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Karina Garcia Net Worth $5 Million

What Is Karina Garcia’s Net Worth?

Karina Garcia, also known as “the Slime Queen,” is an American social media personality and vlogger who has a net worth of $5 million. She’s one of the world’s most popular purveyors of slime tutorials.

She was born on February 8, 1994, in Los Angeles, USA.

Karina grew up in a family of eight. They lived in a two-bedroom mobile home.

Her twin sister Mayra Isabel is a beauty vlogger who has earned over 2.1 million subscribers on YouTube (mayratouchofglam).


Garcia made her YouTube account on October 19, 2012, where she posts DIYs, hauls, and makeup tutorials for her 9.27 million subscribers.

She made her first crafty DIY YouTube video in 2015.

She gained fame by publishing slime videos. ”I was so shocked when I started blowing up over slime. I was like, ‘Wait? What the heck?’.”

”Literally, years ago before I started YouTube, I was making like $60 a week [as a waitress],” she told Good Morning America.

New Six-Bedroom House

Karina Garcia Net Worth


In April 2017, Karina bought a six-bedroom home in Riverside, California, complete with a screening room, game room, and swimming pool.

”I’m so incredibly happy and grateful to be able to accomplish this goal,” Garcia said on Instagram. ”I’ve only been here a few weeks, and I have fallen so deeply in love with my home.”

”Bought [her] house with slime? Certainly, not many people are able to brag about something like that,” her mother said.

In May 2017, Karina published her first book – ”Karina Garcia’s DIY Slime.” In the book, Garcia provides tips on how to store your slime as well as directions on how to make Balloon Slime, Glow-in-the-Dark Slime, and Liquid Gold Slime.

Also in May 2017, she published Karina Garcia’s Next-Level DIY Slime.

The Craft City

In October 2017, Karina started The Craft City, a company in partnership with the Brandable company. Their products can be found at Ross Stores, Jo-Ann Stores, Michael’s, and Target.

In the same month, Garcia released another book entitled – ”Karina Garcia’s Must-Try DIYs: 20 Crafts & Life Hacks.” In the book, Karina details step-by-step instructions for her favorite crafts.


In 2017, Garcia, alongside Meghan Tonjes, Brian Barczyk, Rosie Grace McClelland, Amber’s Closet, Aija Mayrock, Elle Mills, and The Dobre Brothers, signed with Fullscreen, an entertainment company that is owned by Otter Media, the joint venture of Chernin Group and AT&T.

Karina Garcia Net Worth

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Beau Bryant, GM of Fullscreen, declared: ”We are thrilled to welcome these ambitious new creators to the Fullscreen family, bringing with them talents ranging from beauty and lifestyle to anti-bullying and animal conservation.” 


In April 2019, Karina Garcia married SquishyBunnii (real name – Raul Aguilar), a DIY slime personality who has over 328k followers on Instagram.

The two got engaged on February 14, 2018.

”Marrying my best friend was the ultimate highlight in my life, and the only thing that will top that is our children one day,” Karina said for their first wedding anniversary.


Garcia and Aguilar are expecting their first child in the spring of 2021.

”We are thrilled and full of joy to announce that we are expecting. I’M PREGNANT!,” Garcia said on her Instagram in November 2020. She added: ”There are no words to describe the happiness we feel, and we are so excited to meet our Rainbow Baby.”

Update – on April 19, 2021, Garcia became a mother, after her daughter Mia was born.

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how much is karina garcia worth

Karina Garcia Aguilar and Mayra Isabel Garcia – @Getty

”Self-confidence is a superpower. At the end of the day, nobody has your back like you do.”

”I always wanted to be successful, but I’ve never dreamed of having this much success.”

”I’m thankful for all the lessons this year has taught me, the good and the bad.”

”I do feel like I was a pioneer in slime for sure.”

”Usually, with my crafting, I never really do measurements. I eyeball everything.”

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Net Worth

So, how much is Karina Garcia worth?

Garcia earned most of her wealth from advertisements on YouTube, selling her books, TikTok, sponsors, and her Craft City line.

Her three books are Karina Garcia’s Must-Try DIYs: 20 Crafts & Life Hacks, Karina Garcia’s DIY Slime, and Karina Garcia’s Next-Level DIY Slime.

On YouTube, Karina has over 1.7 billion views, meaning about $5.1 million in revenue before taxes.

From sponsors, Garcia marked over $200k per month. Some of her sponsors are Fashion Nova Curve, Cheetos, Coca-Cola, and Disney. ”There are times when it’s $200,000 in a really good month,” Karina confessed.

Therefore, ‘the queen of slime’ Karina Garcia has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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