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Les Do Makeup Net Worth 2024

Les Do Makeup Net Worth – $1 million

What is Leslie Quezada’s net worth?


Les Do Makeup – real name Leslie Quezada – earns the majority of her money as a social media influencer and makeup artist.

She has amassed a huge following on YouTube and social media, where she posts makeup tutorials and several videos of her baking up cakes and other sweet treats for her followers.

Quezada also has her own makeup line and earns through various endorsements and paid posts on her social media pages. 

The Origin Story

Leslie Quezada was born in El Paso, Texas, in January 1994 and has lived in the state all of her life.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Texas at El Paso, and she shared photos of her graduation ceremony on Instagram.



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She’s in a relationship with fellow social media influencer Vlex Galindo, who is also a native of El Paso, Texas.

Update – the two got engaged in 2022.


The pair welcomed their first child together in December 2019, and they called their daughter Gael.

They both shared intimate details of their pregnancy journey via their social media platforms, which generated millions of views with their respective followers. 

In spite of her huge fame and popularity on social media, Quezada is grounded and pays tribute to her followers at every opportunity.

In a 2018 interview with KFOX, she said, “All thanks to my viewers and my followers 100 percent. Me growing was all up to them because again the viewing, the liking, the sharing was always on them.” 

She also tries to engage with her followers in different ways and likes to give back to her fans.

For instance, on St Patrick’s Day 2021, she gave away $5,000 to random people in El Paso, which she then posted about on her YouTube channel. 

On September 20, 2022, Quezada’s second child, Kaeli, was born.

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Les Do Makeup – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Les Do Makeup worth? The primary way that Leslie Quezada earns her money is through her popular YouTube channel, Les Do Makeup. Therefore, Leslie Quezada (aka Les do Makeup) has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

She has 1.27 million subscribers on her channel and has uploaded more than 200 videos since joining the platform in 2012.

Her videos have raked in more than 210 million views, which has earned her between $500,000 – $630,000 in ad revenue alone from YouTube. 

Her videos regularly receive millions of likes, with her most popular videos including Making Laura’s Baby Shower Cake, I Made My Own Baby Shower Cake!, and Telling my BF I’m Pregnant. 

These three videos alone have been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube, and she has many others that have been viewed millions of times. 

One thing that’s unique about Quezada as an influencer is that she combines her personal and professional experiences to compile her popular videos and social media posts.

It’s typical for social media influencers to separate the two, but it’s clear that fans love having the opportunity to keep up with her family life as well as her makeup and baking videos.

But it’s not just on YouTube that Quezada has enjoyed incredible popularity, as she is also widely followed on other social media platforms.

Through her Instagram account, she releases various paid posts and endorsements of the brands that sponsor her as an influencer.

An example of this is through her relationship with Pica Pica Candy, a brand that she has worked with for a number of years and promoted their various sweet goods. 

She also endorses Live Glam products, which is a cruelty-free and vegan brand from LA.


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Paid posts and endorsements are one of the easiest ways for social media influencers to increase their net worth, and it’s something that Quezada has maximized since amassing a huge following on Instagram in particular. 

While it’s not clear how much Quezada receives per post, mega influencers like herself with more than 1 million followers can command in excess of $10,000 per post, which contributes significantly to her net worth.

Instead of charging per post, influencers like Quezada sometimes develop ongoing paid partnerships with various brands and commit to a certain number of posts per week/month/year. 

However, she goes about it, paid promotions via her Instagram page earn Quezada a sizeable chunk of money every year! 

Another income stream for Quezada is her own makeup line, which includes various products such as eye shadow pallets and her popular Bake My Day collection.

Her line is a collaboration with LIVE Glam, a brand (founded by Dhar Mann) that she has promoted widely on her social media accounts.

She and her influencer boyfriend Vlex Galindo bought a house together in El Paso, Texas, and did an open house tour for their followers, which they broadcast on YouTube.

And in addition to the expensive house, Quezada owns a white Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV that she regularly poses in various videos that she posts on her channel. 

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