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Mark Consuelos Net Worth & Wife

What is Mark Consuelos’ net worth? Who is Mark Consuelos’ wife?


Mark Consuelos is an American television actor and personality best known for his role in ‘All My Children.’ He’s married to Kelly Ripa.


He was born on March 30, 1971, in Zaragoza, Spain, as Mark Andrew Consuelos to his Italian mother, Camilla, and his Mexican father, Saul. 

He is so unbelievably gorgeous, with a Mexican father and an Italian mother born in Spain and raised in Italy, and I will never give him up,” Ripa said about Mark.

how much is mark consuelos worth

Mark Consuelos – Gallery shot: 6/9/1995 – @Getty

Although he was born in Spain, Consuelos doesn’t speak Spanish.

In 1994, Mark graduated from the University of South Florida’s School of Business.

All My Children

Kelly Ripa and her husband

Mark Consuelos (Mateo) and Kelly Ripa (Hayley) in a scene “All My Children” – @Getty

In 1995, Consuelos landed his breakthrough role on the soap opera “All My Children.” He played Mateo Santos, the middle child and only son of the Santos family, which had relocated from Texas.

“All My Children” not only launched his career but also introduced him to his future wife, making it an important chapter in his personal and professional life.

In 2002, he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Best Supporting Actor.

From 2003 to 2006, Mark co-starred with Vivica A. Fox in the Canadian TV series “Missing.”


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Mark Consuelos attends “Live with Kelly and Mark” at PaleyFest NY – @Getty

In 2017, he joined the cast of the CW’s Riverdale as a new series regular for Season 2.

He played the character of Hiram Lodge. His performance as the villainous yet intriguing character added depth and complexity to the CW series.

In 2021, Consuelos confirmed that he is exiting Riverdale, having played for four seasons.

In 2022, Mark and his wife announced their investment in Campobasso 1919, an Italian football club. “We fell in love with the Campobasso project and the story,” Mark said in an interview.

Live with Kelly and Mark

kelly ripa mark consuelos net worth

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos attend Andy Cohen & SiriusXM celebrate the launch of Cohen’s New, Exclusive SiriusXM Channel, Radio Andy, at PHD Rooftop Lounge – @Getty

In April 2023, Consuelos and Ripa began co-hosting LIVE permanently after host Seacrest had left the show.

“I get to share a cup of coffee with you every morning before the show, and I’ll have one with you on the show as well,” Mark said about working with his wife.

“What they’re portraying onscreen is a natural extension of themselves,” TV personality Andy Cohen, a longtime friend, revealed for the New York Times

In June 2023, it was announced that Mark would reprise his role as Hiram Lodge for Riverdale’s seventh and final season.


Is Kelly Ripa married

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa attend Michael Gelman & Ali Wentworth Celebrate The Launch Of Yoga Pant Nation By Laurie Gelman at Private Residence – @Getty

On May 1, 1996, Mark Consuelos married Kelly Ripa. Consuelos met Ripa while working on the soap opera “All My Children,” where they played love interests. 

Recently, they have ruled out ever exchanging vows again for “superstitious” reasons.


Mark and Kelly welcomed three kids together: son Michael, daughter Lola, and son Joaquin.

Their son Michael majored in film and television production at the New York University. Michael has also appeared in episodes of Duck Dodgers and Riverdale.

Growing up on my mom and dad’s sets, I think it really aided me in film school; I had an understanding of the different roles and production, and I think it really motivated me to get involved in production later in life,” Michael said for People. “They were really supportive.


Kelly Ripa with her husband Mark Consuelos


Mark Consuelos is 5′ 9″ (1.75 m) tall.

Mark Consuelos – Net Worth

So, how much is Mark Consuelos worth?

Consuelos earned most of his wealth from appearing in 45 TV series and movies, including — How I Met Your Father, The Night Shift, Riverdale, Queen of the South, 1-800-Missing, All My Children, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

With 132 appearances, ‘All My Children’ is Mark’s biggest project so far.

Note – before he rose to fame as an actor, Mark worked as a male stripper to make ends meet. In a 2012 interview, his wife expressed no shame in her husband’s history, acknowledging that “A lot of hot guys in Hollywood have done that.” 

Real Estate

what is mark consuelos net worth

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos attend the “Two Turns From Zero” book launch event at The Regency Bar and Grill

In 2014, Consuelos and Ripa sold their New York penthouse for $20 million. The couple bought the property in 2005 for $9.5 million.

In 2013, Mark and his wife purchased a townhouse for $27 million. It has 19 rooms.

Therefore, Mark Consuelos has an estimated net worth of $50 million. His wife, Kelly Ripa, has an estimated net worth of $140 million.


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