Greg Locke – Net Worth, Wife, Divorce, Biography, Quotes

Greg Locke is an American pastor who founded the Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

Locke has a large following online, including more than 2.1 million likes on his Facebook page.


He was born on May 18, 1976, in Donelson, Tennessee, USA.

Greg converted to Christianity in April of 1992.

”I grew up right in here in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. We only had like five or six thousand people in it, and it grew up through the years,” Greg told Eric Metaxas in November 2020.

He continued: ”I moved away, and I was actually in state’s custody. I was arrested six times. On probation five times. I was just a wayward teenager. My father was in the Tennessee State Penitentiary for about ten years, and I hated my stepdad … so, I was actually shipped off to a boy’s home, and I became a Christian ten days after I got there.”

Locke earned a Master’s Degree in Revival History from the Baptist Theological School of New England. In addition, Greg has a Graduate Of Theology degree from Ambassador Baptist College.

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Global Vision Bible Church

On November 5, 2006, he became the founding pastor of the Global Vision Bible Church. 

Note – the church was formerly called “Global Vision Baptist Church,” however, they have now renamed it to “Global Vision Bible Church.”

On the Global Vision Bible Church website, they state:

”We believe in the eternal salvation of all believers. Once a person trusts in Christ, they are forever kept by the power of God and can never be lost.”

Their website also states that:

”Salvation is truly everlasting life. However, those who have trusted Christ are His and will obey Him and His Word. We do not believe a person can live any way they so desire and be saved.”

Greg and his Executive Pastor Jarrod Almond run the Global Vision Bible Church without the oversight of congregational votes, deacons, or a board of elders.

In August 2020, Locke’s Mt. Juliet church was vandalized. He estimated damage of around $5,000.

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Greg Locke Net Worth
Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images

His Facebook page has over 2 million likes.

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Greg Locke got married to Melissa.

Later, the couple got divorced. According to reports, his wife was the one who filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

During an interview, Greg said:

“She’s been in and out of mental health facilities but that is not where she is right now.  She is at a place that helps ladies get on their feet again.”

Locke went on to say:

”The only reason why she is there is that the lady who runs it is like her grandmother, and so she’s there. She lived across town for two weeks. She got on the bus. She left.”

Greg later added:

”I’m in contact with caregivers on a regular basis. I’m getting updates…it’s not for a lack of trying.”

Later, it was revealed that he has legally gotten married to Tai Cowan McGee, after divorcing his wife of 20 years.

He said:

“I’m legally remarried and I’m legally divorced. What it looks like?”

Greg continued:

”I’m not gonna live crazy and single for the rest of my life and just live in misery because my ex-wife decided to burn my life to the ground publicly with a bunch a lies about abuse and stuff which my kids were mortified by.”

In a different interview, the pastor said he will continue preaching against divorce. In his words:

”I still preach against divorce. I’m in a series right now in Ephesians, I’m encroaching on Chapter 5. You know, I’m gonna have to preach about marriage.”

Locke added:

”Husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the Church, that’s a difficult balance right now but I’m gonna have to learn to be a way better husband than I was the first go-round.”

During a recent interview, Greg confessed:

”The facts are the facts. I retain the kids. We finally got amicable. She’s got two, I’ve got two. I’m remarried.”

Locke went on to say:

”She’s moving on with her life. We’re trying to be as friendly as we can.”

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Greg and Melissa have a daughter and three boys. Two children are adopted.

On September 15, 2015, the American pastor told his children to fail history class since it was part of an “Islamic Invasion.”

He once declared:

“My kids, all they know is church. They love church. That’s their ministry.”

Greg also said:

”That’s what they love, that’s where they feel the most grace and forgiveness and acceptance.”

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Pastor Greg Locke net worth

”How about we spend money taking care of our homeless veterans that we should’ve taken care of a long time ago.”

”There are very few people as gifted at lying as Hillary Clinton.”

“You can be assured of the fact that whoever gets the Republican nomination will get my vote as well as my support.”

”There are two kinds of people in the church – those being used by God and those who are using God.”

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On April 22, 2016, Greg bashed Target on his Facebook account for its new policies on gender-neutral bathrooms.

At age 15, after five arrests, he ended up at Good Shepherd Children’s Home in Murfreesboro. In 2004, his religious conversion and life story were dramatized on “Unshackled!”, a radio drama series that is produced by Pacific Garden Mission.

Locke has been criticized for abandoning the Church of the King James version.

In 2019, Greg posted a video of himself on Facebook burning a book (The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism Is Un-American) by Andrew Seidel, an atheist constitutional attorney who argued the United Stated was not built as a Christian nation.

Locke said:

“I was just making my point that any history of America that would exclude God or the Bible or a pastor’s viewpoint is just really ridiculous.”

Andrew responded:

“This is a book that is so threatening to this man’s identity as a Christian nationalist that he can’t even begin to read it.”

Seidel added:

”But burning books doesn’t destroy the ideas contained in them.”

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Greg Locke – Net Worth

Locke earned most of his wealth from being the founder and lead pastor of Global Vision Bible Church.

Therefore, pastor Greg Locke has an estimated net worth of $0.2 million.

Featured image source – © Guliver / Getty Images.

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