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Ryan Whitney Net Worth 2024

Ryan Whitney Net Worth – $15 million

What is Ryan Whitney’s net worth? Who is Ryan Whitney’s wife?


Ryan Whitney is a retired American Hockey player that has won Olympic medals as well as played for some of the greatest hockey teams in the country.

He continues to contribute to the world of hockey as an analyst and commentator.

The Origin Story

From a young age, Ryan has been in love with the game of hockey.

He started out playing as a child in the peewee league.

Here is where he gained his fundamental understanding of the sport.

After moving on to Thayer Academy, Ryan played for their team, gaining recognition from the US Hockey National Team development program in Michigan.

Ryan accepted their invitation and ended up going to college at Boston University on a full scholarship to play hockey.

As a student, he gained attention from the Pittsburg Penguins, which started his journey into the NHL.

Ryan knew that he would be a professional Hockey player and decided to drop out of college during his senior year.

He signed on with the Penguins American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate team, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins.

After two years and eighty games, he finally made it to the NHL.

The Pittsburg Penguins recruited him from the AHL to replace an injured player.

what is the net worth of Ryan Whitney


Scoring his first NHL goal in December 2005 against the New York Rangers, Ryan had a monumental year.

In his second year with the Penguins, Ryan emerged as an offensive defenseman with 59 goals scored!

This led to Ryan being signed on by the NHL for 24 million dollars and a no-trade agreement. He was a rising star, and they did not want to lose him.

Unfortunately, the following season Ryan did not do as well. He helped his team make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but they lost the last game of the series.

It was revealed during the following off-season that Ryan was suffering from a foot injury, which caused his poor performance.

He ended up receiving surgery to correct unusually high foot arches.

This caused him to be out of the game for five months.

He returned to help the Penguins defeat the Tampa Bay Lightning. It seemed as if he was back in action, but the Penguins had other plans.

Ryan was traded to the Anaheim Ducks for the following season.

He scored one goal and five assists in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Unfortunately, they lost game seven of the Western Conference Semi-Finals to the Detroit Red Wings. Another strike against Ryan that he wouldn’t recover from.

Edmonton Oilers

The Ducks traded Ryan to the Edmonton Oilers less than a year after him joining him.

Ryan Whitney biography


This marks the second time Ryan was traded in one year, even though he had a no-trade agreement with his contract.

Ryan remained with the Oilers for four seasons.

During this time, he replaced an injured player and was able to play for the Olympics. He was able to take home the silver medal despite another player scoring the winning goal. This was one of the highest achievements in Ryan’s career.

While with the Oilers, Ryan scored 11 times in 19 games, including once against his former team, The Anaheim Ducks. Unfortunately, he wasn’t asked back for a fifth season because he got surgery on his other foot to fix the high arch. This would have put him out for an entire season.

This essentially marked the end of his career. He signed a contract with the Florida Panthers but didn’t score a single goal in seven games.

This resulted in him being demoted to their AHL affiliate team, The San Antonio Rampage, for the remainder of the season.

Following this, Ryan couldn’t score another contract in the NHL. He was forced to hope through different leagues to try and remain in the game.

He was part of the SOCHI league for one year but left Russia and retired in 2015. ”It was an honor,” Whitney said in a statement. He added: ”I’m forever thankful to everyone who helped make my dreams come true.”

He went on to work for the NHL Network, get married, and have two beautiful children.

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Little is actually known about Ryan’s relationships throughout his life.

There isn’t much documented in interviews about who he dated and when. He seemed to be in love with the game, and that was the only relationship he needed.

Not long after retiring, Ryan Whitney married his beautiful wife, Bryanah Whitney, in June 2017.

They had two children, Ryder and Wyatt, born in 2017 and 2020.

Ryan Whitney Net Worth


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Ryan Whitney – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Ryan Whitney worth? Whitney earned a large portion of his income from his days in the NHL. Therefore, Ryan Whitney has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

Ryan is also the inventor of the drink, The Pink Whitney. Part Vodka, part pink lemonade, the Pink Whitney was picked up and produced by a winery.

It is estimated that Ryan earned up to $23 million for it.

Now an analyst with the NHL Network and one of four members of the podcast, The Spitting Chiclets on Barstool Sports, Ryan continues to increase his net worthwhile taking advantage of every opportunity to be a part of the sport that he loves.

He also participates as a regular on the show “Pardon My Take.”

The Future

Ryan’s love for the game of hockey has not ended, and neither has his participation with the NHL.

He will continue to work with the NHL Network as an analyst for the foreseeable future while also hosting “The Spitting Chiclets.”

His career as a player is over, but he will continue to be a part of the game in whatever capacity they let him. He enjoys commenting on the game and will continue to do so for years to come.

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