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Sarah Bowmar Net Worth

Sarah Bowmar Net Worth – $3 million

What is Sarah Bowmar’s net worth?


Sarah Bowmar is a fitness model, personal trainer, and businesswoman most well known for her YouTube channel, Bowmar Fitness and Training, and popular Instagram channel.

Find out more about Sarah Bowman’s net worth, personal life, and her journey to creating a successful brand.

The Origin Story

On February 11, 1989, Sarah was born in South Bend, Indiana, USA.

She is a personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and entrepreneur.

Bowman shot to celebrity status on social media after she started sharing her fitness journey online.

Her online tips and advice for pregnant women looking for safe fitness routines further bolstered her popularity.

After graduation, Bowmar worked for a digital marketing agency, where she honed her digital marketing skills to a fine edge before venturing out on her own.


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Sarah’s first foray into health and fitness came about because she was unhappy with her slim physique.

Her desire to pack lean muscle onto her slender frame eventually blossomed into a full-blown passion for health and nutrition.

She decided she could teach others to do the same, and set about getting the necessary qualifications to do so.

After successfully transforming herself, Sarah set up her online coaching and nutrition business to teach other women that it is possible to create their dream physiques.

However, Sarah’s fitness business is only a fraction of what she has been able to achieve after meeting her husband, Josh Bowmar. 

Other Business Endeavors

Sarah is not just passionate about fitness.

As well as being a certified fitness instructor, nutritionist, prenatal and postpartum trainer, podcast host, and author, Sarah graduated from college with an undergraduate degree and MBA in marketing.

Sarah, and her husband, Josh Bowmar, are co-owners of an online jewelry store, Bowmar Nutrition, Bowmar Fitness,  and APEX Protein Snacks, so she is a very busy woman with a lot on her plate, even more so now that she is a mom of two.


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Brack and Pine is Sarah’s entry into the jewelry market, offering a limited selection of fine jewelry, including necklaces, ear cuffs, and bracelets.

Sarah started to compete in fitness competitions, with her first in 2011.

It was at one of these competitions, the 2014 Arnold Classic in Columbus, where she met her husband, Josh Bowmar. After a few conversations that revealed how much they had in common, the two hit it off.

The pair became certified nutrition specialists and ISSA fitness trainers in the same year. To better serve her predominantly female audience, Sarah became an AFPA-certified prenatal and postpartum trainer in 2020.



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Both Sarah and Josh are enthusiastic bow hunters and regularly put their skills to the test by going on safaris worldwide.

Their hunting efforts are charitable in nature, with their exploits helping to put food on the tables of thousands of families in places like South Africa and Mozambique.

They promote themselves as ethical hunters and conservationists and have dedicated themselves to eradicating poaching.

Interested viewers can watch the pair’s hunting exploits on the Bowhunting YouTube channel, which now regularly features their children as well.

In 2022, Josh and Sarah Bowmar pleaded guilty in a federal poaching case.

Author, Podcast Host, and Entrepreneur


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As if it wasn’t enough to run two YouTube channels, maintain an Instagram presence, and manage two physical product businesses, Sarah is an author and podcaster with a devoted fanbase in the millions.

The Bowmars decided to teach the secrets of their success by publishing their book, ”Zero to a Million without Showing Your Butthole.”

While the title may turn some people off, it intends to show people, while focusing on women, how they can grow a following without sacrificing their morals or sense of decency.

According to the intro, the book discusses how meaningful content, conversations, and connections with followers are better ways to grow a social media channel than wearing a thong and bearing your butt.

Zero to a Million is a collaborative effort with her husband. However, Sarah has two cookbooks to her name and is also a prolific sharer of recipes on the Bowmar Nutrition website.

Sarah’s blogs and articles contain the full gamut of health and fitness tips, including skincare, travel tips, and recipes.

The podcast is another collaborative project between Sarah and Josh, and since its launch in 2019 has amassed millions of downloads.

The show is a general information program that focuses on the Bowmar’s lives, where they discuss fitness tips, business ideas, and health, to name just a few.

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Sarah Bowmar – Net Worth

So, how much is Sarah Bowmar worth? Sarah and her husband have quite a few different income streams adding to their wealth, including personal fitness training, YouTube channels, and two physical products businesses: Bowmar Archery and Bowmar Nutrition. As such, Sarah Bowmar has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

In 2019, Sarah and her husband published a book titled – “Zero To A Million.”

Note – Sarah Bowmar’s net worth is cumulated with her husband’s.

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