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Is Precious JJ Da Boss’ daughter?

Is Precious Cooper JJ Da Boss’ daughter?


For most celebrities, finding the internet population has become interested in their private lives can be quite a novelty.

While the biggest celebrity names likely expect this by now, those who are not quite in the ‘mainstream’ circuit can be surprised at the level of gossip that exists about them online.

One of the best examples of this comes from street racing legend JJ Da Boss.

There are rumors, for example, that his daughter is none other than Precious Cooper.

So, is this true? Is Precious JJ Da Boss’ daughter?

Let’s look at what we know.

The internet is full of rumors and guesswork, but it would be fair to say that JJ Da Boss does not make it easy to find out about his private life.

As is his right, he has spent much of his life looking to keep people from looking at more than his incredible career in street racing.

JJ Da Boss became famous as one of the biggest names on the Memphis street racing scene due to the ‘Street Outlaws’ TV show.

This helped to propel his name to a wider audience, helping the world find out about one of the most enigmatic street racers in the world today.

Despite a very public career as a street racer, though, JJ Da Boss has done a pretty thorough job keeping his professional and private life separate.

Who is JJ Da Boss?


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Born on the 10th of August 1973, JJ Da Boss is a Memphis-born street racer.

He was born into a racing family, with his family deeply involved in the racing scene, and he always held the dream of being a racer. At 16, JJ was already racing cars for fun – and soon, he would be doing it professionally.

Despite breaking a few laws to get his first taste of driving, it paid off in the long run.

For over 30 years, Da Boss has been one of the premier street racers in the world.

He is still active today, with a busy street racing schedule – both public and private – to come.

Despite having had more than a few crashes and similar incidents in his racing career, Da Boss has become recognized as one of his sport’s true daredevils.

His success, though, exploded when he was part of the ‘Street Outlaws’ TV series hosted by the Discovery Channel.

This reality TV show helped to bring Da Boss to a wider audience than the Memphis street racing scene.

His incredible life story – including imprisonment at one point – has helped to create Da Boss as the ultimate ‘rogue race’ archetype.

For many, he has become an inspiration to take risks, do the things we love, and give us energy no matter the consequences or risks involved.

He has also been involved in buying, fixing up, and trading old cars in his spare time. What is less clear about Da Boss, though, is his family life.

Does JJ Da Boss have a family?


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Yes, JJ Da Boss has a pretty large family. As a fan favorite on the TV show, people wanted to know more about his life away from the circuit – and, at times, Da Boss has duly obliged.

According to sources, JJ has around eleven children in total, as well as five grandchildren. He is married to Tricia Day, but not all of his eleven children are to the same person. Four of his children, though, belong to him and Tricia.

His grandchildren are from children he had when he was younger.

JJ met Tricia through the drag racing scene, forming an intimate, lasting bond. However, it is fair to say that there are precious little details about the rest of his family outside of one of his children – Josh, known as “Doughboy,” who is also a racer.

When it comes to finding out whether or not Precious is JJ Da Boss’ daughter, there is not much information out there.

As mentioned, Da Boss is keen to keep things private outside those actively involved in the racing scene.

Considering that his wife and son Josh are both involved in the scene, the public knows a bit more about them than other Da Boss family members.


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So, is Precious JJ Da Boss’ daughter?

It does not appear to be the case. This rumor has been thrown around for many years, but it is untrue. Despite Precious Cooper being a street racer and a member of the Street Outlaws series, she is not the daughter of Da Boss.

Precious was born in Florida, and her parents are Ricky and Sara Cooper.

This rumor has floated around the internet for a long time, but there is nothing of substance to suggest that Precious Cooper and JJ Da Boss are related in any way, shape, or form.

Since Da Boss has such a racing-oriented family, anyone on the show with whom he seems to have a relationship is suggested to be a son or daughter.

Because he has such a large range of children, too, there are always rumors that someone on the show is a ‘secret child’ or something else.

However, from what we know, JJ Da Boss is NOT the father of Precious Cooper. These rumors have existed for years, but nothing suggests that they have anything other than a friendship through the Street Outlaws show.

While for some fans, this might seem disappointing, for both Cooper and Da Boss, these rumors have hung around for too many years.

Despite what the rumors might suggest, there is absolutely nothing to say that Precious Cooper is the daughter of JJ Da Boss.

Her parents are known, and since Da Boss keeps his private life so separate from the racing scene, it is unlikely that fans will ever truly know who all of his children are – just the way he wants it.


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