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Gabe Brown Net Worth | Wife

Gabe Brown Net Worth – $1 million

What is Gabe Brown’s net worth? Who is Gabe Brown’s spouse?


Gabe Brown is an American reality TV star best known for his appearances on the popular Discovery Channel show, the Alaskan Bush People.

He appears alongside his family on the show, which sees them live off the grid in the Alaskan wilderness.

He has earned most of his money in appearance fees from the Discovery Channel network.

Below, we look at Gabe Brown’s net worth and explain how he has forged a successful career for himself on TV.

The Origin Story

Gabe Brown was born on December 15, 1989, in Alaska.


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He appears with his siblings Matthew, Bear, Joshua, Rain, Snowbird, and Noah on Alaskan Bush People, although Gabe is very much the star of the show in the eyes of many.

In spite of his off-the-grid living principles, Gabe is active on social media and has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram.

In an interview, Gabe was asked why his family doesn’t hunt and eat the bears that roam the Alaskan wilderness. He said:

“Bear meat is okay, but it’s not the best food in Alaska. If you ask me, it’s deer. Deer is the dependable steak – it’s the beef of Alaska. But other than that? Moose.


Gabe Brown married Raquell Rose in 2019, and they welcomed their second daughter in 2021.


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In one episode of Alaskan Bush People, Gabe lost his wedding ring in an ostrich pen, only to find it when he realized that it was no longer on his finger.

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Gabe Brown – Net Worth

So, how much is Gabe Brown worth?

Gabe Brown is the star of the Alaskan Bush People show, which has been extremely popular in the US since its release on the Discovery Channel in 2014.

In 2021, the show was extended for its thirteenth season, and, as always, Gabe Brown and his family were the stars of the show.

The show follows the trials and tribulations of the Browns as they do their best to survive in the barren Alaskan wilderness, detached from reality.

While it is a genuine reality TV show, some viewers believe that certain elements of the show are scripted or maybe even fake.

Before the start of the thirteenth season, patriarch and Gabe’s Dad, Billy, died unexpectedly of a seizure, and the new episodes took on a whole new dynamic as the family grappled with the death of such a prominent figure and what it meant for them off the grid living.

However, as Gabe and his family prove time and time again, they manage to deal with whatever is thrown at them, and they are exceptionally resilient.

This has been the backbone of the popular show and has seen viewers return time and time again to tune into the Brown family’s goings-on.
While it’s not clear exactly how much the Browns receive for their appearances in Alaskan Bush People, it’s clear that the money paid by the Discovery Channel is one of the family’s main sources of income.


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Through research, we can deduce how much Gabe and the Browns are likely to make per episode of the show.

In America, reality TV stars can make anywhere between $5,000 and $250,000 per episode; it really just depends on who they are, what network they appear on, and how popular the show is.

For instance, MTV reality stars that feature in the cast of Teen Mom OG are known to make $25,000 per episode.

Stars of the Discovery Channel’s popular show Klondike are known to make anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000 per episode.

This led many of the stars to criticize the Discovery Channel, as it wasn’t enough to cover their equipment costs and leave them with money in their pockets.

Still, we can assume the cast of the Alaskan Bush People receives a similar amount of money for appearing in each episode. Whether it’s $10,000 – $25,000 per family member or for the entire family, it’s not clear.

However, given that the show has run for thirteen seasons since 2014, it’s clear that Gabe and the rest of the Browns have done extremely well from themselves, thanks to the Discovery Channel’s portrayal of their lives.

It’s not clear whether Gabe earns money through other sources, as he doesn’t market products on social media or offers brand endorsements, as is the case with many other reality TV stars.

So, thanks to his appearances on the Discovery Channel in the show Alaskan Bush People, Gabe Brown has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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