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Steven McBee Net Worth | Wife

What is Steven McBee’s net worth? Is Steven McBee married?


Steven McBee is the owner of McBee Farm and Cattle Company but found fame during his appearance on the American reality TV dating show “Joe Millionaire.”

The reality show pits a group of single women against each other to see who can score the heart of the millionaire bachelor.

The original season was a ruse, with the contestants being told that the man they were fighting for was a millionaire.

To be sure, he is a handsome dude, but in reality, he is a hard-working construction worker earning a standard wage.

That’s enough about the show that made Steven McBee famous, but what’s he doing now, what is Steven McBee’s net worth, and is he even a millionaire?

Read on to find out.

The Origin Story


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Steven was born on November 30, 1993, and is a graduate of the University of Central Missouri.

We have been unable to unearth his parents’ identities, but Steven regularly posts images of himself with his mother, who he refers to as The Number 1 woman.

Instagram has also revealed that McBee has two brothers named Cole McBee and Jesse McBee.

The amount of land that Steven manages is significant, so much so that he invested in a helicopter to make it easier to traverse when watching over his cattle.

A running joke is that Steven is a proficient pilot, but he has never bothered to get his pilot’s license (we have not been able to verify this information).

According to the McBee Farms website, the number one goal for the proprietors is to leave the land in better condition for future generations than they found it.

The proprietors are heavily involved in developing new inroads into soil conservation and only use equipment that caters to that end.

Some people find it hard to believe that the McBees have created such a massive financial empire out of a cattle farm, but it’s more of an empire than a cattle farm.

After all, Steven needs to fly a helicopter just to get around it.

Other Business Ventures


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While the farm delivers a significant portion of Steven’s wealth, it’s not his only business venture.

The McBee’s also run guided tours and hunting events across their property and sell hunting equipment.

The Whitetail hunting program is a free-range program that provides the hunter full rights to the ground for the duration of the hunt, with 5-star lodging to rest up in for the night and a personal chef.

Visitors receive maps of the grounds, stand locations, and trail camera photos to guide hunters to the best locations.

The goal is to give budget-conscious hunters an unrivaled experience that offers exceptional value for the price.

This is no small hotel room; it’s much, much more.

The lodgings can only be described as luxurious.

Guests get to indulge in the full lodge experience on a 6,000-acre property, complete with an in-ground pool, hot tub, indoor basketball, CrossFit gym, game room, 100-yard archery range, and 60 stocked fishing ponds just in case you get bored.

The McBee’s carefully manage their farms to ensure a healthy population of world-class whitetail is always available annually. Each hunter is allowed one buck, one turkey, and one doe.

The whitetail has a 135” minimum applied, which is there to conserve herd structure.


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McBee appeared on the “Joe Millionaire: For Richer for Poorer” series, which Steven scored through a local casting call.

Joe Millionaire always has a twist, and for Steven’s turn, it was that the other guy was not a millionaire. However, the producers kept this little tidbit from the ladies until the big reveal at the season finale.

The show has a vast audience, so it helped make Steven McBee, his farms, and his businesses a household name.

The show would have added to McBee’s net worth, but neither the producers nor Steven are telling how much.


Steven McBee formed a romantic connection with Annie Jorgensen during the show. However, he later rejected her. After his relationship with Annie, Steven McBee found love with Calah Jackson. At the time of writing, Steven McBee is not married.


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Steven McBee – Net Worth

So, how much is Steven McBee worth? All we know about Steven McBee’s net worth is that with the income from the show, his farming exploits, and a variety of other businesses. As such, Steven McBee has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

He has a sizable Instagram following, but we could not discover whether he earns an influencer income from the site.

He appears to use it to keep his fans up to date about his exploits.

McBee Farms operates with companies they list as partners on their website, which include:

  • John Deere
  • Beck’s
  • Climate Fieldview
  • First Southern
  • Sukup
  • AgroLiquid
  • Good Year
  • Ford
  • Soil-Max
  • Agri-Maxx High Performance

It is not clear how these companies are affiliated with the farm, nor if McBee has any profit-sharing arrangement.

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