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Lil Gnar Net Worth | Where is Lil Gnar from?

Lil Gnar Net Worth – $3 million

What is Lil Gnar’s net worth? Where is Lil Gnar from?


Lil Gnar (real name – Caleb Shepherd) is an American skater, businessman, and rapper.

His entrepreneurial attitude, coupled with his love for skating, led him to start a successful clothing brand, Gnarcotics.

Not stopping there, Lil Gnar launched himself forward into the world of music and continues to advance his life there.

He is just getting started!

The Origin Story

Caleb Shepherd was born on February 24, 1996, in Oakland, California, U.S.

When he was 11, Lil Gnar moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to live with his mom and grandmother. Atlanta is where Lil Gnar gained his understanding of life as he ran with his friends on the street.

This was where Lil Gnar was introduced to something that would be the driving force behind every success he has later in life, skateboarding.

He recalls in an interview, his step-brother stealing a skateboard from an unnamed kid up the street.

He and his step-brother would skate on that board all day. They developed their skills and became quite good at it.

His love for skating is actually what gave him the inspiration for his stage name.

Gnar is short for gnarly, which is something that is said in reference to a cool trick someone would do.

This 90s-Esque word led to him naming himself Lil Gnar.

Unfortunately, this hobby resulted in Lil Gnar being left in a wheelchair after an accident.

what is the net worth of Lil Gnar


He had torn three ligaments in his ankle and took six months to heal.

This was a rough time for him because he was already somebody that didn’t like school, and being stuck in a wheelchair for six months did not help that at all.

Lil Gnar had stated in interviews that he was educated by “Real Life.” Only turning in ten assignments as a student, Lil Gnar doesn’t see himself as “dumb.”

He just has a different focus in life that did not require him to be academically inclined.

His success proved that to be an accurate sentiment.

Lil Gnar had a good friend he would skate with named Germ.

Aside from Lil Gnar’s skating inspirations, John Cardiel, West Kramer, and Colin Provost, Germ is who inspired him to go above and beyond in everything he did.

This is what sparked his desire to create a clothing brand.

Lil Gnar saw that Germ was generating an income through merch he was selling online. Not wanting to be left out, Lil Gnar started his own merch line, Gnarcotics.

His intended meaning of the name, “Gnarcotics,” was to suggest that we could be addicted to whatever we want to be.

For him, it was skating.

Where is Lil Gnar from

Lil Gnar and Chief Keef attend the BET Awards – @Getty

Lil Gnar was barely eighteen years old when Gnarcotics began to take off.

His designs grabbed the attention of young skaters, and they embraced his brand. Something not mentioned in many sources is that Lil Gnar is also somewhat of an anime fan.

This is not evidenced by anything he says but by the fact that some of his designs include anime characters, including the character, Ryuk from “Death Note,”

As his clothing brands began to take off, so did Lil Gnar’s aspirations.

He continued to watch the behaviors of other people and knew that to succeed, you have to be yourself but also emulate others that came before you. “I’ve always loved music, but through making clothes, all my homies became artists,” Gnar said in an interview.

Again, through watching his close friend Germ, he decided to take the next step in life.

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Lil Gnar Net Worth


Lil Gnar put his clothing brand on a sort of autopilot by getting a distribution deal.

This allowed him to begin to pursue another passion of his, music. 

Germ was starting to make his own waves in the music industry, and Lil Gnar knew that that was the direction he needed to go. Lil Gnar isn’t a follower; he is simply inspired to take his own strengths as far as his ambition will let him when he gets inspired.

These inspirations lead him to be the best that he possibly could be, thanks to people like Germ and those that help him focus.

Lil Gnar released his first Sound Cloud track, “Rihanna Thick,” in September of 2017.

This track didn’t get much traction, but his second single he released just a few months later, gained over 2.5 million streams in its first year. “Ride wit da Fye,” featuring Germ, was his first taste of stardom, and he was hungry for more.

This led to the release of his third single, “Juice,” in 2018. Immediately following in February of 2018, Lil Gnar and Germ released “Big Bad Gnar Sh!t.”

Later in 2018, Lil Gnar released another single featuring Lіl Ѕkіеѕ, “Drop Ten Benz.”

lil gnar height

Lil Gnar performs onstage during day 2 of Rolling Loud Los Angeles at NOS Events Center – @Getty

This single amassed an impressive seven million Sound Cloud streams in just over six months. This was his biggest hit yet.

His success with “Drop Ten Benz” gained him the attention of major record labels, and he was signed onto Capitol Records in 2018.

Capitol Records partnered with Ten Thousand Projects worked with Lil Gnar to release his mixed tape that same year.

His mixed tape, “Gnar Lif3,” had eleven tracks and included names like Travis Barker, Jay IDK, and Zillakami. Lil Gnar was starting to make his own waves.

In 2019, Lil Gnar released more tracks. Adding to the earlier comment of him being a closet nerd, one of his 2019 tracks, “Kingdom Hearts Freestyle,” is a play on the video game “Kingdom Hearts.” “Life on Fire” also came out around the same time.

Finally, in 2019 with the help of Ten Thousand projects, Lil Gnar released his first official album, “Fire Hazard.”

This twelve-track album featured a second part of an earlier song, “Life Wit Da Fye.”

Appropriately named “Life Wit Da Fye Pt 2,” it is one of the more popular tracks on that album.

Lil Gnar continues to develop music and is working with Capitol Records to come out with new music.

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In 2018, Lil Gnar began dating Instagram star, Jazmyn. They’re very open about their relationship, both posting images of themselves kissing or interacting.

They are so in love that Lil Gnar posted in March 2021 that he plans on getting her pregnant.

Jazmyn posted not long after acknowledging, in a happy way, he posted that about them.

She seemed pretty excited.

So, it is safe to say that things are getting pretty serious between the two of them.


Lil Gnar is about  5ft 8 in (172) tall.

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Lil Gnar – Net Worth

So, how much is Lil Gnar worth? By far, his most significant revenue-generating source is his music. His contracts with his label and connections with more prominent rap star names is causing his brand to accelerate into a more substantial revenue generator. Therefore, American rapper Lil Gnar has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

My music’s been getting better,” Lil told Audio Mack in April 2021. ”I’ve turned into the artist I’ve always wanted to be.”

Contributing to his net worth, Lil Gnar still makes a consistent $100k per year from Gnarcotics as it is still being run by a distribution company. He also still generates an income from his professional skating.

He has purchased a Mercedes Benz and a Porsche that he absolutely loves. In addition to these two cars, in his album, “Fire Hazard,” he has a song called “Bugatti,” and he came out with a music video for it in 2021.

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