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Pete Gustin Net Worth $5 Million

What is Pete Gustin’s net worth?

Pete Gustin is an American voiceover artist who has a net worth of $5 million. He is best known for his extensive voiceover work for commercials and movie trailers, and is the self-described ‘voice of Fox News.’

Pete Gustin was born on June 21st, 1975, in Massachusetts.

As a child, he was diagnosed with a rare condition known as Stargardt Disease.

The condition causes macular degeneration, which results in a loss of main vision for sufferers.

This meant that, though Gustin had perfect vision until around the age of eight, the condition quickly rendered him almost completely blind.

I was actually born with what eventually became named macular degeneration, and we didn’t notice until third grade because it’s a slowly progressing disease,” Gustin explained in 2014.

Pete Gustin Net Worth


I was born with perfectly fine eyesight, but I was also born with a genetic disorder called, now it’s called Stargardt Disease,” Pete said in another interview. “When they diagnosed me in 1985, it was broadly called macular degeneration, so I had that perfect eyesight for all of a hot minute, and it started crapping out immediately.”

He added: “We noticed it by the time I was eight, they thought they gave me glasses. I mean, the technology just wasn’t there in 1985, they didn’t know what the heck to do with it.

People were like, ‘Well, you probably just need some glasses,’ so they gave me glasses, and that really wasn’t doing the trick, and as time went on, it kept getting worse and worse, and technology caught up, they figured out I had a genetic chromosomal disease that caused my eyesight to deteriorate at a relatively steady rate.

Gustin credits his mother with his unflappable optimism and can-do attitude.

Not long after his diagnosis, his mother started working at his school, and patiently reminded teachers to ensure that their classes were more inclusive for visually-impaired students.

Her stoicism and perseverance inspired Gustin, and he states that he carries his mother’s mentality with him to this day.

Voiceover Career


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Gustin credits his instantly recognizable bass tones to puberty; he has recalled that he sounded ‘like a girl’ as a child, and that the typical voice drop that accompanies boys during puberty gave him a rich, deep tenor.

Gustin’s first job as a voiceover actor was for a commercial for the popular video game ‘Grand Theft Auto’ in 2002.

He soon carved a niche for himself as a highly in-demand commercial voiceover actor, and his reach is now such that almost every American would have heard his voice at one point or another.

Gustin has voiced 2 Superbowl commercials and has been featured in hundreds of radio adverts.

He has also voiced so many Fox News promos and news spots, that he is known colloquially as the ‘Voice of Fox News’.



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Gustin has established himself as a science-fiction/fantasy author, with many of his titles being available on Amazon.

Gustin has published three books in total.

The first book, Wish, is a modern urban fantasy published in 2019 that deals with the ramifications of a global event in which everybody’s deepest wishes are granted.

The protagonist, a disabled girl who is wheelchair-bound, regains the use of her legs and sets out to avenge her father’s murder at the hands of the same man who crippled her.

His second book, The Skill Conspiracy, was published later the same year, and deals with a society in which skills can be quickly and easily transferred from person to person.

One man discovers a dark plot involving the technology behind this, and finds himself an international fugitive.

Gustin’s most recently-published book hit the shelves in 2020. Entitled I Talk To Atoms, it’s about a boy with the power to communicate with atoms who finds himself at the center of an alien invasion of Earth.


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Despite his condition, Gustin has taught himself how to surf. Also, Gustin didn’t use to watch surf videos growing up.

His attempts to master the waves were the subject of his critically acclaimed web series, The Blind Surfer.


Pete Gustin is currently engaged to Maggie Carpenter. Pete credits Maggie with encouraging and supporting him during his attempts to learn to surf.


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Net Worth – Blind Surfer 2024

So, how much is Pete Gustin worth? Gustin earned most of his wealth from his career as a voice actor, ads on YouTube, TikTok, and selling copies of his books. Therefore, Pete Gustin has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

On YouTube, his channel, Blind Surfer, has over 810 million views — an estimated $2.5 million in revenue before taxes.

Gustin sells merch on his website —

Pete appeared in many movie trailers and commercials, including voicing Optimus Prime.


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