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Onision Net Worth | Wife

Onision Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Onision’s net worth? Who is Onision’s wife?


Onision, also known as James “Greg” Jackson, is an American YouTuber, ex-military officer, and author who has several channels with over 1 million subscribers.


He was born on November 11, 1985, in Auburn, Washington, USA.

His parents got divorced when he was two years old.

Greg served in the US Airforce as an airman.


He started his YouTube channel ‘Onision’ on January 29, 2006.

”Onision mostly focuses on comedy sketches and music videos,” says an excerpt from the channel description.

His most popular upload is Banana Song (I’m A Banana). The video has over 85 million views. It featured Greg “jumping around screaming in a banana suit.”


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In August 2009, James started another channel called ”OnisionSpeaks.”

In 2012, he was banned by VidCon for problematic statements.

In March 2015, Greg authored a book called ”Stones To Abbigale.”

In September 2015, Onision published another book titled – ”This Is Why I Hate You.” It was followed by ”Reaper’s Creek” (2018).



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In November 2019, Greg was banned from Patreon after alleged doxing, the action of publishing or finding private information about someone on the internet without their permission. He tweeted out the phone number of Billie Dawn Webb, a woman who appeared on Chris Hansen’s YouTube channel claiming he had harassed her.

”In those rare circumstances that a Patreon creator participates in doxing, we take a strong stance against it because we know the potential harm it causes,” a blog post from Patreon reads. 

At the time, Onision had over 500 patrons.

Later, a campaign #DeplatformPredators focused on petitioning YouTube to ban Onision.

He called 9-1-1 on journalist Chris Hansen for knocking on his door on January 9, 2020.

In early 2020, Twitch struck down his account. A few months later, Greg was unbanned on Twitch.

In April 2020, Onision created an account on ”OnlyFans.”

”I recently became an ‘ad##t model’ aka a ‘p### star’ and I realized something,” he said in a video. James added: ”I like being an ‘ad##t model’ more than I ever liked being a YouTuber.”


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In early 2021, Discovery will release an original three-part docuseries about Greg called ”Onision: In Real Life.” The docuseries will ”[put] Jackson’s past under the microscope, dissecting his bizarre antics, vicious behavior, and alleged predatory actions.” 

”This story is gripping, addicting, and a perfect example of how truth is stranger than fiction, which is why we’re so proud to include this series as one of the first discovery+ true crime originals,” Lisa Holme, group SVP of content and commercial strategy for discovery+, said in a statement. 


In 2005, Onision married Skye Tantaga. She has a YouTube channel called FellFromTheSkye.

The two divorced in October 2011.

In 2011, James began a relationship with Shiloh Hoganson, a Canadian pop and trap singer-songwriter best known for the single Operator (A Girl Like Me). 

They broke up in the same year. Also in 2011, Greg dated Adrienne Jourgensen.

In November 2012, Onision married Kai. It is unclear if the two are still together.

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Greg has two children with Kai, a son named Troy (b. on January 5, 2014) and a daughter named Cloey (b. in 2016).



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”When people say I don’t have friends and a few people in my life – they forget to mention it’s by choice.”

”I would be more optimistic, but I find doing so would be like walking into a room with no windows.”

”We preach what matters to us most, we talk about what matters to us most – this is why I talk about honesty so much.”

”Hate doesn’t define what type of person the hated are, it only defines who the hater is.”

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He has appeared on ABC, Fox News, MTV, Discovery Channel, and Comedy Central.


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Onision – Net Worth

So, how much is Onision worth?

Greg earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube, donations on Patreon, subscriptions on his OnlyFans account, and selling copies of his books (Stones To Abbigale, Reaper’s Creek, and This Is Why I Hate You) and albums (Young Eye, The Banana Man, With Character, Young Eye, and more).

James has over 503 million views on YouTube, meaning about $1 million in revenue before taxes.

It is unclear how many of his views are demonetized since his channels were suspended from the YouTube Partner Program in January 2021. 

From Patreon, Onision stopped making money in November 2019, when he was banned.

He was fined $90k by the Planning & Public Works Department of Pierce County, Washington, after destroying forested wetlands.

Greg also has an OnlyFans account.

Therefore, YouTube star Onision has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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