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Noah Brown Net Worth 2024

Noah Brown Net Worth – $500,000

What is Noah Brown’s net worth? Who is Noah D Brown’s wife?


Noah Darkcloud Brown, professionally known as Noah Brown, is the third-youngest sibling in the famous American Brown family.

He stars in the hit American TV show Alaskan Bush People.

He rose to prominence in 2014 when his family began filming their reality TV series.

The Origin Story

Noah Darkcloud Brown was born on July 18, 1992, in Alaska, U.S. He was raised by his famous parents, Amora and Billy Brown, following a Catholic upbringing.

His siblings are – Bear Brown, Gabe Brown, Bam Bam Brown, Snowbird Brown, Matt Brown, and Rain Brown.

Most of his childhood was spent on Chichagof Island, an island in the Alexander Archipelago of the Alaska Panhandle.

As a child, he became obsessed with magic and spent a lot of time learning magic tricks.


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His admiration resulted from reading numerous magic books, which was a hobby he adopted at a young age.

He would often entertain his siblings by performing magic tricks to perfect the art. In addition, he learned to be a handyman, a skill that his father passed down.

When outdoor equipment broke down, he and his father repaired them.

As a result, he was appointed as the family’s technician.

He is also an avid hunter, preferring to use a bow and arrow.

Alaskan Bush People

He began working as an American teenage reality TV star at 22 when his parents signed a deal with Discovery TV for Alaskan Bush People‘s reality show.

Discovery TV was drawn to the family due to their unconventional way of life, and they believed it would make for an entertaining reality show.

His parents are originally from Texas, U.S., and relocated to Alaska–the northernmost and westernmost state in the United States.

They were seeking a life of solitude and independence in contrast to the standard American way of life, where most people are heavily reliant on technology and gripped with consumerism. 

Brown’s life was unconventional and fragile before the show airing. He grew up in a family of 9, and his parents struggled to house the children for a large part of his early life.


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They often found themselves sleeping in shelters and temporary housing, manifesting a sense of insecurity among Brown and his siblings.

Despite this, Brown has yet to express disdain for his parents; in fact, he often praises them for their job well done. Over time, his father secured some land and housing for the family to settle on.

Their family would undergo a radical change following the release of his father’s books.

He published and released, One Wave at a Time in 2007. It is about a young boy, turned father and husband, fighting to survive in the treacherous backcountry of Alaska.

In 2009, he published his second book, Teacher of the Old Code, a fiction fantasy. Although he didn’t hold conventional jobs, he was more on the creative side and used his writing & imaginative skills to support his family.

His books landed in the hands of an executive of Discovery TV. When he finished reading both books, he researched the author (Mr. Brown) and fell intrigued by his way of life.

Accordingly, he reached out to Mr. Brown to secure a reality TV deal for a show that would document the family’s unconventional way of life.

Following long deliberation, the Browns decided to move forward with a reality show set to begin airing in 2014.

Starring in a TV show would only contradict his belief and decisions. However, he and his wife considered the opportunity and couldn’t refuse the financial prospects it would pose for their big family. 

They settled on the name American Bush People, and the idea was for the camera crew to document the family as they live off the land while raising a tribe of children, all while teaching their viewers how to be resourceful.


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The show was set to be an entertainment/educational hybrid.

Although Brown enjoyed his life before the show and learned to live off the land, the monetary reward of filming was an element he learned to appreciate.

The series premiered on May 6, 2014, when Brown was 22.

There was worry about the show’s success, but it turned out to be a massive hit receiving over 5 million viewers per episode in its early days. Accordingly, it was renewed for the unforeseeable future.


In 2018, four years into the show’s filming, Noah Brown married his girlfriend Rhain Alisha in a private wedding ceremony.


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Rhain had a recurring role in Alaskan Bush People, so the wedding came as no surprise to the viewers and Brown’s fans.

Together they share two sons, Adam and Eli.

Things took a turn for the worse for Brown and his family a few short years following his wedding.

On February 7, 2021, Noah’s father passed away due to a fatal seizure.

He grew exceptionally close to his father, so he took the news hard.

In addition, he took on the task of helping his mother deal with the devastating loss of their new farm that a forest fire had recently destroyed.

Noah Brown – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Noah D Brown worth? Noah earned most of his wealth from appearing in the reality TV series – Alaskan Bush People. Therefore, Noah Brown has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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