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Streetspeed717 Net Worth & Income

Streetspeed717 Net Worth – $1 million

What is Streetspeed717’s net worth? Who is Streetspeed717’s dating?


StreetSpeed717 is an automotive YouTube influencer who is best known for reviewing an obscene amount of cars and his collaborations with fellow auto influencers like Vehicle Virgins, DiabloFormulaRacing, and Troy Sowers.

StreedSpeed717 fell in love with cars as a kid playing with Hot Wheels in Pennsylvania, but his love of the real thing was a journey all of its own.

Here’s what we know about StreetSpeed717’s rise to the top of the auto influencer world.

The Origin Story

Michael Hyssong was born on 23rd February 1994 in Pennsylvania.

He was raised by his mom, who bought him his very first Hot Wheels toy cars.

This ignited his passion for car stuff, and by the time he was in his early teens, he was saving for his first car.


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He was also heavily involved in wrestling at school.

That first car would be a ’92 Chevrolet Silverado truck, which he packed up and took with him when he moved his life from Pennsylvania after graduating from high school.

He enrolled at Penn State University, graduating in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in finance.


Streetspeed717 has been in a relationship with Gina Colada, of Frenchie’s Bakery fame. The bakery owner and social media sweet-tooth has been baking since she was a kid and started her bakery—and later, online presence—to pursue her passion. The pair have a dog named Piglet, who Gina brought into the relationship.


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Cars, Cars, Cars

Since that first car purchase, Hyssong has bought and sold a lot of vehicles, including a 1993 Volkswagen Corrado VR6, a Corvette, a 2017 McLaren 570s, and a 2017 Z06.

With upwards of a million views on a lot of his videos, it’s clear that StreetSpeed717 is a hit with viewers.

He has received flack in the last few years for his incessant use of clickbait in his videos, with many of his subscribers calling him out for baiting and switching with his titles.

In 2021, he appeared to be laying off the clickbait titles, much to the relief of his long-time fans.

A Brush With The Law


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For most of StreetSpeed717’s online career, a slew of ridiculous, dangerous, and potentially illegal moves—like jumping a pickup truck over a creek—looked like a criminal record waiting to happen.

Not so for Michael Hyssong, though.

Instead, on 26th February 2021, the Harrisburg native caught heat from the local police department for something much more subdued.

A video of him driving a Dodge Ram TRX through a creek caught the eye of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission…and, in turn, the county District Attorney.

The man behind StreetSpeed was hit with 18 criminal misdemeanor counts—include disturbance of waterways, misuse of property, misuse of waterways, littering, and pollution.

Locals also pointed out that Hyssong’s ignorant attempt at getting views also put local wildlife and fauna at risk.

As if that wasn’t enough, investigators and local residents also noted that the influencer’s desperate bid for views also saw him trespass on private property to make the video.

In the video in question—which was removed from the YouTuber’s channel following the charges—StreetSpeed717 drives into the Doe Run creek on local farmland.

The tires churn the water up, turning everything to mud and damaging the local ecosystem, while Hyssong gloats to his audience: “This thing is absolutely unstoppable.”

Hyssong didn’t grasp the concept that he had caused damage to the creek—a tributary to larger and locally protected areas.

In a video posted to his channel on 12th March, he complained to his viewership:

“It’s not a habitat, I’ve never seen fish or turtles in it. The people who wrote this must really hate me.”

In another video featuring his Dodge Ram TRX—which he stated was worth $93,000—he sets it on fire.

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And A Potential Brush With Danger


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In what has clearly been an interesting year for the fame-seeking boy racer, Hyssong almost cost himself—or someone—more than half a million dollars in April of 2021.

Not willing—or perhaps not able—to learn from his Dodge mistake, he staged another stunt involving two Lamborghinis (valued in the six figures).

The attention-seeking stunt also involved his fiancee, and here’s how:

In the video, StreetSpeed717 jumps his fiancee’s $220,000 Urus over an Aventador.

Generously, Hyssong used his own $400,000 V-12 muscle car as the fall guy but didn’t end up crushing it with the Urus.

In August 2021, Hyssong was ordered to pay $53,000 in fines after jumping over a creek in rural Pennsylvania. “I had no idea it was illegal to drive through a creek,” he said.

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Other famous automotive YouTubers are Shmee150, DailyDrivenExotics, and Supercar Blondie.

Streetspeed717 – Net Worth

So,m how much is Streetspeed717 worth? Hyssong earned most of his wealth from sponsors (especially on Instagram), ads on his YouTube channel, and selling merch. Therefore, automotive Youtuber Streetspeed717 has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

On YouTube, Michael has over 358 million views, meaning about $1.1 million in revenue before taxes.

Want to learn more about the attention-seeking auto enthusiast and YouTube guru? Here’s what he and his fiancee have to say.