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Savannah LaBrant Net Worth 2024

Savannah LaBrant Net Worth – $10 million

What is Savannah LaBrant’s net worth? Who is Savannah LaBrant’s husband?


Savannah LaBrant is a famous social media fashion blogger, professional photographer, digital influencer, and author.

Most of her videos are documents of her family life which she shares with the public.

She includes her husband and children, making her a family vlogger.

The mother and entertainer was named the “number one Muser of 2016.”

The Origin Story

Savannah LaBrant (née Soutas) was born on March 2, 1993, in Orange County, California.

She was raised in a traditional Christian household with values passed down from her mother and father.

She has talked about how her faith is still an essential part of her life, and she is raising her children under the same faith.

LaBrant was raised alongside her sister, Chantelle Paige, the singer of the R&B band “Flipsyde.”

They were both homeschooled.

While this teaching style is someone many people opt out of, LaBrant is grateful for her experience and believes she learned a lot more through homeschool than she would have in school.

When she was a young child, she always had a knack for the performative arts and began dancing at two years old.

She had a natural progression into modeling by the time she was a teenager, which was something she enjoyed.

Around the same time, she began to take up photography in her spare time, and despite being an amateur, she was pretty talented at it.

Little Red Rose Photography

Over time, she honed her skill to a professional level and opened a family photography business under the corporate name “Little Red Rose Photography.”

She quickly began posting her photos on her Instagram account, showcasing her talent.

Most of her photos went viral, which was the beginning of her influencer career. 


Following her high school graduation, she learned she was pregnant with someone she had yet to make public.

Nevertheless, she decided to move forward with the pregnancy and welcomed her first child, Everleigh, when she was 19 years old.

Update – Everleigh’s father died following an unintentional FENTANYL overdose in February 2023.

Although this decision made her a single parent, this didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Considering the difficulty of motherhood, she decided to withdraw from university but later returned.

Now that her daughter is older, she runs and manages an Instagram account for her and her friend Ava under the account name “ForEverAndForAva.”

LaBrant and Ava’s mother, Michelle Foley, run the account, posting all the photos and adding photo captions.

It is a young girls’ fashion blog where the girls share fashionable outfits and daily looks.


She also manages her personal Instagram account under the account name “Sav LaBrant.”

Due in part to her photography business, she has managed to accumulate a massive following of over 6 million followers.

Her account is centered primarily around promoting her family unit by displaying family photos and videos and collaborations with family brands.


In 2016, LaBrant began dating American Vine star Cole LaBrant.

Cole LaBrant with his wife Savannah Soutas

© Getty Images

He had already made a name for himself in the social media space, so the pair had their careers in common.

He was known for his popular channel “Dem White Boyz,” which has since been shut down.

The couple hit it off right away, and after a few years of dating, they married in 2017.

Not too long after, they surprised their fans with news that they were expecting their first child together.

They welcomed their daughter, Posie, in 2018.

Two years following this, they welcomed their son.


Since the couple had been building a brand for themselves, they decided to create a family YouTube channel together under the name “The LaBrant Family.”

The account quickly accumulated hundreds of thousands of subscribers soon after uploading a family vlog that documents the family’s everyday life.

A lot of the content is also centered around parenthood and the up and downs that come along with it.


© Getty Images

In 2020, LaBrant decided to jump onboard the TikTok train as it appeared to be the next best thing for social media influencers.

Due in part to her already famous name and massive following, she quickly amassed a substantial following. 

Like many TikTok stars, she began posting photos of herself lip-syncing, and often she included her daughter and husband, turning this channel into a family channel as well.

Coupled with her already widespread social media presence, LaBrant also does speaking engagements for some of the brands she promotes. She also enjoys speaking openly about her life and the struggles she had to overcome as a young single mom.

The mother and entertainer was named the number one Muser of 2016.

Among the different brands that she endorses on all her social accounts, LaBrant opts for the classy jewelry of ‘Taudrey’ with an overwhelming personal affinity for the “Mommy and Me” jewelry sets.

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Savannah LaBrant – Net Worth 2024

Savannah earned most of her wealth from brand sponsorships via her Instagram account. From YouTube, Savannah and her husband earned around $13.5 million in ad revenue. Therefore, social media influencer Savannah LaBrant has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Note – Savannah’s net worth is combined with her husband’s, Cole.

Savannah and Cole wrote a book together titled – “Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story.” It documents how a single mom on one fell in love with a 19-year-old country boy. The book also conveys the lessons they have learned as a family.

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