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Max Bidstrup Net Worth 2024

What is Max Bidstrup’s net worth?


Max Bidstrup is an Australian YouTube travel vlogger who gained popularity following his public relationship with famous fellow vlogger Lee MacMillan.

The couple shared a popular youtube channel where they shared their life as nomadic globe trotters.

The Origin Story

On December 2, 1988, Max Bidstrup was born in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia.

Considering the immense natural landscape in Australia, he grew up surfing, hiking, and biking, taking in what his country offers.

Upon graduating high school, Max pursued higher education to become a paramedic.


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He was successful in the job and stated that it was never boring and it offered him a big social community.

Although he was passionate about his career, he had an innate desire to pursue something leaning more on the creative side.


Life changed for Max when he met his Canadian girlfriend, Lee MacMillan.

They met while she was working in Australia on a working holiday visa.

Before the two met and built a relationship, she had already established a nomadic lifestyle.

She would travel to various countries and showcase her experiences on her youtube channel.

They quickly learned that they shared a bond for travel and culture, so logically, they created an international travel plan, along with their youtube channel, Max & Lee.

Max cut the chord to his adored job and decided to move to Canada with his new girlfriend, where they began their van life, touring the country’s massive landscape.



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Their channel went live in 2018, and the first video they uploaded was “Introduction to our channel [March 2018] 6 months OF VANLIFE.”

With a whopping 1.65 million views, the video caught the attention of aspiring travelers, as well as like-minded adventure-seeking fans.

The video was a 4-minute introduction for their viewers to get a sense of who they are and their vlogging plans.

Max’s pet Australian Shepherd, Occy, is showcased in every video and is often the center of attention.

With regular video uploads, the channel quickly accumulated over 500,000 subscribers.

The couple’s adventures were just starting, and what their future looked like was exactly how they envisioned it.

Over the following two years, they traveled to Hawaii, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Columbia, and many other exotic tropical paradises.

While they had the opportunity to visit nearly all four corners of the world, and everything in between, among all, one of Max’s favorite places to visit was Vietnam.

Max would make periodic stops in Australia and Canada to visit family friends and earn extra money between travels.

During a few of his Q & A’s, he mentioned that taking a break to visit home is needed as it helps him recharge.

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While life appeared to be going well for Max, he released a public announcement in late January explaining that he and Lee decided to separate.

His online presence was understandably quiet for the following months, but he surprised his viewer with a 17-minute video on April 17, 2020, titled, “WE BROKE UP | What’s Next?”

While breakups are inherently difficult, Max takes pride in his positive mindset and dealt with it gracefully.

Following the change in his life, he decided to take a small break from social media before embarking on a new journey.

During his time away, he determined there was no better way to move forward than to travel with his dog and make the best of life.

New Channel


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Consequently, he created a new YouTube channel, Max & Occy.

He decided to continue traveling and would do so with his dog as his shotgun rider.

Unfortunately, not too long after his new journey started, Max faced another loss in his life.

On March 26, 2021, he learned that Lee had lost her battle with depression, thereby, she took her life.

Though he was aware of her struggles, it shocked him that her illness was so severe that it ended in this tragic way.

Understandably, he took time to find his composure, and on May 7, 2021, he uploaded “For Lee,”  a 25-minute tribute video.

As we know, there are silver linings to most things bad in life.

And Max wanted to use this traumatic event and turn it into something positive, which he explained in his tribute video. 

The way that society is at the moment is people bottle things up, and they don’t share, and then it’s so dangerous. Things need to change; we all need to become better at talking to each other about mental health and mental illness and depression. And I think like I’m gonna start now, and I’m gonna continue to be open with you when I am on camera about how I’m feeling.”

This was his way to pay tribute to Lee’s life and honor her memory. Expectedly, he received an overwhelming amount of support from his viewers.

Max’s new channel is still centered around his travels around Australia.

Still, he makes it his duty to add commentary about his mental health struggle in hopes of keeping the conversation going. But more, he wants to work to change how the global society looks and treats mental illness.

Using his platform to its fullest, he promoted the hashtag #SpeakUpForLee, which gained traction among his community and viewers.

Speak Up For Less is a non-profit created by a few of her friends to raise money for mental illness and suicide awareness.

Out of a tragedy, Max turned his situation into something positive, which is the motto he lives by.

Max Bidstrup – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Max Bidstrup worth? Bidstrup earned most of his wealth from his lucrative career as a full-time YouTuber. Therefore, Max Bidstrup has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

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