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Haley Pham Net Worth $1 Million

What is Haley Pham’s net worth?

Haley Pham has a net worth of $1 million. She was once the poster child for teen bloggers. She posted beauty and lifestyle content to millions of fans, shared footage of her biggest passion—dance—and talked openly and casually about her relationship with God.

Her YouTube channels amassed an impressive fanbase, and Pham managed to tread the fine line between staying relevant and respecting her own faith.

She even scored a nomination for Breakout YouTuber of the Year in 2019.

From her “sorry mom” disclaimers to more than one hundred million views, to a merchandise line and an uber-influencer husband—Haley seems to be living the dream.

Haley Pham was born on December 5, 2000, in Austin, Texas.

She is of Vietnamese and American descent, and has two brothers—Tyler Khem and Benjamin.

Haley’s parents divorced when she was still in school, and her father, Joe Goodman, moved out.

Her mom, who she always introduces in her videos as Mommy Pham, lost her job not long after, but Haley and her siblings stayed with her.

Haley didn’t go to college after she graduated from high school. Instead, she pursued a career on YouTube—and the move paid off.

A Rising Star

what is the net worth of Haley Pham


Haley became one of the most prominent teenage girls on YouTube for a while.

She gained traction as a Christian girl who created content around her Bible study, discussions on prayer, and how God was creating miracles in our lives.

As her fanbase grew, her faith-based content took a backseat as she began to create content around the beauty and lifestyle industry, get ready with me videos, dance / train with me content, and vlogs.

She was often involved in challenges and collaborations with other big influencer names.

Haley Pham net worth rich

Haley Pham at The 2023 Streamy Awards held at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel on August 27, 2023 in Los Angeles – @Getty

As her fame grew, she would share openly about her religion, being harassed by trolls, her first period, and navigating her early relationships.

Love is in the Air

Haley began dating fellow YouTube sensation Ryan Trahan near the end of 2018.

Trahan has over 12.7 million YouTube subscribers and has become extremely popular for his comedy and lifestyle content.

He comes across as smart and entertaining, and also enjoys sharing fitness content with his fans (he’s an avid runner).

Ryan Trahan, husband of Haley Pham

Ryan Garcia, Ryan Trahan, and Spencer Taylor (from left to right) – @Getty

He was born and raised in Eagle Lake, Texas, before pursuing a degree at Texas A&M University—where he ran for the A&M Aggies.

He co-founded Neptune Bottle and Hydra Collective.

The loved-up pair then launched their first couple’s channel—a virtual rite of passage for YouTubers—in 2019.

The channel was called The Traphamily, and it had amassed 640k followers before it was renamed and removed by the pair.

In May 2020, Pham posted a video announcing that she was engaged at 19, and the announcement on Instagram amassed an outpouring of excitement from happy fans.

Pham and Trahan tied the knot six months later.

The move would not prove popular with fans—or the US public in general.

The Numbers Drop

Although they initially denied it, Haley and Ryan admitted in a video that they had tied the knot in November.

The news should have been happy for everyone concerned, but their large (and maskless) wedding was slammed as irresponsible, immature, and selfish by the public.

In the lead-up to their admission, both Haley and Ryan were losing thousands of followers.

Engagement was down across Haley’s channels, but sadly for the young influencer, it wasn’t the first time she’d alienated her supporters.

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Pham Does Greece

In late 2019, fans got a glimpse of how far removed Haley had become from her days as a charming, relatable YouTuber.

She posted a video about her trip to Greece with Trahan—and it was derided by her audience almost instantly.

So much so, that the video was removed by Pham shortly after. In the video, she complains about how there was “nothing to do” and it was crowded in Santorini, and that she couldn’t get to the beach because it was “all cliffs”.

Worse than the sense of entitlement and inability to use a map, though, was that she encouraged her millions of subscribers not to go to Greece. Not because she believed it was unsafe, but because it’s not “as pretty as what you see on Instagram.”

In 2019, Greece was struggling to stimulate its economy. Countless research articles and economic reports had stated that the only way Greece could recover from a decade of domestic financial damage was through tourists visiting the country.

Before Pham removed it, the video went viral, with viewers slamming it as irresponsible, entitled, and making her look completely unrelatable.

She lost 400k subscribers in the fallout.

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Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Haley Pham worth? Pham earned most of her wealth from ads on YouTube and sponsors. On YouTube, Haley has over 268 million views–about $800K in revenue. Therefore, American YouTuber Haley Pham has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

In 2019, the savvy teen launched her first brand—Girly Pop merchandise.

Her collection includes tees, hoodies, stickers, sweatshirts, and beanies.

Pham also launched a podcast at the start of 2020 with friend and fellow influencer Lilly Ann—the pair called in The Call Me Candid podcast.

Never watched a Haley Pham video? Here’s her most popular—with 10 million views!

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