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Ken Meares Net Worth | Wife & Biography

Ken Meares Net Worth – $7 million

What is Ken Meares’ net worth? Is Ken Meares married?


Ken Meares is an American businessman, founder, and CEO of Great Healthworks, which has become one of the largest vertically integrated direct-to-consumer businesses across the United States.

He is also an accomplished bodybuilder and personal trainer. 

The Origin Story

Ken Meares was born in the United States.

From a young age, he was very drawn to health and fitness and took a particular liking to bodybuilding and working out at the gym.

After high school, Meares went into the military for four years.


Dr. Sharon McQuillan and Ken Meares – @Getty

While his career took off in the 90s, he has managed to maintain a relatively well-establish reputation in the bodybuilding industry.

As we know, it’s natural for people to be kicked out of their place in the spotlight by other emerging talents, but that wasn’t quite the case for Meares.

He is still a revered bodybuilder and is looked up to by aspiring athletes around the globe.

Going back to his early days, Meares was recognized locally as an un-and-coming fitness guru and was always one of the most talented, even from a young age.

His professional career grew to new heights shortly after he got his first job at Gold’s Gym. He worked in various professional capacities, including sales, personal training, and customer service.

Ken was passionate about everything he did at that time because he was always naturally interested in entrepreneurship and fitness. 

He was relatively young when he opened his first fitness and bodybuilding gym.

While he was one of the leading personal trainers at the facility, he also managed and operated the gym.

It turned out he is not only a passionate athlete but also a talented entrepreneur with exceptional business acumen.


ken meares age

Malgosia Migdal and Ken Meares – @Getty

Not too long into his career, he decided to expand his expertise into the health and wellness product industry.

While this is a wildly competitive space for anyone to attempt to emerge into today, the competition was relatively low when he opened shop.

As such, it helped his brand to grow and become a seven-figure revenue maker.

At the time of writing, Great HealthWorks (founded in 2003) has become one of the largest vertically integrated direct-to-consumer companies in the United States.

The company produces and sells high-quality health and wellness products and ships to most countries around the globe.


Since its inception, his company became solely known for its cornerstone product, OmegaXL.

Simply put, OmegaXL is a potent Omega-3 joint health supplement that was developed with a unique complex of over 30 healthy fatty acids, including DHA and EPA.

Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of unsaturated fat that is found in many fish and plant sources. These fats are considered to be healthy fats, and they have been linked with a number of health benefits. For example, omega-3 fatty acids can help to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and improve heart health.

According to the company’s website, it has enhanced the lives of millions of consumers, including athletes, celebrities, and all other regular supplement users. 

Meares kept the corporate headquarters and a state-of-the-art packaging and distribution center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is where he is from and currently resides.

His company can, in many ways, be considered his “golden child” because it has become his greatest revenue generator compared to his every other avenue of income.

There is a complete list of health products and supplements on the product list, many of which are hot sells, aside from the OmegaXL.

Ken Meares with wife sharon mcquillan

Ken Meares with Dr. Sharon McQuillan – @Getty


Ken Meares is definitely in a relationship with Dr. Sharon McQuillan, but it isn’t clear if the two are married. Dr. Sharon McQuillan is a board-certified physician who founded The Ageless Aesthetic Institute.

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Ken Meares – Net Worth

what is ken meares net worth

Ken Meares, Paris Hilton, and Beverly Johnson – @Getty

So, how much is Ken Meares worth?

Meares is a self-made millionaire known as the king of fitness.

Ken earned most of his wealth from sounding and managing Great Healthworks.

“The philosophy of the company is loyalty, respect, caring about each other, and doing the best you can at all times to make sure our customers truly feel cared for it,” he said.

In 2016, it was reported that Great Healthworks ships out more than 2 million bottles of Omega XL a year. 

The product has been endorsed by many celebrities, including Angélica María, Tony Dovolani, Blair Underwood, Jonathan Cheban, Ana María Polo, and Larry King. 

Meares is also the proud receiver of many other awards for his contributions to the world of bodybuilding, health & fitness, and health supplements.

He has successfully cemented his legacy as one of the greatest coaches, trainers, and mentors in the sports and fitness arena.

Not many have come close to matching his abilities and perseverance. But he certainly enjoys training anyone who wishes to become just like him, or better.

Aside from his professional endeavors, he is a philanthropist who gives to his favorite charities.

For instance, in 2010 Ken was named a member of the Executive Cabinet for the AHA of Broward County’s 2010 Heart Ball – Heart Society.

Ken said in a press release: “I have always encouraged individuals to take control of their own health and wellness.”

“My passion is helping people live a healthier life that’s a never-ending road,” Mears told Victoria Recaño in 2015. 

Therefore, Ken Meares has an estimated net worth of $7 million.