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Marc Rebillet Net Worth 2024

Marc Rebillet Net Worth – $2 million

What is Marc Rebillet’s net worth? Is Marc Rebillet married?


Marc Rebillet, sometimes referred to by his fans as Loop Daddy, is an American Youtuber and electronic musician who is from Dallas, Texas.

Over the years, he has amassed hundreds of thousands of fans, propelled by his improvisational musical sessions and distinct character.

Currently based out of New York City, he often broadcasts directly to his fans by way of Twitch live streams or posts his creations to his popular Youtube channel.

Using a loop station (hence the name Loop Daddy), keyboard, percussion set, and vocals, he produces songs — often featuring comical lyrics — from the comfort of his apartment.

He has also shared his music through live performances, including a 2020 drive-in concert tour that took place in response to the pandemic.

Since beginning his career, Rebillet has gained widespread recognition and several notable awards.

These include a number two spot on Clubbing TV’s list of top 40 live streaming DJs and being named a “Billboard Dance Emerging Artist” by Billboard in August of 2019.

He has also been featured in interviews such as one with the popular Youtube channel Fantano, a music review channel that often takes a deep dive into recently released albums.

He was also included in an issue of Architectural Digest due to the distinct interior design of his Lower Manhattan home (the base of many of his videos and streams).

The Origin Story

what is the net worth of Marc Rebillet


Rebillet first got involved with music at an early age.

He began piano starting at the age of four while also studying classical music at his performing arts school.

Aside from music, he also had an interest in acting — which would become a skill he would later accompany with his musicianship — which he studied for one year at Southern Methodist University.

For years, Rebillet worked at a call center during the day while attempting to build an audience for his music in his time off.

He produced under the name Leae, however, he was unsuccessful in his attempts to gain any traction.

This rapidly began to change in 2016 after he started publishing live streams and videos on Youtube.

This content often featured him improvising songs in a comedic manner.

His unique lyrics and comical showmanship gave him the opportunity to reach a new audience and expand his popularity as an artist.

The videos were shared on platforms such as Facebook and Reddit, where millions of people could watch them.

People could engage by calling in requests or ideas that he would then use as the bases of his songs.

Because of this, the subject of the videos would often have a wide range, dealing with anything from snacking to romance.

Expanding His Reach

Marc Rebillet height


Following the posting of his videos on social media, the number of fans Rebillet broadcasted skyrocketed seemingly overnight.

People all around the world were showing interest in his work and the songs he was creating.

Additionally, requests from all over began to come in looking to book Rebillet to perform live.

This quickly increasing interest pushed him to make the move from his hometown of Dallas to encourage the development of his music career in New York City.

These changes gave Rebillet the opportunity to push his content beyond just Youtube and streaming, creating live shows that featured the songs and performances that his fans had grown to associate him with.

While he had some experience performing live in Dallas within small bars, this new endeavor was his first introduction to larger venues that could provide him with the chance to plan a show as he saw fit.

Taking It Live

Marc Rebillet Net Worth


After having the opportunity to move onto bigger stages, Rebillet was able to establish live performances as a major part of his career.

In 2019, he took his shows internationally, performing live in venues across the United States and Europe.

Because of the success of the live shows, he has been able to make ticket sales and other money coming from the concerts his main source of income.

Each of his live shows are full of immense energy.

He makes use of a lot of interesting tactics, such as being interactive with the audiences at each show and performing in unique attire (he often adorns just a robe and his boxers).

While he does come up with a few ideas of what he may want to do during the show, the majority of what he does is completely improvised. ”It just sort of happened to evolve this way,” Rebillet told EDM.

This means that pretty much all of his live performances are different from one another, with little being the same from night to night.

In 2020, Rebillet offered his fans a new experience with the introduction of a first-of-its-kind drive-in concert tour.

Fans could pull up to the shows and watch from their vehicles while listening to the actual performance through the frequencies of local radio stations.

In March 2023, Rebillet did his first live stream in 5 months/

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As of now, Marc Rebillet is not married.

This could simply be attributed to the fact that he keeps his personal life quite private and does not often share these types of details with his audience.

He has not revealed any specific information about his love life as of now.

According to online reports, Marc Rebillet is in a relationship with Margaret Burgau. It is unclear.


Marc Rebillet is 5 ft 6 in (167 cm) tall.

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Marc Rebillet – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Marc Rebillet worth? Rebillet earned most of his wealth from the ticket sales that are purchased by his fans to attend his live concerts. Therefore, French-American electronic musician Marc Rebillet has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

These concerts also bring him money by way of merchandise that is for sale to the audience.

Along with ticket revenue, Rebillet also makes money from income that is generated through the success of his YouTube channel and streaming on social media.

On YouTube, Rebillet has over 183 million views, meaning about $550k in revenue before taxes.

He owns an apartment in Lower Manhattan.

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