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Swoozie Net Worth | Wife?

Swoozie Net Worth – $3 million

What is Swoozie’s net worth? Is Swoozie married?


Swoozie is the username for a famous personality on YouTube, and his real name is Adande Thorne.

The Origin Story

He was born July 10, 1980, and is Trinidadian and American.

Although Swoozie is a gamer, actor, animator, director, producer, and scriptwriter, he is most known for his animated stories on YouTube.

Swoozie started on YouTube in 2006, posting a lot of videos about his travels and gaming. He later made videos giving advice to his viewers; now, he makes animated videos to tell his stories.

The stories that he shares are mainly about his life and the crazy stuff he has experienced on his travels.

Adande was born in Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago.

Thorne lived there while he was young with his parents and little sister until he and his family moved to Orlando, Florida.

The reason that they moved was that the area they lived in was hazardous, and their home had been broken into while they were asleep.

He had a hard time in school because it was not really his thing, and he spent most of his time playing video games.

His parents transferred him to a private school, but he was getting bullied, and the school was not really teaching him.

After he got transferred back to a public school, the bullying still happened, and his grades did not get better.

Swoozie age


In high school, he started working at Disney as a cast member for the Indiana Jones attraction.

At this job, he was not treated well by his superiors.

After he graduated high school, he started working at Hard Rock Hotel and applied to film schools but did not get in.

He eventually got picked up by video game competition teams, where he would find his start.

Here’s a fun fact about Swoozie: in school, he used to wear a lot of Nike clothing, and his friends started calling him Swoosh. This then turned into Swoozie overtime, and that is why it is now his Youtube username.

He shares stories about his time working at Disneyland and the Hard Rock Hotel when he was younger on his YouTube channel.

He does this by creating animations and voicing his experiences with engaging storytelling.

He also tells many stories about meeting famous people and experiences that he has been through, like bullying and dating.

All of his current videos are animated, while his older ones were vlogs where he gave advice to his viewers.

Swoozie first gained fame from playing video games.

what is the net worth of Swoozie


The video game competition that started everything for Swoozie was the Dead or Alive game hosted by DirecTV; they invited him to compete because he had very large win streaks in the game, one of them being over 150 wins in a row.

He went on to win first place in this competition, which launched his fame in the gaming community.

Following his popularity, Swoozie participated in another gaming competition called WCG Ultimate Gamer, where he placed 4th. Swoozie started posing more and more on YouTube and was doing well.

He made friends with other YouTube personalities, one of them being Michelle Phan, who supported him and helped him launch his YouTube career.

After Swoozie became famous, he had many opportunities, including interviewing Barack Obama on a live stream. He also won the animated award in 2016 at the Streamy Awards.

swoozie girlfriend

sWooZie and guest attends the “Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated” YouTube premiere at The Fonda Theatre on October 11, 2017 – @Getty

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According to his YouTube videos, Swoozie is not married, and he has had girlfriends in the past, and from the looks of it, they were not good relationships because they cheated on him.

From what Swoozie shares, he has had girlfriends, but we do not know if he has a girlfriend at the moment.

Swoozie has been known to say some pretty inspirational stuff like, “I ain’t nobody’s Plan B! Either you choose me, or you lose me!”

He has also been known to use catchphrases like “You already k-now!” and “Oh yeah?” (said ye).

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Swoozie Net Worth


Over the course of Swoozie’s career, he has received awards for essential milestones in his YouTube following.

He won the Silver Play Button in 2007 for 100,000 subscribers and the Golden Play Button in 2013 for 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Swoozie – Net Worth

So, how much is Swoozie worth? Thorne has earned an income through gaming, acting, and YouTube since high school, but now his primary income comes from his YouTube channel. On YouTube, Adande has over 1.4 billion views, meaning about $4.2 million in revenue before taxes. Therefore, YouTube star Swoozie has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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