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Moonmoon_Ow Net Worth | Biography

Moonmoon_Ow Net Worth – $2 million

What is Moonmoon_Ow’s net worth?


Moonmoon_Ow, whose real name is Jesse, was born on March 20, 1990, in the United States and is best known for playing video games on Twitch, an American live streaming service.

Not much is known about his family, except that he comes from a family of Jewish descendants. He currently resides in the United States.


MoonMoon became famous for live-streaming himself playing games online on his Twitch channel.

He has managed to maintain a very private personal life, despite his widespread presence on Twitch.

Having kept to himself throughout his high school years, he grew fond of playing online video games.

In an interview with David Nash, MoonMoon shared a personal story about his experience with a bully when he was in sixth grade.

He also admitted he spent most of his adolescence playing Multi-User Dungeons, a shared adventure game. Rather than going to college, he made his career and became a huge success through his Twitch channel.

Outside of Twitch and YouTube, he does not have much of a presence on other social media platforms.

This anonymity is almost unheard of in the 21st century, but he has successfully achieved a great deal of anonymity.

When asked about his absence on other social media platforms during the same interview with David Nash, he said, “There’s no mastermind reason why I don’t do it. The real reason is just laziness.”

Career As a Twitch Streamer

In the world of online gaming, MoonMoon_OW is one to watch.

His Twitch streams have gained him a fan base that spans all over the country and even into other countries like Norway.

During his chat with David Nash, Nash asked MoonMoon how he started streaming on Twitch.

MoonMoon replied that it was a competition with a good friend that first introduced him to the platform. She encouraged him to create his own account, and his competitive nature motivated him to start streaming himself.

He said, “I love [streaming].”

At the time, MoonMoon was living with his parents due to financial struggles. When his mother convinced his father to purchase a new PC, he was able to create content on Twitch consistently.

In 2016, he started showing the world his gaming talents.

His first stream was in April of the same year.

It was with the help of A_Seagull that he gained popularity for a few months.

Furthermore, he made sure to stream consistently in a more convenient manner for both Europeans and North Americans to ensure that he could reach as many potential viewers as possible.

Due to these factors, he established a following and grew to the level of popularity that he is today.

Streaming hours are Monday through Friday, 15:00 – 21:00 UTC and 03:00 – 08:00 UTC, and occasionally on weekends.

In addition, his YouTube videos display an intimate side you won’t see on your typical streaming service – he loves games such as Dark Souls 3 or Skyrim, which makes for great entertainment with friends’ old-school style.

With each upload, his stardom and popularity continue to grow.

It wasn’t long before he hit the 715k subscribers mark for streaming on Twitch without any monetization or copyright policies in place that would have limited how often people could watch him play games like Overwatch – a lot of content is available.

Today, he continues to be one of the top 50 most-watched streamers.

MoonMoon is known for maintaining a positive environment on his Twitch streams.

He states, “For me, I like to give back as much as I can.” He also recognizes that many people interact with the platform as a distraction, which is why he strives to provide an uplifting atmosphere for his viewers.

He has been building up his YouTube channel, with the most popular game streamed being Hooking ‘through’ Genji defect.

With this video going viral in just one day, he now has over a hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube.

His Twitter account also grew quickly, which is why you may not have heard of him before. If you haven’t heard of him before now, you will be hearing from him soon enough.

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Moonmoon_Ow is probably married.

During one of his streams, Jesse responded to a viewer: ”I’m definitely not only 30, I definitely don’t have a kid, and I definitely haven’t been married for a while now.”

”Do you think women care that you are bald, or this does not impact it? Well, since I am married, ah no,” he said in a February 2019 stream.


His fans are often called the “Moonions.”

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Moonmoon_Ow – Net Worth

So, how much is Moonmoon_Ow worth?

He gained fame by streaming Overwatch.

Since then, Moonmoon played many games, including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dark Souls, GTA Online, World of Warcraft, Darkest Dungeon, I wanna be the Boshy, Super Seducer, Minecraft, Daddy Dating Sim, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Jesse earns most of his wealth from streaming on Twitch and advertisements on YouTube.

On Twitch, Jesse has more than 20,000 subs, meaning about $50k in revenue per month. Moonmoon also makes money from ads that appear on his streams (about 99 million views) and donations on the platform. He said in early 2020: ”Every day there is a Twitch chatter who will use their dinner money on subscribing to a Twitch streamer, and they’ll go hungry.”

On YouTube, Moonmoon_Ow has over 28 million views, meaning about $60k in revenue.

Therefore, live-streaming gamer Moonmoon_Ow has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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