone who followed their dreams. From humble beginnings, she has become one of the most successful women in entertainment today. With an estimated net worth of $7 million, Hart continues to be an inspiration for aspiring screenwriters everywhere.

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