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Rickey Thompson Net Worth & Boyfriend

What is Rickey Thompson’s net worth? Who is Rickey Thompson’s boyfriend?


Remember Vine?

You might have seen Rickey Thompson there.

Rickey is an American comedian, internet influencer, and actor who rose to fame when Kylie Jenner shared one of his Vine videos way back in 2016.

Since then, he’s been making us laugh with his hilarious content and wowing us with his acting skills.

Rickey’s effortless, single-take, off-the-cuff, dramatic, side-splitting videos keep his viewers commenting “#relatable” and coming back for more.

The Origin Story

Internet personality Rickey Thompson spent his childhood in Raleigh, North Carolina.

He has a little sister named Karson.

He was heavily involved in theater at Millbrook High School.

Throughout his time at the school, he was harshly bullied for being openly gay after he came out as gay on Twitter in 2016.

Rickey had many female friends growing up, but he was never attracted to any of them.

Even though he knew his sexuality from an early age, it took Rickey a long time to accept it and speak up about it.

While still in high school, Rickey started making and uploading videos on YouTube sharing his bullying experiences and giving fashion tips.

He also started a Vine account where he made many comedic short clips of himself.

rickey thompson net worth

Rickey Thompson attends the Elevator Boys “Runaway” single release party at Delilah – @Getty

At 17, one of Rickey’s Vine videos was shared by the megastar Kylie Jenner, which, as you can imagine, skyrocketed Rickey’s presence on the platform.

By the time Vine was shut down, his account had over 2.5 million loyal followers.

Rickey told Interview Magazine this about his family’s reaction to his sudden fame, “At first, my mom was like, ‘Be careful out there because there are crazy people out there in the world.’ And I was like, ‘Mom, people look at me as a voice, and I really want to help them feel better.’”

Once Vine was no more (rest in peace), Rickey took his comedic videography to Instagram.

He is now verified and monetizing his content.

He even voiced some parts of the album “OnePointFive” belonging to American popstar Aminé’s, as well as being featured in the music video for the song “Reel It In.”

who is Rickey Thompson boyfriend


Rickey has acted in 3 different YouTube Red TV series. He has a very large following on his personal YouTube channel as well.

Rickey has worked with huge brands like Calvin Klein, Coach, Diesel, Alexander Wang, American Eagle, The Luggage Company, AXE, and Warner Bros. He’s an LGBTQIA+ ally and activist, and now he’s even a podcaster.

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Rickey Thompson – Net Worth

So, how much is Rickey Thompson worth?

With so many monetizing social media profiles and several other streams of revenue, it’s not hard to believe that Rickey Thompson is worth some serious money. However, this young influencer has been very hush-hush about his net worth.

Therefore, Rickey Thompson has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Rickey is transparent about how hard he works for his money, saying in multiple interviews that being an online personality is really difficult on his mental health at times.

That’s not to say that he’s going to be logging out anytime soon.

rickey thompson birthday

Rickey Thompson attends REVOLVE Festival 2023 – @Getty

Rickey is known for saying he’s “booked and busy,” and he hopes to stay that way! This young star is on the rise and has no plans of slowing down.

It is clear that Rickey is all about his bag. He told Teen Vogue, “I got my savings. Literally, every single check I get goes right to my savings. My mom taught me to always save your money.”

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Who is Rickey Thompson dating?

Back in 2016, Rickey paired up with fellow gay Vine star, Lohanthony (Anthony Quintal) and AwesomenessTV to create a web series called “Lohanthony and Rickey’s Guide to Dating.

Rickey Thompson with boyfriend Lohanthony


Unfortunately, the show didn’t lead to love for either host.

According to YouTube, Rickey’s love life as of 2017 was somewhat turbulent.

He tells a crazy story of his whirlwind relationship with a foreign exchange student from Germany who ended up proposing to him.

Obviously, Rickey did not get married to him.

In an interview with Interview Magazine in 2019, Rickey said, “Dating for me is rough. People see an opportunity. They think if I’m dating them, I’ll put them on a video as well. It’s very hard… When I go on a date, they know where I’m from, they know what I do, and I’m like, I don’t even know your last name.”

Some rumors are out there that Rickey and his fellow fashionista Denzel Dion are romantically involved, but the two say they are just best friends.

Rickey Thompson and boyfriend Denzel Dion


W Magazine calls them “the best best friends on the internet.”

It’s clear that this young star is very selective with who he goes out with, and he is slow to open up about being exclusive with anyone.

For the moment, sources say Rickey Thompson is single.

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