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Ken McNickle girlfriend – Latest

Is Ken McNickle dating anyone now?


American model Ken McNickle is a tall, dark, and handsome internet personality who gained a following after appearing on the show Survivor.

His reserved demeanor, genuine spirit, and sheer toughness made him a popular character in his season.

The Origin Story

Ken McNikle, now a famous reality TV star, had humble beginnings.

On August 15, 1989, he was born in the small town of Wamego, Kansas.

“It’s about two hours from any town anyone’s heard of and out in the middle of the prairie,” McNikle told the Denver Post. He added: ”But it’s a beautiful place and definitely still has quite a large chunk of my heart.”

He grew up with two older brothers, one five years older and one nine years older than him.

Ken is 6 foot and 2 inches tall and weighs in at around 200 pounds, and he told Parade that he’s “the little guy in his family.” However, he also said, “I’m more aggressive and more street smart.”

ken from survivor girlfriend

Ken McNickle on SURVIVOR: Millennials vs. Gen. X – @Getty

While still living in Wamego, Ken’s modeling career began to take off!

Instead of moving to LA or New York, at 26 years old, he packed up and hit the road for Hawaii for a three-month business trip that turned into five years.

In his time on the island, Ken lived mostly “off the grid” and did a lot of volunteer work and coaching kids’ sports.


During his tropical stay, he was invited to appear on the hit TV show, Survivor, after appearing in an edition of Cosmo, but Ken said no.

What made Ken leave his perfectly unplugged life in Hawaii?

The story goes like this.

One morning, Ken got a phone call.

He was told that he, in fact, had a daughter.

She was almost five years old and living in Denver, Colorado.

When the girl’s mother asked Ken if he’d like to meet her, he responded by packing up and moving to a city he’d never known.

Ken McNickle net worth


He describes his first few months in Denver as “quite an adventure.”

As you can imagine, Ken was anxious about starting his journey as a dad after missing out on all the milestones in the first four and half years of his daughter’s life.

To his relief, the two hit it off immediately and are more alike than Ken could have ever expected. He says the people in his life would say the following after meeting his daughter; “This is you. I remember you when you were a kid, and this is a little girl version of you.”

“Everyone calls her my mini-me; our personalities, our looks, the way we smile, the way we laugh, our energy, everything,” Ken revealed in an interview with Parade about his daughter. ”She’s my daughter, my best friend, my soul mate, everything all rolled into one.”

is ken on survivor single

Ken McNickle on the second episode of SURVIVOR – @Getty

Ken really became a jack-of-trades after moving to Denver: he spent his time being a father and modeling and even got into some odd jobs like massage therapy, landscaping, and life coaching.

Not to mention, he started a nonprofit (The HumaneKind Project) centered on acknowledging and helping the homeless live more fulfilling lives.

When Ken was invited a second time to go on the show Survivor, he accepted!

He starred in a season where a group of Gen-Xers (Ken being the youngest) went head to head with a team of Millenials.

He lost Sole Survivor to Adam Klein but tied for Runner-Up with Hannah Shapiro.

ken survivor dating

Ken McNickle and Lily Lisa are seen on December 13, 2016 in Los Angeles – @Getty

Ken McNickle – Net Worth

He makes good money from modeling, reality TV, and other jobs. 

Therefore, Ken McNickles’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.

He also gives back to the community with his non-profit, The HumaneKind Project.

The HumaneKind Project “strives to support all who suffer because [they] believe that a community is only as strong as those most in need.”

They partner with big companies like Starbucks and Goodwill to be able to provide resources to the homeless and helpless.

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ken mcnickle dating

Ken McNickle and Jessica Lewis on the fifth episode of SURVIVOR – @Getty

Who is Ken McNickle dating?

So, who is Ken from Survivor dating? “I’ve been a flirt my entire life,” McNickle said about his dating life. ”But I’ve always been a gentleman, too.”

If you saw his season of Survivor, you know Ken McNickle has some serious game with the ladies.

A dreamy, model-status, rugged outdoorsman – he’s the whole package!

During his time in Hawaii, Cosmopolitan magazine voted him Hawaii’s most eligible bachelor.

Single ladies, get excited because, at the time of writing, Ken McNickle is still an eligible bachelor.

Sources say he does not currently have a girlfriend and is not dating anyone.

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