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Matt Jordan Net Worth | Biography

Matt Jordan Net Worth – $700,000

What is Matt Jordan’s net worth?


Matt Jordan is a popular Brit YouTuber who is most well-known for all the things he creates out of pieces of wood.

He makes everything from UV lamps to coffee mugs and speakers, and showcases them all on his YouTube channel.

Are you surprised that someone would want to share woodturning videos on YouTube?

Don’t be—Matt Jordan has amassed a whopping 1.33 million subscribers so far, and 364 million video views since he first launched his channel on the giant video streaming platform.

So, what do we know about the entertaining British social media star with the quirky skill?

Read on to find out.

But first…what is woodturning?

Woodturning is a craft that sort of resembles clay on a pottery wheel—sort of.

It uses a wood lathe that spins around with the wood attached to the central axis, and the woodturner (that’s Matt Jordan) uses different tools to cut and engrave different symmetrical patterns into the wood.

The craft has been around for generations, and the skills were often passed down from father to son in pre-industrial England.

So, what can you make with your wood lathe?

One of the most commonly crafted objects is a bowl.

Its shape brings out the beauty of a piece of wood with all its faults and imperfections and grain.

Experienced woodturners also make rolling pins, small boxes, door handles, and furniture.

If you’re Matt Jordan, you can make nearly anything—vases, bowls, chairs, tables, plates, bottle stoppers, ornaments, pens, baseball bats, chess pieces, and even musical instruments.

The art of woodturning often appeals to people for being physical, tactile, and allowing the turner to repurpose a piece of wood that would otherwise end up on a fire—or rotting somewhere.

Good woodturners—like Jordan—only use wood that has been ethically sourced and comes from a sustainable practice.

The Origin Story

Matt Jordan was born and raised in the UK.

He started woodturning when he was in middle school, and is predominantly self-taught—although he was lucky enough to get a few free lessons early on.

Jordan was so convinced that woodturning was the right path for him that he even invested the time and energy into making his own tools.

He admitted in an interview in 2019 that he replaced those with high-grade steel commercial tools as soon as he was able.

Jordan has been steadfast in his commitment to woodturning, even though for him, it has always been a “break away from normal life.”

He enjoys the freedom to craft whatever he wants—only limited by his imagination—and the slow, careful, mindful pace of the craft.

Jordan lives in the UK with his wife and young children.

He might be a celebrity amongst the woodturning set, but he stays pretty low-key on his personal life.

An Influencer With Ethics

Everyone who watches Matt Jordan at work with any of his wood pieces can see he’s particular—but that even extends to the kind of wood he’ll use in his work.

Every piece is hand-chosen—and usually comes from maintenance work being done on trees in his local area.

He doesn’t often obtain his wood from tree-felling, and it always comes from a sustainable supplier when he sources from outside his area.

Always happy to engage with his followers and fans on social media, he responded when a viewer commented on how much resin he used.

The fan was respectful, complimenting Jordan’s workmanship and saying that he understood the process but that “the waste bugs” him.

Jordan explained that the piece in question was a prototype, and that he wouldn’t usually use that much resin just to shave it off.

He also noted that for custom pieces, he always created a custom mould—again, limiting waste.

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Welcome to YouTube

Jordan has over 1.33 million subscribers on the video streaming platform, but he started out with a humble goal: to find out if anyone else was doing things the same way he was.

He uses different combinations of materials in many of his projects, and—as a self-taught woodturner—he has always known that he wasn’t always doing things the “right” way.

He wanted to find a community—but instead, the community found him.

Some of his biggest hits to date have been his coffee mug project—the most requested project he’s ever done, according to the man himself—which is finished with a pewter centerpiece and waterproof coat. It’s got 65 million views so far.

His hawthorn root lamp—made from the root of a hawthorn that was pulled out during a hedge removal—drew more than 50 million views.

A July 2020 video may not have drawn the most views, but it tugged on the heartstrings of some sentimental fans.

In it, Jordan made a ring box for a US fan named Slade, who planned on proposing to his girlfriend. Since the fan’s girlfriend was also a Jordan fan, it was the perfect premise.

Viewers watched as Jordan crafted the ring and had it shipped to the eager couple.

Slade posted a pic for his idol some time later—alongside his newly-ringed fiancee, Whitney.

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Matt Jordan – Net Worth

So, how much is Matt Jordan worth? Jordan earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube and selling items on his website ( Therefore, Matt Jordan has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

On YouTube, Matt has over 374 million views, meaning about $1 million in revenue before taxes.

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