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Josh Bowmar Net Worth $3 Million

What Is Josh Bowmar’s Net Worth?

Josh Bowmar is an American fitness & nutrition expert, entrepreneur, and hunting enthusiast who has a net worth of $3 million. In addition to this, he is a podcaster, author, and an N.P.C. national bodybuilding champion. He is married to the famous social media influence, fitness model, and business partner, Sarah Bowmar.

He grew up interested in hunting and fitness.

Following his high school graduation, Josh attended university, where he studied exercise physiology and maintained a 4.0 GPA.

His dedication to fitness and nutrition was something he had always been passionate about and created a path to pursue it for his career.

While a university student, he spent his spare time dedicated to bodybuilding.


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He became so competitive in the sport that he won so many varsity titles that he earned the title “All-American college athlete.”

Moreover, Bowmar participated in three NCAA sports, and to no surprise, he won NCAA 2x Academic All American and Double Athletic All American honors.

He was also an accomplished varsity track & field star and broke four university records in the sport.

In addition to these outstanding and unparalleled accomplishments, he won numerous varsity bodybuilding completions, including;

  • Great Lakes Men’s Physique Class Winner and Overall Champion;
  • Ohio Class Winner and Overall Champion;
  • Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Overall Champion.

Bowmar is still honored at his university and often gives motivational talks about health & fitness during many of his paid engagements.


Bowmar met his soon-to-be wife, Sarah, in 2014 during the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, where they both happened to be working.

Josh fell quickly attracted to her and decided to talk to her.

The pair hit it off instantly and formed a relationship shortly after.

They weren’t residing in the same city, so Sarah made the mode to Columbus to make the relationship work.

Unbeknownst to them, this would be the beginning of what would become a multimillion-dollar family business.

Bowmar and Sarah decided to create online nutrition and fitness coaching business.


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In most cases, building a business together as a couple is not recommended as it is likely to fail, but this was not the case for the couple. Working together each day brought them closer together.

The two married in January 2015.

Before their love affair, Sarah was a fitness model, and aside from her studies which were in Business Marketing, she prioritized her physique by maintaining a strict diet and spending a lot of time in thy gym.

She graduated from university with an M.B.A. in Marketing and landed a job at a digital marketing firm straight after graduating.

While she landed a job in her field, she began competing in national fitness competitions, becoming naturally qualified for bikini competitions.

It was evident that fitness and nutrition were her true passion.

In addition to John’s passion for health and fitness, he is also an avid bowhunter.


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His love for the sport began as a child because he spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying his time in the bush.

Josh and his wife spend their time hunting, and they often travel to South Africa for hunting, where they donate the meat to locals.

While hunting has been under fire in the recent decade, the couple promotes their belief in ethical hunting and consistently denounces unethical practices.

As a result of their passion for the sport, they opened the company Bowmar Archery, where they sell archery gear and supplies.


Josh is the father of two children, his son Dean Wild and his daughter, Oakley. 


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They created the YouTube channel “Bowmar Bowhunting,” where they share their experiences, tips, and guidance related to hunting and traveling. The channel has over 266K followers and attracts millions of hunting and travel enthusiasts.

The channel is one of their most successful social medial accounts.



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Josh and Sarah also wrote their first book consisting of their experiences on social media.

The book is called ‘Zero to a Million (Without Showing Your Butthole),” which goes over their journey to growing their social media presence.

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Net Worth

So, how much is Josh Bowmar worth?

At the time of writing, the couple owns six companies.

Apart from the nutrition, archery, and supplement ones, they own “Brack and Pine,” a limited edition jewelry line.

The success of their companies and book resulted in the couple creating millions of dollars in wealth doing what they love and teaching others about health and fitness.

Therefore, Josh Bowmar has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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